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Sunday, December 7, 2014

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Sale Price
1251 Click for larger picture FULL LENGTH RANCH MINK COAT: Soft and supple dark ranch mink coat bears the Furs by George Populous and Blacklama labels. Medium size measures approx. 43'' collar to hem, 21'' shoulder to cuff and 18'' shoulder to shoulder, with a 75'' sweep. 275
1254 Click for larger picture FULL LENGTH MINK COAT: Fresh from cold storage and being cleaned. Bonwit Teller and Galanos labels. Medium to larger size measures approx. 48'' collar to hem, 21'' shoulder to cuff and 19'' shoulder to shoulder, with an 80'' sweep. 275
1256 Click for larger picture ENGLISH SILVER GUILLOCHE CARD CASE: 1910 Birmingham hallmark, obscured makers mark. Green guilloche hinged lid, non silver hanging chain. Overall measures 2 3/4'' x 4'', approx. 3.8 troy oz. inclusive.
CONDITION: Minor dings.
1257 Click for larger picture LALIQUE DEUX FLEURS PERFUME BOTTLE: Marked on base in script R. Lalique, France. Measures 3 1/2'' h. x 3 3/4'' x 1''.
CONDITION: Rim chip.
1258 Click for larger picture APPROX 20-30 YR. OLD CHINESE AUBUSSON NEEDLEPOINT WOOL RUG, 7'9'' x 10': This needlepoint rug has a traditional French Aubusson design. The soft pale yellow field has a pale lavender central medallion with a yellow and green center. The rest of the field is decorated with beige ribbons, green leafy garlands, and musical instruments in the four corners. The border is created by beige and green garlands and vines. A perfect rug for your ''salon'' or bedroom. Condition is good with some surface soil that should clean up nicely. 275
1259 Click for larger picture URN SHAPED MARBLE TOP SIDE TABLE: Applied marble top with carved trim, urn form body with single door, marble base. Overall measures 26 3/4'' h. x 15 3/4''. 250
1260 Click for larger picture HAZLEWOOD, Phoebe Weeks, (American, 1885- ): 1) Surreal Nude with Figures, Pen/Ink/Watercolor, sight size 20'' x 14 1/4'', signed lower right, dated '65, framed, 25'' x 20''; 2) Drawing on Canvasboard with watercolor, 20'' x 15 1/2'', surreal face, animals and sun, signed lower right and dated '64, framed, 20 1/2'' x 16''. 125
1261 Click for larger picture DANIELS, Willie, (American, 20th Century): Vibrant Florida Highwaymen backwater sunset scene with birds, Oil/Board, signed lower right, 12'' x 24'', framed 13 1/2'' x 25 1/2''. 450
1262 Click for larger picture KNIGHT, Issac, (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwaymen coastal scene with trees, Oil/Masonite, signed lower right, also signed and dated '07 verso on frame, 12'' x 16'', framed 17'' x 21''. 425
1263 Click for larger picture DANIELS, Johnny, (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwaymen backwater scene with rolling clouds and birds, Oil/Canvas, signed lower right, 30'' x 40'', framed 36 3/4'' x 46 1/2''. 750
1264 Click for larger picture HAMILTON, Frank O., (American, 1923- ): Abstract Composition with Bright Colors, Pen/Ink with Marker, Sight size 5'' x 4'', signed lower left, dated '68, encased in custom gilt metal frame 11'' x 9 1/2''. 175
1265 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE MODERNIST SIAMESE CAT PAINTINGS: Oils/Canvas, largest being 40'' x 30'', two smaller ones measure 16'' x 12'', all signed Robbins, encased in matching painted gold and black frames, the largest frame is 41'' x 31 1/4'', two smaller paintings measure 17 1/4'' x 13 1/4''.
CONDITION: All pieces have scattered craquelure throughout, several minor abrasions, sold as is, the large picture has a small puncture.
