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Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
301 Click for larger picture PHONODOLL RECORD PLAYING DOLL AND 6 CYLINDER RECORDS: Composition head with sleepy blue eyes, open mouth. Cloth body, composition arms and legs. 26'' tall. The crank and player still work. Needle placement needs a little adjustment. This particular doll was given as a premium for subscribing to the Tampa Tribune. 110
302 Click for larger picture LARGE 26'' ARMAND MARSEILLE GERMAN BISQUE HEAD DOLL: Marked ''Armand Marseille 3902 DRGM 246/1 A.13.M.''. Sleepy blue eyes, open mouth with teeth, dimple on her chin. 26'' tall. 225
303 Click for larger picture 2 GRACE PUTNAM BYE LO BABY DOLLS: Bisque heads with sleepy eyes, all cloth bodies, celluloid hands, approx. 13''l. 425
304 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 58 DOLL REFERENCE BOOKS & CATALOGS: To include 40 hard cover and soft cover Therialt Doll auction catalogs and 18 reference books encompassing all types of doll collecting. Sold with an additional book on quilts.
CONDITION: Note varying signs of use, some in near mint condition, others well read. Sold as-is.
306 Click for larger picture ART NOUVEAU CERAMIC FIGURAL GROUP: Two girls in a playful mood. Illegible impressed mark. Approx. 14'' tall x 14'' wide. 150
307 Click for larger picture MODERN FRENCH WOVEN TAPESTRY: ''Les Vendanges'', The Harvest, contemporary wool, cotton and rayon construction, fully lined with hanging bars in place. 66'' x 94''. 300
308 Click for larger picture EUROPEAN GENRE SCENE OF YOUNG BOY DARNING A SOCK WITH YOUNG GIRLS LOOKING ON LAUGHING: Oil/Canvas Mounted on Board, 11 1/2'' x 15 3/8'', illegibly signed lower right 'F. Farata?', framed, 14'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Canvas is laid down on board, scattered flecks with missing paint from abrasions.
309 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE FEMALE LAPLANDER & MAN DAGUERREOTYPES: To include 1) Hand tinted portrait of a seated Laplander woman in full dress. Gilt frame. 3 1/8'' x 2 1/4'' in frame. 2) Faint portrait of man in finery, engraved gilt oval frame. 2 3/4'' x 2 1/4''. 325
310 Click for larger picture 14K GOLD CHARIOT FIGURAL CHARM: 14K mechanical chariot charm contains one round faceted garnet and 6 round cabochon turquoise. Weight: 6.8 grams. 225
311 Click for larger picture AMETHYST BRACELET: 14K gold bracelet of 7 emerald cut amethysts, totaling approx. 44 Ct.. connected by amethyst beads. Length 7''. 700
312 Click for larger picture TWO 14K GOLD BAR PINS: 1)Onyx bar set with seed pearls on a 14k yellow gold finding, 2 1/4''l.; 2)Victorian 14k yellow gold crescent, star and arrow bar pin set with seed pearls, 2 7/16''l.
CONDITION: Neither pin is marked, karat determined by acid testing.
313 Click for larger picture MT WASHINGTON BURMEESE EGYPTIAN PITCHER: Hand painted bird and flower design, approx. 6 3/4'' h. 300
314 Click for larger picture MOUNT WASHINGTON CROWN MILANO VASE: Long neck vase with classic Crown Milano gold decoration. 10 3/4'' h. 175
315 Click for larger picture ART DECO DORE BRONZE CHEETAH SCULPTURE: 10'' h., no visible signature, mounted on a multi-piece marble plinth, 1 3/4'' h.
CONDITION: There is patina discoloration.
315A Click for larger picture A LIFE LONG COLLECTION OF PRATT POT LIDS: Historical and sometimes whimsical transfer designs. Often used by chemists and druggists as lids on their ceramic product containers that held cold creams, toothpaste, and shaving products. Approx. 30 total, 5 are in circular wood frames, 4 are included with pots. 1000
316 Click for larger picture 33 PIECE COLLECTION EGG CUPS AND TWO STAFFORDSHIRE EGG STANDS: To include Booths Blue Willow, Coalport, Tenby, Mintons Blue Willow, Doulton Clifton, Spodes Italian, Royal Albert Blossom Time, hand painted Worcester Roanoke, Booths, and Copenhagen. 1 3/4'' - 2 1/4''. The egg stands are both in a blue Willow pattern. The Carlton Ware holds 6 eggs and has gilt trim, 6'' x 7 1/2''. The other stand is unmarked, and holds 6 eggs and 6 spoons, stands 7'' high x 8'' l. 200
317 Click for larger picture COE, Theodore, (American, 18865-?): Pair of River Landscapes, Oils/Board, 5 3/4'' x 9'', Trend House Galleries labels affixed verso, no visible signature, framed, 10'' x 16''. Not viewed out of the frame. 200
320 Click for larger picture NGUNBE, Simon, (Aboriginal Australian, 1938-): ''''Whirlwind Approaching'', scene of figures with kangaroo's and emu's, Pigment on Tree Bark. Signed verso with Catholic Mission, Port Keats N.T. card affixed with tape. 33'' x 15 1/2''.
