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1152 Click for larger picture COCTEAU, Jean, (French, 1889-1963): Handwritten note with characteristic original Pen and Ink Drawing. Note reads ''en Andre Gralberto Perez en souvienir de Jean Cocteau''. Dated 1995. 7'' x 5 1/2''. Willian Crawford Plumley Estate. Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau was a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker. Cocteau is best known for his novel Les Enfants Terribles (1929), and the films Blood of a Poet (1930), Les Parents Terribles (1948), Beauty and the Beast (1946) and Orpheus (1949). His circle of associates, friends and lovers included Kenneth Anger, Pablo Picasso, Jean Hugo, Jean Marais, Henri Bernstein, Yul Brynner, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, Maria Felix, Edith Piaf, Panama Al Brown and Raymond Radiguet. (Wiki) From the William Crawford Plumley Estate.
CONDITION: Slight staining to lower left corner and darkness to edges from handling, creases.
1153 Click for larger picture TENNESSEE WILLIAMS MEMOIRS CONTRACT PHOTO POEM: 1) PHOTO, Tennessee's ''official'' photographer in Key West (his home) was Don Pinder who photographed him more than any other photographer. Many of the photos of him in books and journals are by Pinder. This photograph depicts a younger, smiling ''Tom'' sitting on the ground in the garden behind his home, his two bulldogs with him, each snuggled close, one on each side. It was T.W.'s favorite photograph, Don Pinder told Professor Plumley when he presented it to him. It is b/w and printed on textured paper, approx. 11 x13, and inscribed in lower the right comer, ''For Bill, Compliments of Don Pinder, Key West''. The photograph is matted in white with two windows, the photograph in one and beneath it, in another containing the poem. 2) POEM, the Manuscript Poem that accompanies and is matted with the photograph is written boldly on a 5x7 inch card: ''Dog & Cat / milked at day-break'' -filling much of the card. It is signed by his real name, ''Tom'' [Thomas Lanier, before he adopted the pseudonym of Tennessee]. [Source: The poem was obtained from a NYC dealer, along with a letter about Professor Plumley, sold to the dealer by the actor occupying T.W.'s NYC apartment in 1982. 3) TENNESSEE WILLIAMS AND AUDREY WOOD RARE DOCUMENT, SIGNED: DS, in the form of a letter from Williams, quarto, one page, a legal agreement between Williams and the Audrey Wood for Liebling-Wood agency, dated November 19th, 1951 on typical thin typing paper, His first literary agent. She represented him from 1939 to 1979 when the relationship ended in bitterness. SCARCE: In part, ''Dear Audrey & Bill . . . Under date of April 30, 1943, we entered into an agency agreement which was subsequently modified by letter agreements dated March 30, 1945 and October 21, 1948 .. '' to expire in 1953. This agreement extends the date to October 15, 1960 with ''all provisions of our agreement of April 30, 1945.'' It is signed ''Tennessee Williams'' and ''Audrey Wood''. Wood and her husband, William Liebling, were partners in the agency. This is a rare document because of the complex history of the playwright and the agent, who in large measure was the force behind his initial breakthrough as a playwright and a balance for him during many of his turbulent years between 1939 and 1971 when the relationship ended. 325
1154 Click for larger picture CAMPAIGN STYLE DESK: Leather inset writing surface over single full length drawer. Double pedestal base with 3 drawers each. Top measures 6 1/4'' h. x 39'' x 22 1/4'', bases 23 3/4'' h. x 12'' x 21 3/4''.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use.
1155 Click for larger picture CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin, (American, 1894-1962): ''Three Heads After El Greco'' (''The Despolations''), Oil/Board. Approx 7'' x 14''. He is hailed by the critics as a critical observer and chronicler of the modem era. Ezra Pound placed Cummings' book of poetry, Is 5, as the second most important book of the 20th century, ahead of James Joyce's Ulysses. Although best remembered for his visual poetry, his academic training at Harvard was in Graphic Art. He wrote to his father late in 1923, ''One's tastes have not, I fear, materially changed, am still convinced that |I| am primarily a painter....'' [From an unpublished letter in the Cummings Collection of the Houghton Library, Harvard.] Similar comments are sprinkled throughout the many books, monographs, and articles about his art, much of which is housed in permanent university archives, museums, and private collections. Although he achieved substantial acclaim as a painter in the years between the wars, he later viewed the artistic establishment as hopelessly anti-intellectual and abandoned the New York galleries. He received a number of honors, including an Academy of American Poets Fellowship, two Guggenheim Fellowships, the Charles Eliot Norton Professorship at Harvard, the Bollingen Prize in Poetry in 1958, and a Ford Foundation grant. Nearly a thousand pieces of his original art were placed at the Gotham Book Mart (Gallery) in NYC in 1973 by the estate of Mrs. E. E. Cummings (Marion Morehouse). ''Three Heads after El Greco'' is approx. 7 x 14 oil on stiff cardboard; GBM description, ''fragments in sienna from 'The Despoliation.'' It survived the Paris years. In 1980, Marianne Morehouse, his widow, consigned a collection through the legendary Gotham Book Marte on Manhattan's West Forty-Seventh Street. The art was displayed on the second floor, and each had a Gotham number assigned and fully described in the catalog. Marion Morehouse (1906-1969); She was a model and photographer, who met E.E Cummings in 1932, once referred to as his third wife, it is not clear whether the two were ever legally married. Morehouse lived with Cummings until his death in 1962. [Note: For price comparisons, see the web site http://eecummingsart.com/ From the William Crawford Plumley Estate.
