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Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
101 Click for larger picture CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF MADONNA: Carved from one piece. Remnants of gilt edges and paint, evidence of prior mounting. 5 1/2'' tall.
104 Click for larger picture LOOZ-CORSWAREM, Walter de, (German, 1874-): 4 watercolors Soldier Studies, 20'' x 14'' sight size, signed, titled, framed, 26'' x 19''. 500
107 Click for larger picture EDGLEY'S LARGE ENGLISH 6 DRAWER OAK CONFERENCE TABLE: Embossed leather top. Brass name plate from Edgleys Ltd. Office Manufacturers, Fleet Street, London . 30 3/4'' h x 90'' x 41 1/2'' 350
109 Click for larger picture 8 BOULLE INLAY DINING CHAIRS: 34'' h. x 20 3/4'' x 21'' 425
110 Click for larger picture PIRANESI, Giovanni, (Italian, 1720-1778): ''Veduta interna del sepolcro di S. Costanza'', Engraving, 16 1/2'' x 21 3/4'' sight size, gold gilt frame with minor wear, 24'' x 30'', not examined out of the frame. 500
110A Click for larger picture SET OF 9 MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS: One armchair 34'' h x 24 3/4'' x 18 1/2'', and 8 side chairs. Top rail painted as boulle inlay. Used condition. 375
111 Click for larger picture 2 DAISUKE SHINTANI BRONZE AND GLASS LEAF FORM SCULPTURES: Approximately 31'' h., 10'' d., 22'' w., signed and dated '98. The Hiroshima-born sculptor began working with glass over twenty years ago in Tokyo by pouring it over random objects he would find: kitchen appliances, furniture, road kill, pizza, ''pretty much anything I saw and questioned.'' He developed a love for glass as an expressive medium by experimenting with the intense heat and its interaction with foreign objects; how it tends to consume everything and leave traces, sometimes only a hollow space where the object used to be. Shintani uses the effects of nature as the ultimate inspiration for his works, traveling to places such as Puerto Rico and South America to find large, exotic, fantasy-sized leaves to use in his installations. His most recent exhibit is comprised of vine forms that are cast from twisted rods of wax, with light creating an effect of shadow drawings to complete the sculptural composition. Shintani stresses that his works are not so much about recreating nature as an experimentation of creating forms. Glass is used as a recording medium over which he ''freezes'' the objects in their physical state; a way in which he continues through his earlier work to capture ''moments in time. (Jonathan Ferrara Gallery) 600
112 Click for larger picture ANTIQUE 3 STONE DIAMOND RING: 14K yellow gold ring with platinum top contains three old mine cut diamonds and twenty-eight rose cut diamonds. Weight: .65 Ct. Approx. The old Europeans average VS in clarity and H-I in color. The diamonds are bezel and bead set. Weight: 2.9 grams. Size: 8 Circa: 1885-1900 250
114 Click for larger picture MORELL, Luis, (Spanish, 1911-1985): 2 piece still life lot; Pottery Ewer, Shot Glass and Art Reference Book, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 32'', signed, framed, 32'' x 39''; Whale Oil Lamp, Lime and Garlic, oil/Canvas Board, 10 1/2'' x 13'', framed, 17 1/2'' x 20''. 225
115 Click for larger picture FOLK ART MEMORY TRUNK: With the undated Tulsa State Fair exhibition label. Painted wood trunk covered in mostly jewelry parts and trinkets. Satin lined. There is some loss. The trunk is 15'' tall x 18'' x 13''. 150
116A Click for larger picture SIGNED ALASKAN BALEEN BASKET WITH IVORY WHALE TAIL: Signed inside Nillie. S. 1971 Barrow Alaska, on ivory disk. Measures 3 1/4'' h. x 4 1/8''
117 Click for larger picture ALASKAN BALEEN BASKET WITH IVORY DOG FINIAL: Ivory disc on bottom, carved ivory dog head finial. 1 1/2'' h x 2 1/2'' dia.
119 Click for larger picture CARVED SEAMAN'S CHEST: The front carved in a Dutch design, original red paint, rope bail handles. The interior with till and iron strap hinges. Dovetail construction, molded base. 18 1/2'' tall x 49 1/2'' x 21''. 450
120 Click for larger picture DR. LESURE'S VETERINARY MEDICINE CABINET: Embossed tin front, chestnut case. Original paint. 3 interior shelves. 27'' h. x 20 3/4'' x 6 3/4''
CONDITION: A lock has been added, discoloration of image, minor oxidation.