1266 Click for larger picture VINTAGE BEADED PURSE WITH SILVER FRAME: Floral design on black ground with fringe. The continental 800 silver frame is embossed in a bird and dragon motif centering a roaring masqueron. The interior with coin purse is in fine condition. Measures approx. 9'' x 9''. 125
1267 Click for larger picture BLACK MOIRE' SILK POUCH WITH ''GORHAM'' STERLING FRAME: Vintage pleated moire purse having a Gorham sterling framed embossed in a cherub motif, the chain handle is comprised of acanthus leaf links. The interior is also more and is in fine condition. Purse measures approx. 6'' x 9''. 100
1268 Click for larger picture VINTAGE SILVER FRAMED BEADED PURSE: Extra deep, brightly colored floral design with double fringe. The flower and urn embossed frame is stamped ''Made in Italy 800''. The lining is in fine condition. Measures approx. 14'' X 8 1/4''. 250
1268A Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 5 OBJETS DE VERTU: An assembled collection of 5 objects t include 1) Davies Brothers, Birmingham, 1936, sterling chatelaine purse with engraved foliate scroll design, with a Webster Sterling hanger. Leather dividers, 4 1/2'' x 2 1/4''. 2) Pair of oriental design salt & pepper shakers, marked simply 84K, 1 3/4'' h. 3) Mexican silver overlay diminutive perfume bottle, 2'' h. 4) Metal mounted amethyst cut glass diminutive perfume bottle, 1 1/2'' h. 5) Miniature unmarked cloisonne vase, 2 1/2''. 175
1269 Click for larger picture REVERSIBLE PAVE DIAMOND HEART EARRINGS: 14k yellow gold earrings may be worn as a 1.0 Ct diamond melee or reverse as polished gold. Huggie style post and hinged closure. Weight 10 grams. Sold with Atlanta Gemological GIA graduate's appraisal for $2650. 350
1270 Click for larger picture LATE 18TH CENTURY CARVED SAILORS COCONUT: Late 18th to early 19th century floral motif carved coconut half. Measures 2 1/2'' h. x 4 1/2'' x 2 3/4''. 100
1271 Click for larger picture 5PC ART LOT BY MERWIN HESTER AYERS: 1) ''Polynesia'', pencil drawing, sight size 7 1/2'' x 11'', framed, 12 1/2'' x 16 1/2'', Estate Stamp Verso; 2) Pen/Ink Drawing, Oaxaca, sight size 10 1/2'' x 13'', framed, 13'' x 17 1/2''; 3) Modernist Couple, Pencil Drawing, sight size 17'' x 8 1/2'', framed, 21 1/2'' x 12 1/2''; 4) Portrait of Young Boy, Drawing in color, sight size 10'' x 10'', framed,18 1/2'' x 17 1/4''; 5) Young Boy in Tropical Landscape, Watercolor, sight size 6'' x 8'', signed lower left, framed, 15'' x 16''. 125
1272 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO GOA 3 STRAND BRACELET: 18K yellow gold triple strand soft bangle bracelet set with 5 diamonds for a bit of sparkle, approx. .15 Ct. Length 7 1/8''. Weight 11.4 grams. Current retail is $3100. 1000
1273 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO DIAMOND RING: 18K trip color gold 3 band ring, The rose and yellow gold bands are brushed finish, the white gold band is set with diamonds. Size 7. Retails for approx. $2270. 850
1274 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO CAIRO COLLECTION EARRINGS: 18K yellow gold coils shape the intertwining double teardrops. Shepard hooks. Length 1 7/8''. Weight approx. 8.9 grams. 600
1275 Click for larger picture FAIRY BRONZE ''LIBELLULE'': 19'' h., dragon flies at her feet, affixed to marble plinth, A 20th Century casting. 100
1275A Click for larger picture EDISON CYLINDER PHONOGRAPH, HORN & CYLINDERS: Edison Standard Phonograph with oak case, original decals, serial number ?72395, cranks and cylinder spins with encouragement. Case measures 11'' h. x 12 3/4'' x 9''. Sold with copper horn, 30 1/2'' x 16 1/2'' and approx. 55 cylinder tubes however at least half of cylinders are broken in the tubes.
CONDITION: Horn with verdigris and pitting, again many of the cylinders are broken.
