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Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Sale Price
104 Click for larger picture LEFEBRE, Albert Wilhelm, (German, 1873-1974): Shepherd Approaching a Village as the Sun Sets, Oil/Canvas, 38 3/4'' x 27 5/8'', signed lower left, encased in period gilded frame with wear, 44 1/2'' x 33 1/2''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, several minor flecks of paint loss.
109 Click for larger picture PAIR 1915 FRENCH CARVED WOOD MILITARY PLAQUES: Both signed Joseph Dalmotte and dated to include 1) Central medallion carving of French Admiral Boue de Lapeyrere (spelled Lapereyre on plaque) surmounted by wreath, cherubs, putto, figures and masqueron. 25 1/2'' x 31 1/2'' 2) Central medallion carving of French General Joseph Joffre surmounted by figural putti, masqueron and foliate scroll. 25 3/4'' x 31 1/2''. 800
110 Click for larger picture LE KINFF, Linda, (French, 1949- ): ''Petit Nu'', Oil/Wood Panel, 13'' x 9 1/2'', signed in the right margin, signed and titled verso, framed 19 1/4'' x 15 1/2''. 700
111 Click for larger picture LE KINFF, Linda, (French, 1949- ): ''Famille'', Oil/Panel, 29'' x 24'', signed lower left, signed titled and date Paris verso, custom frame 37'' x 32''. 2100
112 Click for larger picture LE KINFF, Linda, (French, 1949- ): ''Oh Sol et Mio'', Oil/Wood Panel, 18'' x 15'', signed lower right, custom frame 31'' x 28'', label verso indicates this is from the collection of the artist. 1200
113 Click for larger picture LE KINFF, Linda, (French, 1949- ): ''Eclypse'', Serigraph, Sight size 11 3/4'' x 9 1/2'', pencil signed lower right, #'d 166/350 lower left, fine contemporary frame 23'' x 20 1/2''. 100
115 Click for larger picture LARGE PATINATED BRONZE SCULPTURE OF DOLPHINS UNDER SEA: 53 1/2'' h., affixed to beveled marble plinth. 1100
117 Click for larger picture LARGE MARITIME STORM AT SEA PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 50'', Scene Depicts a Clipper Ship at High Wind Navigating a Boat Graveyard, contemporary frame, 35'' x 55'', monogrammed illegibly lower left.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, stretcher bar wear, several minor flecks of paint loss, abrasion in lower right corner.
118 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED EUROPEAN SHORELINE PAINTING: Oil/Wood Panel, 6'' x 8 1/2'', signed lower left F. Baru?, encased in turn of the century carved and gilded frame with wear, 10'' x 12 1/2'', Stefano Ciardella Stamp verso. 300
121 Click for larger picture TWO LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY HEN HOUSE PAINTINGS SIGNED M. DURANT: Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 12'', one is signed lower left, matching gold painted frames with wear 20 1/2'' x 14 3/4''.
CONDITION: Stretcher bar wear, craquelure scattered, one has paint overspray with some minor paint fleck.
122 Click for larger picture FINELY FRAMED EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH LONE FIGURE: Scene depicts a lone figure approaching a village walking along a dirt path, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 18 1/4'', illegibly signed lower left Solini?, encased in period pierced carved and gilded foliate gesso frame with wear and damage, 20 3/4'' x 27''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, puncture in the right quadrant, minor stretcher bar wear.
126 Click for larger picture NEARLY LIFE SIZE BI COLORED MARBLE SCULPTURE OF REBECCA AT THE WELL: Sand Stone Colored and Carrera Marble Sculpture, 60'' h. 1900
127 Click for larger picture MULTI COLORED MARBLE SCULPTURE OF A NOUVEAU MAIDEN: 61'' h., She is Clutching her Chest and Holding Two Rose Buds.
CONDITION: There is a repair to the left rose.
128 Click for larger picture NEAR LIFE SIZE SCULPTURE OF A GYPSY DANCER TRI COLOR MARBLE: Overall height is 65''. 1750
129 Click for larger picture NEARLY LIFE SIZE CARRERA MARBLE SCULPTURE OF A FEMALE NUDE: Overall size 57 1/2'' h. including octagonal plinth.
CONDITION: Several fingers on her left hand have been broken.
130 Click for larger picture AINSLEY, Dennis, (American, 1880-1952): ''Flower Market-Haarlem, Holland'', Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 26'', signed lower left, titled in the stretcher verso, encased in over painted gesso frame with wear and repair 25'' x 31 1/2''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, stretcher bar wear, several flecks of paint loss.
