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Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
201 Click for larger picture IMPORTANT JOHN SHELL FULL STOCK PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE: Signed barrel and numbered #367 on inlaid brass plate. Full Curly maple stock with numerous brass and silver inlay including stag, sunburst, plaque with owners initials G. S. B.. Octagonal 37 3/4'' barrel, approx. .48 caliber.. Converted to percussion. Brass furniture and ornate patchbox. John Shell worked out of Dauphin County Pennsylvania. 52 3/4'' overall.
CONDITION: Note typical scratches to stock, several pieces of missing inlay, approx. 1/2'' and 1'' crack in forestock, action is loose and does not hold well in cocked position.
204 Click for larger picture JOSEPH PROLICH FLINTLOCK SWIVEL SPORTING GUN: Late 18th century, signed on both octagon barrels Joseph Prolich in Bamberg, on barrel rifled other smoothbore. Carved stock with floral design and inlaid metal pieces on stock. Original patchbox cover carved with metal inlay. Lock unmarked, action and set trigger function. Measures 43 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note locking mechanism for barrel swivel is not functioning, several inlay pieces have bent out, crack in stock, chip at tang, typical scratches and dings for a piece this old. Please call for further condition.
206 Click for larger picture RASCHEN, Carl, (American, 1882-1962): Landscape With Cows Crossing Stream, OIL/Board, 12'' x 16'', signed and dedicated period gilded and carved frame with minor wear, 16'' x 20''. 350
207 Click for larger picture GOLDEN OAK STICK & BALL PARLOR TABLE: Late Victorian era two tier side table, 29'' h. c 23 1/2'' x 32''. 225
209 Click for larger picture DECO GLASS GRAPE & PANSY FLOWER GLASS CHANDELIER: Gilt metal frame, the glass attached to mesh wire. 26'' X 23 1/2''. dia 750
210 Click for larger picture DEMOSS, Max, (American, 20th C.): Bronze Wall Art Sculpture ''Waves'', 98 1/2'' w x 47 1/2'' h. 600
210A Click for larger picture DEMOSS, Max, (American, 20th C.): Bronze Wall Art Sculpture ''Waves'', 80 1/2'' w x 40 1/2'' h. 500
211 Click for larger picture DEMOSS, Max, (American, 20th C.): Bronze Wall Art Sculpture ''Waves'', 62 1/2'' w x 35'' h. 500
212 Click for larger picture 1850'S SIGNED FULL STOCK PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE: 39 1/4'' octagon barrel signed J.H.. Percussion lockplate marked Whitmore, Wolff, Duff & Co. Pittsburg. Full stock with brass furniture, engraved patchbox cover and engraved design on forestock. 55'' overall.
CONDITION: Note hammer is frozen in cocked position, crack at front of buttstock.
213 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY FISCHER GERMAN TARGET RIFLE: 31'' octagon watered steel barrel marked Fischer & Son in Mehlis with engraved tang, crown over V proof stamp. Intricately carved full stock with brass furniture. Site mount on tang, missing site. Action works. 47 1/2'' long overall.
CONDITION: Note repair to forestock, one piece missing, nicks and scratches to stock.
214 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY TIGER MAPLE HALF STOCK PERCUSSION RIFLE: Mid 19th century half stock, unsigned 36'' barrel, percussion lockplate signed N. Ashmore. Cleaned tiger maple stock with brass furniture. Action not holding in cocked position. 51 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note wood has been stripped and cleaned, missing part of rear site, missing front pin, ages staining on barrel and lockplate.
215 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY PERCUSSION HALF STOCK RIFLE: 44 1/2'' octagon barrel with illegible traces of makers name on barrel. Engraved percussion lockplate marked IXL. Plain wood half stock, brass furniture. 60'' overall.
CONDITION: Note hammer frozen in cocked position, age staining and light surface rust on barrel, nicks and old repair to crack on stock.
216 Click for larger picture GERMAN DOUBLE BARREL PERCUSSION SHOTGUN: 29 3/4'' damascus double barrel 16 gauge with illegible German maker R. Schralenpain?. Engraved lockplates with gold decorated dogs on both sides. Carved and shaped stock with checkered design. Action works. 46 1/2'' long overall.
CONDITION: Note fading and nicks to stock, dark age patina to metal.
218 Click for larger picture BAUMGARTNER, Warren, (American 1894-1963): Swashbuckler Illustration, Watercolor and Gouache, full board size 30'' x 22'', image size 24 1/4'' x 14'', signed lower right, unframed. 300
219 Click for larger picture ORNATELY CARVED COCONUT: Circa mid 19th century most likely Mexican, carving these coconuts were a popular past time for sailors and Mexican artists. Ornately carved with birds, floral design and cross. Many of these used for ceremonial purposes. 1 3/4'' h. x 5'' x 3 3/8''.