121 Click for larger picture OLD MINE CUT DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS: 14K white gold earrings contain two old mine cut diamonds, total weight approx. .53 Ct. Rated SI in clarity and H-I in color. The diamonds are prong set in buttercup mountings. Post and nut closures. Weight: 1.3 grams. 250
122 Click for larger picture .75 CT DIAMOND SOLITAIRE BUTTERCUP STUD EARRINGS: 14K white gold earrings contain two round brilliant cut diamonds. Total weight approx. .75 Ct. Rated I1 in clarity and L-M in color. The diamonds are prongs et in buttercup mountings. Post and nut closures. Weight: 1.7 grams. 350
125 Click for larger picture LATE VICTORIAN FLINT'S FINE FURNITURE CARVED OAK COFFER: Scottish thistle motif carved oak hinge top trunk. 2'' tall x 21'' x 48''. RJ Horner took over the Flint's Fine Furniture Co. cabinet shop after the death of George C. Flint.
CONDITION: There is a square mar in the finish on the top.
125A Click for larger picture PROFUSELY CARVED CANED CHAIR: Top rail and front stretcher carved with cherubs centering an eagle with wings spread, twist stile and legs. 48 3/4'' h. x 21'' x 20'' 300
126 Click for larger picture BLONDIN, Charles, (American, 20th C.): ''Champs Elysee'', Parisian streetside, OIL/Canvas, 13'' x 18'', framed 19 1/4'' x 24 1/4'' 200
127 Click for larger picture MAHOGANY PIE CRUST TILT TOP TEA TABLE: Butterfly veneered top, carved and fluted central column, trio of legs. 29'' tall x 30'' dia. 325
128 Click for larger picture PAUL CANAUX FRENCH SILVER OVERLAY CLARET JUG: Turn of the century 950 silver overlay claret jug by Paul Canaux et Cie. Embossed floral and geometric design silver over cut and etched glass body. Measures 10'' h. x 5 3/4''. 1000
129 Click for larger picture FRENCH STERLING MAGNIFYING GLASS IN PRESENTATION CASE: Embossed handle and mount. Unidentified French makers hallmark on bezel. 7 3/8'' long. In cloth lined, leather covered, presentation case with owners name on front. Case 8 1/2'' x 4 1/2'' x 1''.
CONDITION: Note condition of case
130 Click for larger picture DANCHIN, Leon, (French, 1887-1939): Rooster, Etching, 32'' x 24'' sight size, signed, numbered 351/500, gold frame with wear, 38'' x 30''. 400
131 Click for larger picture HAND MADE WROUGHT IRON BAR WITH MARBLE TOP & 3 STOOLS: Made in Greece. Bar on large wheels for easy movement. Measures 45'' h. x 63 1/2'' x 21''. Stools 42 1/4'' h x 19'' base dia. 800
132 Click for larger picture IRON, BRASS AND LEATHER SAVARONOLA CHAIR: 31 1/2'' h. x 18 1/4'' x 23 1/2'' 275
132A Click for larger picture 3 VENETIAN GLASS DOLPHIN BASE GLASSES: Large cranberry glass bowls and bases. Aventurine dolphin stems. Unusually large at 6 1/4'' tall. 100
133 Click for larger picture PAIR IRON FOLDING SAVARONOLA CHAIRS: Leather, brass and iron. 31 3/4'' h. x 25'' x 17'' 250
134 Click for larger picture VENETIAN ETCHED GLASS MIRROR: Etched and cut glass mirror, the center oval being beveled. Constructed of approx. 41 pieces of individual mirror pieces. Wood back. Minor foxing to the glass. 48'' h. x 29 1/2'' 600
135 Click for larger picture FRIEDERICH, M. G., (German, 20th C.): Yacht Race, OIL/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed, framed, 29 1/2'' x 41 1/2''.
CONDITION: Some cracklure, indent in upper right.