1276 Click for larger picture SUPER TECHNIKA IV 4X5 LARGE FORMAT CAMERA W/ 5 LENSES: The Technika large format cameras are a legendary series of durable large format cameras still in limited/specialized use today. This example is a Super Technika IV, featuring an integrated rangefinder, and optional side handle with corded shutter release, as well as a Linhof - Universalsucher - Technika add-on viewfinder with Schneider - Kreuznach glass. Serial #64423 indicates a manufacture date of 1956-1957. Includes the following lenses: 1) Convertible Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 150mm f/5.6 or 265mm f/12 Technika lens, serial #5318056. Equipped with Linhof shutter mounted to Linhof board. 2) Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 90mm f/8 wide angle lens mounted to a Synchro-Compur shutter on Linhof lens board, serial #5219775. 3) Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 121mm f/8 lens mounted to unknown shutter on a Linhof lens board, serial #5334369. 4) Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 210mm f/5.6 lens mounted to Synchro-Compur shutter on Linhof lens board, serial #5565397. 5) Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 65mm f/8 lens mounted in a Linhof adapter plate, serial #6520136. This lot also includes an entire suitcase full of additional film boards (over 20), filters, and additional accessories.
CONDITION: Body exhibits wear to leather panels, however all are still intact. The bellows appear to be worn and supple, but no visible pinholes were seen. The metal appears to be in good shape. The rangefinder's optics could use cleaning. All lenses exhibit a slight delay at 1s shutter, and could use basic disassembly and cleaning to remove the small amounts of grime present between optics. Both cases can be disposed of at winning bidder's request, as both are well worn and exhibit a heavy smell of mildew.
1277 Click for larger picture C. P. GOERZ 12'' F/6.8 GOLD RIM DAGOR LARGE FORMAT LENS: Also known as the Golden Dagor. This is an exceptionally rare lens in good exterior condition, with clean glass. The front of the barrel has the characteristic gold colored anodized aluminum ring. Manufactured approximately during the mid 1950's. Matching rear and front element Serial #786251. Equipped with a #4 Acme Synchro shutter mounted to a Linhof Technika lens board.
CONDITION: Shutter has a very slight delay when set to 1s.
1278 Click for larger picture HASSELBLAD 500C CAMERA W/ 4 LENSES: A photographers complete kit including Hasselblad 500C body with three film holders and a plethora of lenses. The Hasselblad is a legendary, iconic medium format SLR camera of the 50's era, known for its sturdiness and optical quality. These cameras still see use today in some specialty markets. Digital backs do exist for this camera body and lens system. Lenses included are: 1) Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f/4 lens #3460741. 2) Carl Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/4 lens #3879571. 3) Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 lens #3510536. 4) Carl Zeiss Sonnar 250mm f/4 lens #3572440. Kit includes a mind-blowing assortment of grips, corded shutter releases, various glass filters, Hasselblad level, an additional viewfinder lid, multiple extension tubes, film rolls, etc. Camera and equipment have specially fitted cases.
CONDITION: Externally the camera is in good condition, with shiny chrome and all leatherette panels intact. There is some cracking to the leatherette but nothing needing replacing. It appears the cocking mechanism was improperly engaged when mounting the lens, and will need to be disengaged before removal of attached lens. Functionality has not been tested because of this. The lenses need cleaning internally and externally. All lenses exhibit growth inside of the glass, with the 250mm lens exhibiting etching to the glass coatings. Image quality will most likely not be hugely affected in current condition. Both cases are in heavily weathered condition, and both may be disposed of at buyer's discretion as there is a heavy smell of mold within. Please call us for any other questions or concerns regarding this lot.
1279 Click for larger picture LEICA MINILUX ZOOM CAMERA: 35mm film camera with the Vario-Elmar 35-70 mm 3.5-6.5 lens. Automatic focus with fast zoom lens. New retail price is over $900. Sold with a protective Samsonite storage bag and the book. 175
1280 Click for larger picture BOSE LIFESTYLE V20 SOUND SYSTEM: Complete system by Bose, the Lifestyle V20 system originally retailed for over $1800. Includes the MC1 media Center, MC1 display, Acoustimass module, 4 cube speaker (2 are mounted on stands), center channel speaker, remote, power supply, manuals and assorted cables. 2 cube speakers with boxes, others no boxes. Sold with an Adaptiq calibration system. Largest component measures 13'' h. x 21 3/4'' x 8''.
CONDITION: Was working fine in consignors house, we cannot guarantee continued operation or that all the cables are present. The rotating clips on all 4 cube speakers are broken and need of repair.