CONDITION: Note rim chip.
221 Click for larger picture JAPANESE TOTAI TREE BARK CLOISONNE VASE: Enamel cloisonne on ceramic body, bird hidden in the flowers motif, 8 1/2'' tall. 250
222 Click for larger picture JAPANESE TOTAI TREE BARK CLOISONNE DOUBLE HANDLE VASE: Dragon design enamel cloisonne on ceramic body, 9'' tall. 325
222A Click for larger picture UNUSUAL JAPANESE TOTAI TREE BARK CLOISONNE COVERED BOX: Enamel cloisonne on ceramic body, bird in a grape vine design, 5 1/4'' h. x 4 1/4'' x 4 1/4''. 375
223 Click for larger picture 1798 JOHN RIGBY IRISH FLINTLOCK PISTOL: Late 18th century marked Rigby on sidelock, crown over GR proof marks and dated 1798 on barrel. Unique carved stock with unusual carved stag head protrusion over cast brass figural bird buttplate. Stock is carved above ring as well. This pistol appears to be a specially commissioned piece as it is far more ornate than the usual Rigby gun. Action works. 12'' barrel, 18 3/4'' overall.
CONDITION: Note typical pitting on barrel at hammer.
224 Click for larger picture WHITNEY SECOND MODEL NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: Popular in the Civil War, .36 caliber six shot, serial number 5692, 2nd type. Wood grips, this model has been cleaned and renickeled leaving no other markings. 7 1/2'' barrel octagon barrel. Action works. 12 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note wear to grips (may be replaced), site replaced by screw, scattered areas peppering overall, ejector pin may be replacement as well.
225 Click for larger picture REMINGTON MODEL 1875 ARMY PISTOL: .44 caliber, 7 3/4'' octagonal barrel, single action. Replaced wood grip, this example has been cleaned and reblued, leaving traces of barrel markings. Serial number 41065. Brass trigger guard, stamped B. Tight action works fine. 13 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Nicks and scratches to grips, sold as-is.
226 Click for larger picture COLT 1877 LIGHTNING DOUBLE ACTION PISTOL: .41 cal., late 19th century production, 6'' barrel with ejector. Hard rubber grips with Colt emblem. Dull grey finish. Action works. 10'' overall.
CONDITION: Grips show wear, areas of age discoloration, cylinder stop not functioning.
227 Click for larger picture PAIR OF VICTORIAN TURKISH FLINTLOCK PISTOLS: Nice Victorian era copies of 18th century Turkish flintlock pistols. Ornately engraved and inlaid wood with brass furniture, signed lockplate, 8'' cannon barrels. Non functioning. 13 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note scratches, dings, one bone cleaning rod cracked.
228 Click for larger picture LARGE COLLECTION OF CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE BOOKS: Approximately 93 volumes all centered about the Confederacy and it's soldiers. Biographies of Lee, Mosby, Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart; stories of battle and camp life. Most non-fiction, there is some fiction.
CONDITION: Books have varying degrees of condition issues, consignor was an avid reader. Sold as-is.
229 Click for larger picture LARGE COLLECTION OF CIVIL WAR UNION BOOKS: Approximately 56 volumes about Union forces and it's soldiers. Biographies of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and more; stories of camp life and battles. Most are non-fiction, some fiction.
CONDITION: Books have varying degrees of condition issues, consignor was an avid reader. Sold as-is.
231 Click for larger picture AMES MODEL 1833 DRAGOON SWORD & SCABBARD: Brass hilt with wood grip, grip retains partial leather wrap. Inspector mark J.M. on quillion. 34'' blade with engraved ''United States'', Marked N. P. Ames Cutler Springfield 1836. Correct metal scabbard. 40 3/4'' l. overall.
CONDITION: Note areas of surface peppering and age staining on blade, scabbard has several dents or smiles.
232 Click for larger picture 1830'S EAGLEHEAD INFANTRY OFFICERS SWORD & SCABBARD: Eaglehead pommel with original mother of pearl grip and full eagle langet. Etched 31'' blade with eagle and motto, stand of arms and other military decoration. Unmarked as to maker or dealer. Brass scabbard with engraved foliate decoration. 38'' long overall.
CONDITION: Note chips and cracks on grip, dark age spots on blade, minor looseness to pommel.
233 Click for larger picture BIXLER AND IDDINGS HALF STOCK PERCUSSION RIFLE: 36 1/4'' small caliber octagon barrel marked Bixler & Iddings Lafayette Ind. Warrented 1205. Plain wood stock, brass furniture. 53 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note wear to veneer finish on wood, barrel cleaned at markings, missing nipple action does not hold.