135A Click for larger picture FRENCH VITRINE DISPLAY CABINET: Original floral paint decoration under an alligatored finish, Triple bowed front and sides. Mirror back interior with 2 glass shelves. 55 1/4'' h x 28'' x 17 1/2''. 400
136 Click for larger picture HAMMERED 18K DIAMOND STUDDED BAND RING: 18K yellow gold band contains 8 round brilliant cut diamonds, approx. weight .80 Ct. Rated VS in clarity and G-H in color. The diamonds are gypsy set. Hammered texture. Approx 12.00 mm at widest. Weight: 13.4 grams. Size: 5 Signed. 550
137 Click for larger picture ANTIQUE 18K DIAMOND EARRINGS: 18K yellow gold earrings contain 2 old European round cut diamonds. Weight: .27 Ct. Approx. The diamonds average VS in clarity and H in color. Stylized flower motif. The diamonds are prong set. Lever back closures. Weight 4.9 grams. 300
138 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY COUNTRY FRENCH BUFFET: Painted and parcel gilt cabinet with painted faux marble top. 2 doors, one interior shelf. 34'' tall x 39 1/2'' wide x 20 1/2'' deep. 400
139 Click for larger picture LOUIS XVI STYLE WING CHAIR: Carved frame with curved arms, later leopard upholstery. Some paint loss with gesso showing through. 46'' h. x 27 1/2'' x 30'' 350
140 Click for larger picture LUSCIOUS PEARL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: 14K white gold earrings contain 14 cultured pearls. 7.50 mm. Light Cream, with slight blemish and high luster. Slight rose overtone. Blended with 44 round single cut diamonds. Weight: .50 Ct. Approx. Rated VS in clarity and G-H in color. The pearls are peg set. The diamonds are bead set. Post and hinged clip closures. Stylized leaf motif. Weight: 16.0 grams. 600
141 Click for larger picture 14K CULTURED PEARL EARRINGS: 14K white gold earrings contains two 8.00 mm cultured pearls. Cream in color. Lightly blemished with medium luster. Post and nut closures. The pearls are epoxy set. Weight: 8.0 grams. 100
142 Click for larger picture DIAMOND CLUSTER RING: 10K yellow gold diamond ring contains 37 round full cut diamonds, averaging 2.3 mm. Total approx. weight 2 Ct., rated I1-I2 in clarity and J-K in color. The diamonds are prong set. Weight 6.9 grams. Size 7. Sold with current Florida Diamond Appraisers GIA graduates appraisal for $2000. 300
143 Click for larger picture LEXINGTON BREAKFRONT CHINA CABINET: Illuminated interior of glass shelves and mirror back 91'' h x 60'' x 17'' 300
144 Click for larger picture FRENCH LIMOGES ROSE DECORATED CHINA SERVICE: Gerard, Dufraisseix, and Abbot. Ca. 1900-1941. Approx 101 pieces to include, 12 dinner plates, 12 salad plates (one chip), 12 butter pats, 12 bread plates, 12 soup plates, 12 dessert bowls, 10 cups & 10 saucers, 2 covered vegetables, 1 open vegetable, gravy, 3 platters 9 1/2'' - 17'', dome top butter, and a covered sugar . 350
146 Click for larger picture SHERATON STYLE MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD: Swell front with drawers flanked by richly grained doors. 36 3/4'' h x 66'' x 20 3/4''. 200
147 Click for larger picture HIGHLY DECORATIVE GILT MIRROR: Composition. 63 1/4'' h x 53'' 250
148 Click for larger picture DIAMOND NECKLACE: 14K yellow gold necklace contains seventy five round full cut diamonds. Weight: 2.00 Ct. Approx. The diamonds average SI in clarity and Top Light Brown in color. The diamonds are prong set. Weight: 15.1 grams. Fancy link chain. 18'' 650
149 Click for larger picture DIAMOND AND GEMSTONE CHANDELIER EARRINGS: 14K yellow gold chandelier style earrings contain 116 round full cut and single cut diamonds. Weight: 1.25 Ct. Approx. The diamonds average SI-I1 in clarity and I-J in color. Ten oval shaped cabochon cut emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Weight: 5.00 Ct. Approx. The diamonds and gemstones are prong set. Post and nut closures. Weight 12. grams/ 425
149A Click for larger picture BAKER FURNITURE 3 TIER TABLE: Ebony finish, 26'' tall x 26'' square. Brass nameplate. 275
150 Click for larger picture WALKER, Henry Oliver, (American, 1843-1929): Musicians in the Forest, Oil/Canvas, 36'' x 40'', signed at lower-left and dated 1909, wooden frame, 40'' x 44''. 600

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