131 Click for larger picture 18TH C JAMES BASIRE AND EDWARD ROOKER ENGRAVINGS: 6 engravings from Volume IV, ''The Antiquities of Athens'' by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett. These professionally framed and matted engravings appear to be from Chapter IV, the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates. They show reliefs on the Lysikrates monument illustrating the story of the Tyrrhenian pirates. Approximate plate impression measurements, Chap: IV.PL:XXIV: platemark measures 7 _'' h x 12 14''w, overall measurement approx. 14 1/8''h x 20 7/8''. Chap: IV.PL:XXV: platemark measures 7'' h x 15 1/4''w, overall measurement approx. 14 1/8''h x 20 7/8''. Only 2 examined out of frame. Sold as a lot. Note: The Lysicrates Monument is the circular structure, raised on a high squared podium and is one of the first Greek monuments built according to the Corinthian order. Its frieze sculptures depict episodes from the myth of Dionysus, the patron god of the stage, who defeats Tyrrhenian pirates by turning them into dolphins and the god whose rites developed into Greek theatre. It originally served as support for the bronze tripod that was given as prize. It stands now in its little garden on the Tripodon Street (''Street of the Tripods''), which follows the line of the ancient street of the name, which led to the Theater of Dionysus and was once lined with choragic monuments, of which the foundations were discovered in excavations during the 1980s. 1600
132 Click for larger picture PIRANESI, Giovani Battista, (Italian, 1720-1778): Lot of three large early professionally framed and matted engravings depicting ancient Grecian Marble Urns. We have examined 1 out of the frame... Engraving 1: (top) Tripode antico di marmo che si conserva nel Museo Capitolino : ; All Sig.r. Cavaliere Edvard Walter amatore delle Belle Arti. In atto d'ossequio il Cavaliere Gio[vanni] Batt[ist]a Piranesi D. D. D. Tripode antico di marmo che si conserva nel Museo Capitolino. Si puo supporre che fosse dedicato a Bacco per gl'intrecci di Viti che si vedono nei Pilastrelli di esso. (bottom) Basserilievo antico che si vede nella Villa Lanti sul Monte Gianicolo. Plate size approx. 20 5/8''h x 15''. Engraving 2: (top) Vaso antico di marmo presso S. E. il Sig[no]r Gen[ti]le Schouvaloff ... Il , Basamento rappresenta un Feretro, che ora si vede nella Villa Casali a S. Stefano Rotondo, (bottom) A Milord Marchese di Carmarthen amatore delle belle arti. Engraving 3) An antique marble cistern supported on four fauns from the Villa Albani, raised on an antique pedestal from the Villa Negroni. Although all prints appear to be early, actual publication date unknown. Sold as a lot. Hi-res photos available on request. 700
133 Click for larger picture OIL on CANVAS PAINTING SIGNED H. ARCAMONTE: Dockside Scene with Sailing Boats, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower right, gold painted frame with wear, 28 1/2'' x 41''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning.
135 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT PAINTING OF A GENTLEMAN: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 25'', stretched on an European stretcher, encased in period gilded and carved gesso frame with wear and missing gesso, 39'' x 32 1/2''.
CONDITION: Obvious repairs to punctures, possible reline, some scattered inpaint and flecking, needs cleaning, sold as is.
138 Click for larger picture ERTE SPECTACULAR DIMENSIONS BRONZE MEDALLION: Triangle, 2 1/4'' x 2 1/2'', Double-sided Bronze Medallion from the Edition of 1500, framed 17'' x 17''. 400
139 Click for larger picture ERTE BRONZE MEDALLION: Circular, 2 1/4'' diameter, framed 17'' x 17''. 150
145 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak, (Israeli, 1944- ): ''Lady Posing with Flowers'', Acrylic Painting over Serigraph in Color on Linen, 40 1/8'' x 12 1/8'', signed lower right, from a deluxe #'d edition of 100, gilded frame 46'' x 18 1/4''. 750
146 Click for larger picture MAX, Peter, (German, 1937- ): Angel with Heart, Mixed Media Painting w/Acrylic and Color Lithograph on Paper, 25'' x 17 1/2'', signed lower right, encased in gilded custom frame with wear 38'' x 32'', original auction information affixed verso. 2100
147 Click for larger picture MAX, Peter, (German, 1937- ): ''Rain Forest Foundation, 1998'', Mixed Media Painting with Acrylic and Offset Lithograph, 22 1/4'' x 18 1/2'', signed lower right, custom black lacquer frame with wear, 34'' x 30''. 2600
149 Click for larger picture NEWTON, Sam, (American, 1948- ): Florida Highwaymen River Road Scene, Oil/Masonite, signed lower right. 14'' x 17 1/4'', framed 17 3/4'' x 20 3/4''. 500

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