CONDITION: This item has two missing pieces at bottom of the cardboard but not near or affecting the image when matted and framed.
1156 Click for larger picture CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin, (American, 1894-1962): 2 pc lot of EE Cummings Artworks, 1) ''Jimmy Savo w/Newspaper'', Pencil Drawing, sight size 5 1/4'' x 3 1/2'', framed and matted with accompanying paperwork on back, 14 1/2'' x 11 1/2''. 2) ''Paris at Night'', Watercolor, sight size 9 1/8'' x 6'', framed and matted with accompanying paperwork on back, 18'' x 15''. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate.
CONDITION: Foxing to #1, fold lines to #2 watercolor. Not examined out of frame.
1157 Click for larger picture CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin, (American, 1894-1962): ''Spanish Dancer'', original pen and brush, black ink/paper of a Spanish Dancer, right hand raise, left hand on side, in a swirl. This drawing is #328 in the Gotham Catalog. The drawing in the simple black frame that Marianne Morehouse had on it. Sight size 10 3/4'' x 7 3/4'', framed with accompanying paperwork on back, 18 3/4'' x 14''. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate. 350
1159 Click for larger picture CREELEY, Robert, (American, 1926-2005): Color marker drawing of Gertrude Stein, with a copy of a photograph of Stein. During a discussion about Gertrude Stein, I (Robert Plumley) asked him to provide his impression of her from a drawing by Djuna Bames. We sat for nearly two hours at a table where I provided color markers and hand-made paper. He drew her profile (strikingly more aloof than the original by Barnes, and, unlike the original, bloated the flowers, and filled them with red and expanded the flowers to float around her as if on wallpaper. Very Striking: Matted and framed in red wood to match the flowers, overall about 12'' x 8''. Between 1933-56 Creeley was associated with the famous Black Mountain experiment in communal living and learning and edited the defunct but legendary Black Mountain Review, the first literary magazine to recognize in print the Beat writers and to bridge in the final issue the Beats in New York and the writers of the San Francisco Renaissance. People associated with the learning community are world-famous, Wm. De Kooning, Robert Rauchenberg, Buckminster Fuller.... Creeley helped to define an emerging counter-culture, a postwar poetry originating with Pound and Williams. He published more than sixty books of poetry in the United States and abroad. His honors are many, including: The American Academy of Art and Letters, the Frost Medal, the Shelley Memorial Award, a National Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation grants. The parchment Gallery commissioned him to provide a poem/drawing combination for limited edition release. It is the one described above. Drawing sight size 11'' x 4 3/4'', framed in red frame, 15'' x 9''. William Crawford Plumley Estate 450
1160 Click for larger picture CARVED BIBLE BOX: 3/4 hinged lid top with chip carved rosettes on top and sides. Hand wrought iron hardware and straps, on 4 turned feet. Overall measures 6'' h. x 14 1/4'' x 10 1/2''.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use.