234 Click for larger picture PATTERN 1853 ENFIELD ENGLISH PERCUSSION MUSKET: Pattern 1853 with 1862 dated Tower lockplate. Approx. 60 caliber 29 3/4'' barrel. Plain wood stock. Action not functioning. 46'' long.
CONDITION: Note missing one barrel band, ring at trigger guard. Nicks and scratch3es to stock, dark patina on metal.
235 Click for larger picture WHITING, Russell, (American, 20th C): Welded and Painted Metal Sculpture of a Cubist/Abstract Female, 82 1/2'' x 25'' w., incised W to base. 400
236 Click for larger picture WEBBER, Michael, (American, 20th Century): 4pc Watercolor lot to include 1) Granny Smith and Pewter, sight size 6'' x 9'', signed lower left, titled verso, gilded frame, 12 1/2'' x 15 1/2''; 2) ''In Grandmas Kitchen'' still life of apples and an enameled tin pale, sight size 5'' x 13'', signed lower left, titled verso, framed, 13'' x 20''; 3) Still Life with Pears and Enameled Tin Pail, sight size 5'' x 13'', signed lower left, framed 11 1/2'' x 19 1/2''; 4) Key Limes and Cobalt Glass, sight size 5'' x 12 3/4'', framed, 11'' x 19''. 500
237 Click for larger picture MODERN PAKISTANI BOKHARA HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 8' 5'' x 10' 5'': This traditional design bokhara carpet has rows of alternating guls on a red ground. The colors are red, black and white with red being the predominant color over all. This bright cheery rug would be great for a family or rumpus room. Condition is good. 225
238 Click for larger picture SITTON, John, (American, 1907-): ''The River'', a view from the Potomac looking up at Fort Washington, Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 30'', signed, Grand Central Art Galleries label verso, period carved and gilded frame with minor wear, 32'' x 36 1/2''. 300
239 Click for larger picture DAN WILLIAMS PINTAIL DRAKE DUCK DECOY: Exquisitely hand carved with raised feather detail pintail drake signed Dan Williams, 1985. Nice detail to coloration, glass eyes. 7 1/2'' h. x 19''. 125
240 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE DOUG CHEEZUM BIRD CARVINGS: To include 1) Shorebird with fine feathering and detail. Mounted to circular wood base with piece of driftwood. Burned signature and dated 4-28-84. 10'' h. x 12 1/2''. 2) Green wing teal drake with fine feathering and detail. Mounted to wood base. 9 1/8'' h. x 13 1/2''.
CONDITION: Note broken / missing tip feathers on teal.
241 Click for larger picture US SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 RIFLE WITH BAYONET: 45-70, 32 7/8'' barrel, serial number 194901. Well marked US Springfield with eagle on lockplate, 1882 inspector and circle P inspector cartouch on stock. VP over eagle proof, dark age patina on barrel. Sold with original bayonet, no scabbard. Action works. 51 3/4'' long overall.
CONDITION: Typical nicks & scratches to stock, light surface rust on barrel, lockplate missing one pin.
242 Click for larger picture FRENCH MODEL 1842 PUMPKIN SLINGER MUSKET: 43'' .69 caliber smoothbore barrel with French proof marks, dated 1847, marked Mle 1842 on tang. Tulle Arsenal mark on percussion lockplate. Stamped Chio and 17 on stock. Iron furniture. 58 1/4'' long overall.
CONDITION: Note surface peppering, nicks & chips to stock.
243 Click for larger picture MODEL 1766 CHARLEVILLE FRENCH FLINTOCK MUSKET: 69 caliber, 43 inch smooth bore barrel. Marked Manuf Imp. de Charleville on lockplate. Barrel appear to have been in the process of being converted percussion to as there is a nipple present, however original flintlock remains. Buttplate marked with K 3447 1836. Inspector cartouch on shaped stock. Acton works. 58'' long. overall.
CONDITION: Note age staining to barrel, nicks & scratches to wood.
245 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE: 27 3/4'' 2 band barrel. Typical Remington marking on frame with P over FCW inspector marks. Frame retains some blue finish. 42 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note crack in buttstock, nicks and scratches overall, light surface rust overall.
249 Click for larger picture MODERN PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL ROOM SIZE RUG, 9' 6'' x 12' 9'': This cheerful room size rug looks bigger than it is because of the clear strong colors and the way they are used in the designs of the rug. The lobed white ground central medallion sits on a pretty clear red field that has sprays of small white flowers. The deep blue corners of the field as well as the deep blue ground of the main border do a great job of framing the field. They also make the rug appear larger than its actual size. Condition is very good. 450

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