CONDITION: Note flaking, loss of pigment.
321 Click for larger picture LINDOP, Enid, (Aboriginal Australian): Scene of Australian outback, Mixed Media featuring natural tree bark and lichens. Signed front, label affixed verso. Sight size 15 1/2'' x 12'', framed under glass 21'' x 16''.
CONDITION: Not examined out of frame.
321A Click for larger picture ABORIGINAL BARK PAINTING OF KANGAROO HUNT: Painted in the X-Ray style, Pigment on Tree Bark. Sight size 23 1/2'' x 16'', framed under plastic 34'' x 26 1/2''. 150
322 Click for larger picture 8 BACCARAT FRENCH CRYSTAL GLASSES: Footed cocktail or juice glasses, 3 3/4''h. All over etched design. 180
323 Click for larger picture GOLD RELIEF ETCHED LEAF DESIGN CRYSTAL STEMWARE: 58 piece to include 11 goblets (6 1/2''), 11 wine, 12 cordials, 12 sherbert champagne, and 12 cocktail. 150
325 Click for larger picture STYLIZED DECO PATINATED FEMALE BRONZE VIOLIN PLAYER WITH CAT: 16'' h, incised signature 'Russel'.
CONDITION: Several areas of minor abrasion with patina loss.
326 Click for larger picture AUSTRIAN SILVER SNUFF BOX: Engraved foliate scroll and geometric designs with vermeil interior, hinged lid. Austrian silver hallmark with unknown makers or town mark. 3 1/4'' x 2''. Approx. 2.7 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note scratches, especially interior.
328 Click for larger picture 4 PC STERLING REPOUSSE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS: To include pair Kennard & Jenks floral repousse and engraved motifs. 4 5/8''. Sold with pair Dominick & Haff floral repousse design shakers. 4 1/8'' h.. Approx. 9.6 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note dings and scratches.
329 Click for larger picture LINCOLN AND FOSS COIN SILVER PITCHER: Embossed floral motif, monogrammed J. H. A.., Marked Lincoln & Foss Boston, Coin. 8 1/2'' h. x 4 3/4''. Approx. 12.9 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note bend to base, several small dings.
331 Click for larger picture N.W. PERSIAN HAMADAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUNNER, 3' 9'' x 10' 11'': This Persian runner has a strong geometric feel that is like the Caucasian rugs that are woven in the region North of Hamadan. The red ground of the field has a progression of various geometric designs both large and small. The other colors, a strong blue, white, and a warm beige work well together. Three small borders complete and frame the rug. Condition is good but needs a cleaning. 475
333 Click for larger picture PORTRAIT OF SHUBAEL STARNES TREADWELL: Painted by portrait artist Stewart, in Memphis, Tennessee, mid to late 19th c, OIL/Canvas mounted on board, 30'' x 25'', encased in period gilded and relief gesso deco frame, approximately 40'' x 36''.
CONDITION: Painting has been laid down. Possible water damage. Definite inpaint and repair to tear in chest. Frame does have missing gesso and gold overpaint.
334 Click for larger picture DECO ROSE GOLD DIAMOND AND RUBY RING: 14K rose gold ring contains one old European round cut diamond and six round single cut diamonds, totaling approx. .50 Ct. The diamonds average SI in clarity. The center diamond is rated L in color. The small diamonds are rated H in color. Five round shaped synthetic rubies, approx. .60 Ct. The rubies and diamonds are prong set. Weight: 7.1 grams. Size: 7 600
335 Click for larger picture SMITH, Gilbert Haven, (American, 1882-1959): ''Road in Shaftsbury, Vermont'', (Down the Low Road, Dorset Hollow), Oil/Canvas, 18 1/8'' x 20 1/4'', signed lower right, titled two separate times on the stretcher, dated 1954, faux bamboo gilded frame with wear, 22 1/2'' x 28''.
CONDITION: Needs to be re-stretched, scattered flecks with abrasions and paint loss.
336 Click for larger picture ESTATE COLLECTION OF STERLING & SILVER: Approx. 14 pieces to include 1) 13 loth German muffineer with embossed portraits and garland. 6'' h. 2) Gorham sterling hand hammered card case with embossed initials WA. 1 1/2'' x 3 3/4''. 3) Reed & Barton sterling floral repousse tea strainer. 4) The Merrill Shops sterling note pad, monogrammed. 3 1/4'' x 1 3/4''. 5) German 800 silver card case, 2 3/8'' x 2''. 6) 19th Century Dutch repousse articulated tea strainer with lower reserve, note repair to handle, 2'' h. x 7 1/2''. 7) Pair of sterling salt tubs, 1 1/2'' h. x 2 3/4'' dia. 8) Webster sterling salt, monogrammed TOP, 1/2'' h. x 3''. 9) Set of 5 Kerr sterling demitasse spoons 2'' l. Approx. 16.6 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note varying signs of use.