1161 Click for larger picture FOLK MEMORY ART JUG & FIRKIN: 2 pieces to include 1) Early 20th century memory jug with applied marbles, medallion, trinkets, shells, coins and more. 8'' h. x 7 1/4''. 2) Unmarked firkin, single band top, double band at base. Overall measures 9 1/4'' h. x 10 1/4''. 175
1162 Click for larger picture MILLER, Henry Valentine, (American, 1891-1980): 2 piece lot. 1) Original watercolor on stiff paper of his three metamorphic and rather abstract figures. Signed in pencil at bottom right corner, Henry Miller 20/70. Matted and framed. Sight size 11'' x 13 1/2''. Not examined out of frame. 2) Framed Bookplate color print with satellite signature. 10 3/8'' x 8''. Henry Miller was an American avant-garde author and artist, who lived for many years in Paris where he wrote ''TROPIC OF CANCER'' and ''TROPIC OF CAPRICORN'', both banned in this country when artistic freedom was under siege by American conservatives as expressed in seizure of books by the U.S. Postal Service, including not only Miller's books, but also James Joyce's ''ULYSSES'' and D.H. Lawrence's ''SONS AND LOVERS''. Miller expressed himself as well in graphic art, which is highly collectable. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate. 800
1163 Click for larger picture VOLLMAN, William T., (American, 1959-): Platinum Drawing of a young man. Pencil inscription reads.. To Prof. Plumley, This is the first ''platinum drawing'' that I ever did. I drew with colored pencils on translucent acetate and contact printed onto this sheet which I painted with a photo-sensitized platinum mixture. If I fixed and cleaned properly, this image should last for several hundred years. Signed, William T Vollman 1997. William Tanner Vollmann is an American novelist, journalist, war correspondent, short story writer, and essayist. He won the 2005 National Book Award for Fiction for the novel Europe Central, (Wiki). Sight size, 19 3/8'' X 12 3/8'', matted 24 1/2'' x 17 1/2''. William Crawford Plumley Estate
CONDITION: One small dent to right lower image edge.
1164 Click for larger picture PICASSO, Pablo, (French, 1881-1973): ''Vieux Marin et Jeune Prostituee Meprisante'', Etching, image size 12 1/4'' x 7 1/8'', signed, impression size 8 1/4'' x 10 1/2'', 12 5/8'' x 14 3/16'' with margins, dated in the plate, pencil numbered 46/50 lower left, from Series 347 (B.1741; Ba. 1758), framed 28'' x 23''.
CONDITION: Small handling crease lower mid margin, tape glue residue verso, thin paper layer removed from prior tape removal verso, sodl as is.
1165 Click for larger picture PICASSO, Pablo, (French, 1881-1973): Jeune femme et gentilhomme, Sept. 18, 1968, Etching, image size 10 1/2'' x 8 1/4'', 17 1/2'' x 12 1/4'', pencil signed, dated in the plate, and #'d 30/50. From Series 347 (B. 1803; Ba. 1820), 1968, framed 23'' x 25''.
CONDITION: Tape affixed in upper margin in 2 spots, margin taped verso, not laid, minor paper loss on backside from older tape removal.
1166 Click for larger picture CHAGALL, Marc, (Russian-French, 1887-1985): ''Concert in the Park'', 1983 Lithograph in Color Pencil, Sight size 23'' x 17'', signed lower right, #'d 43/50 lower left, framed 29 1/2'' x 23''. 3750
1167 Click for larger picture MIRO, Joan, (Spanish, 1893-1983): Affiche pour l'exposition Sobreteixims e Escultures, 1972 Color Lithograph, 30'' x 22 7/8 with margins, Signed lower right, marked lower left H.C., framed, 29 1/2'' x 22 18''. 2250
1168 Click for larger picture 5 PIECE HUNTER S. THOMPSON BOOK COLLECTION: 5 books from or about Hunter S. Thompson to include 1) ''Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72'', First edition, second state dust jacket, Straight Arrow Books. 2) ''Hell's Angels, The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang'', 1967, Random House, Book Club Edition. Original dust jacket. 3-4) ''Hunter, The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson'', E. Jean Carroll, hardcover with dust jacket and paper back. 5) ''When the Going Gets Weird, The Twisted Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson'', Peter O. Whitmer, First Edition, 1993, hardcover with dust jacket. Estate of William Crawford Plumley
CONDITION: #1 with tear and missing piece of dust jacket top spine. #2 with ruffles to dust jacket.
1169 Click for larger picture DIXON, Francis Stillwell, (American, 1879-1967): Coastal Surf, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 26'', signed lower left, encased in a painted frame 25'' x 31''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, several abrasions with minimal paint loss, some stretcher bar wear, there is an area in the lower right quadrant that contains a depression with some minor paint fleck.
1170 Click for larger picture IMPRESSIVE PERIOD AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST FRAME: Bears the name of Carleton Wiggins, decorative painting of mother and child, frame overall size is 53'' x 43'' x 3''.
CONDITION: Frame has wear and portions of restoration, will need further attention to make perfect.