1281 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO BLACK DIAMOND GOA COLLECTION RING: 18K white brushed gold rings in a 5 stack ring effect, four each have a white diamond and one is a band of black diamonds, approx. .25 Ct. Size 6.5. Weight 7.5 grams. Currently retails for $2500. 1700
1282 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO GOA COLLECTION HOOP EARRINGS: 18k white gold 3 row earrings, each with 2 diamonds. Brushed finish, post closure. Weight 6.1 grams. Currently retails for $2150. 650
1283 Click for larger picture MARCO BICEGO SILVIGLIA DIAMOND EARRINGS: 18K yellow gold oval drops in the signature hand brushed finish, dangling from a melee of diamonds. Post closure. Length 1''. Weight 3.4 grams. Currently retails for approx. $1300. 425
1284 Click for larger picture VARIEGATED WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL: In 4 sections, grey base appears to be replacement. Overall 43 1/2'' x 10''.
CONDITION: Chips to be expected.
1287 Click for larger picture MESTAIS FRENCH FIGURAL LIFESAVER PATINATED METAL LAMP: Titled ''Le Sauveteur'', figure of a fisherman with a life ring, marked Mestais, France, with French foundry medallion. 2 socket fixture, overall measures 26'' h. x 13'' x 9''. 100
1288 Click for larger picture AMERICAN SCHOOL LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH RAILROAD TRACKS: Oil/Canvas, 18 1/2'' x 31 1/4'', signed lower right Miller and dated '05, framed, 29 1/2'' x 41 1/2''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, frame overpainted.
1289 Click for larger picture HAND PAINTED BELGIAN CERAMICS: 3 pieces total with hand painted floral and gilt, impressed Belgium mark on all. To include 1) Centerbowl, 2 3/8'' x 12 1/2''. 2) Pair of ewers, 13 1/4'' h. x 6 1/2''. 200
1291 Click for larger picture PAIR CUT GLASS TABLE LAMPS: Cut glass bodies with gilt metal base and mounts, faceted finials. Overall measures 37'' h. x 6'' x 6''. Sold with ruffled shades, 15 1/4'' x 19 1/2''. 100
1293 Click for larger picture ART DECO BEADED PURSE: Draw string pouch in an Oriental design on a black ground. Interior in fine condition. Measures approx. 10'' x 10''. 100
1294 Click for larger picture VINTAGE FRENCH ''TISSE'' CUT STEEL BEADED PURSE: Draw string bag in a blue bird design, lining is in new condition. Measures approx. 7'' x 6''. 125
1294A Click for larger picture 4 VINTAGE PURSES: 1) Whiting & Davis enameled mesh purse, 5 1/2'' x 3 1/4''. 2) Expandable change purse made in W. Germany exclusively for Walborg, leather with satin lining. 3) Bead studded, metallic threaded bag, tear shaped, 6 1/2'' x 4''. 4) Steel cut draw string pouch with fancy tassel, 4 3/4'' x 4 1/4''.
CONDITION: All in used condition.
1295 Click for larger picture JANICE ALBRO INDIAN BRONZE: ''She Dances To The Beat'', 13 1/2'' h., signed, numbered 3/20, and dated '92, affixed to wooden plinth, 16'' overall. 125
1296 Click for larger picture JANICE ALBRO INDIAN BRONZE: ''The Grass Dancer'', 13 1/2'' h., signed, numbered 2/20, and dated 1990, affixed to wooden plinth, 16'' overall. 150
1297 Click for larger picture INLAID TILT TOP CHESS TABLE: Rectangular top with inlaid chess board and diamond patterns, turn support, base with inlaid diamond foliate swag patterns. Overall measures 24 1/2'' h. x 24'' x 20''.
CONDITION: alligatoring to lacquer, scratches, especially to base.
1299 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF LEATHER BOUND BOOKS: 10 volumes leather bound books to include 1) 2 volume Milton's Political Works, London 1824. 2) 4 volumes G. Lamb's works, London, 1855. 3) 2 volumes (#1 and 4 only of 4 volume set) ''The Rambler'', London, 1794. 4) Tobias Smollett's Works, volume 4 only of 6 volume set, Edinburgh, 1790. 5) ''Cook's Voyages'', volume 2 only of 2 volume set, New York, 1814. Sold with an additional 5 assorted books.
CONDITION: Condition varies, sold as is.

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