337 Click for larger picture PAIR 19TH CENTURY RETICULATED DUTCH SILVER TRAYS: Pair of reticulated trays with floral design, hallmarked with lion passant over 2 and unknown makers AB hallmark. 2 1/2'' h. x 6 1/2'' x 4''. Approx. 6.2 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note signs of use.
338 Click for larger picture BIGELOW AND KENNARD STERLING SILVER PORRINGER: Kennard and Jenks sterling porringer, retailed by Bigelow & Kennard, Boston. Embossed garland rim with pierce work handle. Engraved dedication Waldo Parry Kennard from Grandfather, 1877. 1 3/4'' h. x 7 3/4'' x 5 1/2''. Approx. 8.3 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note dings.
338A Click for larger picture 6 PIECE TIFFANY & GORHAM STERLING SILVER FLATWARE: To include 1) 3 Tiffany & Co. marrow or miniature fish knives in the Tiffany pattern. Note blunted tips, 6 1/8''. 2) Gorham spoon with peacock and letter H on handle, 6 3/4''. 3) Gorham salad fork with oriental motif handle, 6 5/8''. 4) Simons Brothers sterling mounted wood handle salad serving spoon with embossed rabbit. 12'' l.. Approx. 5.4 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note varying signs of use.
340 Click for larger picture FULL LENGTH MINK COAT: Ruths Original St. Petersburg label. Long sleeves, full collar. Has that extra fulnes in back for a bit of swing, approx. 42''l. medium size. 550
341 Click for larger picture BRASS CANDY NATIONAL CASH REGISTER #313: Typically known as a Candy Store model 313 brass case with marble shelf. Serial number S120969K. Measures 17 1/4'' x 16 1/4'' x 10 1/4''.
CONDITION: Missing key, will require restoration to case and interior mechanics.
342 Click for larger picture BASEBALL ILLUSTRATION PAINTING SIGNED BRENSON: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower left, wooden frame, 25'' x 37''.
CONDITION: Areas of paint instability, especially in the uniforms, some minor paint fleck.
343 Click for larger picture BALLY MODEL 1088 25 CENT SLOT MACHINE: Electric slot machine, 3 wheels with 7's bars and cherries. Takes 1 to 3 coins. Serial number 1088-2718. 41 1/2'' h. x 25'' x 19''. Key in office.
CONDITION: Please be aware of local laws when bidding. Note one wheel sticks. We can not guarantee complete functionality. Some minor wear to case.
344 Click for larger picture JAPANESE ELECTROCOIN BIG BONUS SLOT MACHINE: Produced by ElectroCoin UK, English languages case with Japanese labels. Takes and pays tokens. Measures 32'' x 19'' x 15 3/4''. Key in office.
CONDITION: Please be aware of local laws when bidding. We can not guarantee complete functionality. Note wear to case.
345 Click for larger picture COSTELLO, Michael, (American, 20th C): Kinetic Sculpture ''Owl, Falcon and Fox'', Wood and Stone, 42 1/2'' h., 20'' wide.
CONDITION: Minor scratches on the top of stones that hold the pendulum.
346 Click for larger picture CHINESE MOTHER OF PEARL INLAY ROSEWOOD STAND: Two tier, 30 1/2'' high x 16'' square.
CONDITION: Note missing inlay.
347 Click for larger picture COASTAL SUNSET PAINTING SIGNED T. MORAN: Oil/Masonite, 20'' x 24'', carved and gilded foliate motif frame, 22'' x 29''. 100
348 Click for larger picture ART DECO 14K RUBY & DIAMOND RING: 14K yellow gold ring has one old European round cut diamond and one ruby. Diamond weight approx. 22 Ct., Rated VS in clarity and H-I in color. One baguette cut ruby approx. .50 Ct. Rated SI in clarity (Tyep II), stpR in Hue, 5 in Tone and 4-5 in Saturation. The diamond is bead set. The ruby is bezel set. Weight: 4.4 grams. Size: 5.5 250
349 Click for larger picture CHAGALL, Marc, AFTER, (Russian/French, 1887-1985): ''L''Opera, Offset Lithograph, sight size 24 3/4'' x 38 3/4'', marked lower right 'Printed in France Published by and for the French Government, Edition 65/42 Impression Mourlot', framed 26 1/2'' x 40''. 400
350 Click for larger picture YOUNG FLUTE PLAYER WEARING A PLUMED HAT: Oil/Canvas Mounted on Board, 21 1/2'' x 17 1/2'', carved and gilded frame, 25'' x 21''.
CONDITION: Canvas is mounted to board, scattered cracklure, needs cleaning.

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