1171 Click for larger picture MARC CHAGALL AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOGRAPH: Offset lithograph of the famous artist Marc Chagall, signed in blue crayon or grease pencil lower right. Sight size 10 3/4'' x 10 1/2'', framed 15 1/2'' x 15 1/2''. Sold with 2 letters dated 1983, signed by his wife Valentina. Both appear to be refusal letters by Valentina for a request of a painting to Mr. Plumley's book of poetry, one translated '' can only confirm the categorical refusal of my husband and make a drawing to have it reproduced on the covers of your portfolio. It is definitive. Please accept, dear sir, has the assurance of our distinguished sentiments.'', the other is also a rejection letter for a proposed drawing. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate. 300
1172 Click for larger picture DALI, Salvador, (1904-1989): Black and white photograph of Dali, signed, waist up, holding open a large book. The page of the book is white, across which he has signed ''Dali'', with his characteristic seraph in bold black. On verso: The image is Registered Lip 1018.002 and the photographer is identified as H. Roger, Viellet of Lipnitzki-Viollet, Paris, 1951, with the official stamp of photographer. This is not an ordinary photograph (which if a standard 8x10 and not registered, would sell for about $700.00), but it is large, by an accomplished professional, and is registered. Source: Charles Hamilton Auctions, 1982. Sight size 9 1/2'' x 11 3/4'', framed 13 1/2'' x 15 1/2''. The term ''reproduction interdite'' found on the reverse of this photograph is French for ''All Rights Reserved''. This is in fact a registered photograph from the studios of H. Roger-Violet. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate. 350
1173 Click for larger picture 2 SIGNED FROM THE HILLS BOOKS WITH JOHN-BOY: 2 books titled ''From the Hills, Special pictorial issue, featuring the real-life John Boy and the Walton Star''. Signed on the front cover by Earl Hammer and Richard Thomas, edited by William Plumley, copyright 1974. Sold with original slipcases, 11 1/2'' x 9 1/2''. William Crawford Plumley Estate
CONDITION: Foxing to covers and slipcases.
1174 Click for larger picture PARKINSON, M.B., (American, 20th Century): Rocky Summer Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 14'' x 18'', signed lower left, dated 1918, encased in a carved and gilded frame 21 1/2'' x 25 1/2''.
CONDITION: Craquelure scattered throughout, stretcher bar wear.
1177 Click for larger picture 18K DIAMOND INSIDE OUT HOOP EARRINGS: 112 round brilliant cut diamonds pave set in 18k yellow gold earrings. The diamonds total approx. 2.00 Ct., average VS in clarity and G-H color. Post and hinged clip closure. Weight 12.1 grams. Sold with current Atlanta Gemological GIA graduate's appraisal for $5,650. 1000
1179 Click for larger picture CALDER, Alexander, American, (1898-1976): ''Copeaux de Spirales'' Lithograph, size with margins 31 5/8'' x 23 7/8''. Published 1969, numbered lower left 117/125, Published by Maetgh, signed Calder lower right, 32'' x 24''. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate.
CONDITION: Minor handling creases in margins, very minor light browning along very edge in margins, depression with blemish in one of the balloons, pale stain in upper right corner
1181 Click for larger picture DREXEL HERITAGE COVINGTON PARK TABLE: Mahogany coffee table with drop leaf ends, splay legs ending in brass capped feet. Brass nameplate. Measures 25''h. x 30'' x 42'', with leaves extended to 60''. 125
1182 Click for larger picture CONTEMPORARY PAINT DECORATED ARMOIRE / MEDIA CABINET: Hooker Furniture Seven Seas shaped cabinet with serene paint decorated scene on front and sides. Interior bar over upper shelf, large open area for television, over 3 half drawers and 2 shelves. Measures 80 1/2'' h. x 49 1/4'' x 30''.
CONDITION: Note chips to base for television inside.
1183 Click for larger picture PAPER MACHE MODEL OF KATISHA FROM ''THE MIKADO'': From the play by Gilbert & Sullivan, measures 49 1/2'' h. x 15'' x 14''.
CONDITION: Note damage and missing fingers.
1183A Click for larger picture ORIENTAL YELLOW CARVED HARD STONE PENDANT: Possible yellow dragon jade, carved in the form of an ear of corn. Measures 4'' long. 100
1183B Click for larger picture 2 WHITE CARVED HARD STONE PENDANTS: Possible He Tian white carved jade, one carved with figure of an elder, the other smooth. Larger 2 5/8'' long. 100
1184 Click for larger picture CHINESE CORAMANDEL 6 PANEL SCREEN: Carved and ploychrome decorated, one side with dragon / foo dog motif, the other with bamboo and crane motif. Each panel 84'' h. x 16''.
CONDITION: Chips, especially to corners and edges.
1185 Click for larger picture LARGE CLOISONNE CENTER BOWL: Ox blood ground with floral motifs, partial paper labels on base. 5'' h. x 15'' dia. 200
1186 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE KOREAN CELADON PORCELAIN VASES: Both having hand painted cranes and flowers over crackle celadon glaze. Both signed on bottom, elongated neck vase 12 1/2'' h. x 6'', baluster form 12 3/4'' h. x 7''. 125
1187 Click for larger picture 10 JAPANESE ARITAWARE IMARI CUPS & SAUCERS: Late 19th to early 20th century, red and gilt decoration with assorted oriental blue decorated themes in reserves. Marked in characters on base, cups 2 3/8'' h. x 3 1/2'', saucers 5''.
CONDITION: Note one cup handle has repair.
1187A Click for larger picture CHINESE FIGURAL CARVED TRUNK: Profusely carved all over with outdoor genre scenes and figures at battle in panels. Overall measures 18 3/4'' h. x 35 1/4'' x 17 1/2''.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use.
1190 Click for larger picture AUSTRIAN, Ben, (American, 1870-1921): Study of Palm Tree, Oil/Board, 7'' x 5'', signed lower left, framed, 7 3/4'' x 5 3/4''.
CONDITION: Age appropriate wear to frame, painting has scattered abrasions with minor loss, needs cleaning; untouched, found in a box under the sink, where it resided for many years.
1191 Click for larger picture ENGLISH MAHOGANY CONFERENCE OR DINING TABLE: Large round table with bookmatched inlaid veneer and banded inlay. Bird cage style base with turned supports, splayed legs ending in brass castors. Sold with custom pad. Overall measures 30 3/4'' x 66''.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use.
1192 Click for larger picture 6 UPHOLSTERED ARM CHAIRS: A mixed set with 5 of one style of chair on castors (39 1/2'' h. x 24'' x 26''), and a separate chair (40 1/2'' h. x 25'' x 28 1/2''), all with matching upholstery.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use.
1193 Click for larger picture ODETS, Clifford, (American, 1906-1963): By the famous and prolific American playwright, titled ''Winter Communications'', abstract scene of birds on fences in landscape with house, Watercolor/paper, monogrammed C.O., and dated '46. 14'' x 11'', matted 16 1/4'' x 15''. William Crawford Plumley Estate
CONDITION: Toning, tears and loss in margins hidden by mat.
1194 Click for larger picture PAIR OF CONTEMPORARY VENETIAN GLASS STYLE MIRRORS: 43 1/4'' x 24''
CONDITION: One of the mirrors has a repaired lower right corner.
1195 Click for larger picture WEBER, Carl Philip, (American, 1850-1921): Sheep in a forest clearing at dusk, OIL/Panel, 18'' x 14 1/2'', signed lower right, contemporary gilded frame, 21 1/2'' x 18 1/2'' 850
1196 Click for larger picture DAVIES, Arthur Bowen, (American, 1863-1928): Panoramic Lush Green Landscape with Rolling Hills, Oil/Board, 8'' x 10'', signed lower right, encased in a contemporary gilded frame 14'' x 16''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, repair to puncture in lower left corner with minor traces of inpaint.
1197 Click for larger picture APPEL, Karel, (Dutch, 1921-2000): Limited edition signed print and books of his work. The 1st book (oversized) is about the art of Appel, by writer Hugo Kiaus (NY: Harp/ N. Abrams, 1962) # 222 of 250 copies, signed on limitation page by Appel and Hugo Claus, 12 x 12, 178 pages. Many color plates are tipped to stiff, black stock paper inside the book, each of which could be removed and framed, although each has been signed (''in the stone'') prior to printing. The book includes one freestanding color lithoaraph. Signed Print, housed in a special pocket of inside back cover, but I have removed it and placed it in a black frame. The book has a clear acetate dust jacket, with ''Appel'' in white script, which gives the appearance of being painted on. It is in very good condition, nominal shelf wear on bottom. It was released as a representative collection of his art. Sold with an additional book (12x15) KAREL APPEL WORKS ON PAPER, Forward by Marshall McLuhen (NY: Abbeville Press, 1980, First edition, fine condition), oversized, illustrated and commentary. From the William Crawford Plumley Estate. 900
1199 Click for larger picture 2 STONE .85 CTW DIAMOND RING: 14K yellow gold diamond ring contains 2 old European cut diamonds. WEIGHT: .85 Ct. Approx. Rated VS in clarity and I-J in color. The diamonds are prong set. Weight: 7.6 grams. Size: 8.5 600
1200 Click for larger picture CARVED WOOD CAROUSEL HORSE: 20th century carved and painted with armature. Horse overall approx. 55'' h. x 60'' x 13 1/2'', wood stand with metal support pole approx. 36'' h. x 40'' x 14 1/2''.
CONDITION: Cracks to 2 front knees, loss of paint, wear and abrasions.

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