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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Sale Price
1401 Click for larger picture HUTSCHENREUTHER ART DECO NUDE FIGURE: Designed by C. Werner, nude dancer with golden ball at base and on outstretched foot. Marked on base, 8'' h. x 6 3/8'' x 3''. 100
1404 Click for larger picture DAILEY, Charles Andrew (Chuck), (American, 1935- ): ''Good Fences Make Good Neighbors'', Oil/Board, Sight size 17 1/2'' x 23 1/2'', signed lower right, original label From The Vincent Price Collection affixed verso, framed 23'' x 29 1/2''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning.
1407 Click for larger picture 2 1973 HARRIS BOOKS OF STAMPS: Edited by H. E. Harris, nearly every country with at least one stamp example, the majority with multiple stamps, several complete pages of commons. Worthy of pre-auction preview to fully appreciate. Together measure 8 1/2'' x 12 1/4'' x 10''.
CONDITION: Approx. 21 lbs.
1408 Click for larger picture 1720 SATIRICAL COPPER ENGRAVING, THE MIRROR OF FOLLY, MISSISSIPPI: 16'' x 20 1/2'' overall with margins, Representation of the Very Famous Island of Mad-head, derived from the happenings surrounding the Mississippi Scheme, one of the most famous speculative bubbles in European history.
CONDITION: Browning and some tatters to edges, small puncture lower right and small spot of insect damage in center margin, scattered foxing, loose, sold as is.
1411 Click for larger picture EARLY MEXICAN MAP AS IT WAS IN 1521: From the original 1998 Early American History Auctions catalog: ''Mexico, 10 3/4'' x 15'', very fine. Titled ''Anahuac o Imperio Mexicano'', this map shows Mexico as it was in 1521, before it was actually Mexico and before the conquest by Hernando Cortes. The names are nearly all in indigenous dialect, charted at an unknown later date. A large attractive vignette at lower left shows the famous Mexican symbol of an eagle with a snake in its beak, atop a cactus plant.'' Framed in wood frame 17'' x 21''.
CONDITION: Foxing, not examined out of frame.
1412 Click for larger picture LARGE MODERNIST ABSTRACT PAINTING SIGNED STOKES '60: Oil/Canvas, 31 5/8'' x 72 1/4'', signed upper right, dated '60, unframed.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, mild scattered craquelure.
1413 Click for larger picture LARGE ABSTRACT MODERNIST PAINTING SIGNED STOKES: Oil/Canvas, 31 3/4'' x 72'', signed lower right, dated '59, unframed.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, several scattered abrasions.
1414 Click for larger picture CARLTON WESTMINSTER ABBEY FIGURAL CHESS SET: Made in England and based on the carvings from West Minster Abbey. The castle represents the West face of the Abbey, St. Roch as the pawns, St. George as the knights, St. Dunstan as the Bishop and St. Helen as the Queen. The king measures 8''. The pawn 3''. There is no board. 125
1416 Click for larger picture POOLE, Gregory, (American, 20th Century): Still Life of fruit, Oil/Board, 4'' x 6'', signed lower right, fine frame 9 3/4'' x 11 3/4''. 225
1418 Click for larger picture DEBRY AMERICA INDIANS ENGRAVING: ''The erection of trophies, and the ceremonies intended to celebrate the defeat of their enemies'', 6 1/2'' x 8 1/2'', tipped in the corners, under visqueen and matted, 15 3/4'' x 20''.
CONDITION: Corners are adhered, not examined out of the mat.
1419 Click for larger picture CLASSIC ''AMERICA'' INDIAN PRINCESS PRINT: Hand Colored Engraving by ''B. Maryno'', c 1790, 7 3/4'' x 5 3/4'', original frame, on early white laid paper. Features a classic oval portrait of a standing Indian Princess ''America'' holding an arrow in one hand and a large bow in the other. Clad in animal skins, and a red tinted, yellow fringed woven skirt, a head wrap bedecked with red, white, and yellow feathers. The dark skinned Indian princess looks demurely straight ahead; forest, palm and palm trees, a waterfall, mountains and a river are depicted in the background. ''America'' is inscribed at her feet and in the bottom margin. An important early engraving with a most impressive historic icon.
CONDITION: Lightly toned and aged but still sharp and clear.
1420 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE COLORED ENGRAVING OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LOT: 1) Colored Engraving Portrait of Franklin, oval 15 3/4'' x 11 1/2'', misspelled title ''Francklin'', circa late 1700's by Bechet, printed in France, ''A Paris chez Marie Francois Drouhin''; 2) Engraving of Benjamin Franklin by Duplessis, circa late 1700's, 16 1/2'' x 12 1/4'', printed in France, features a bust of Franklin above his name, below in French is the inscription, ''Born at Boston, in New England, January 17, 1706.'' Below is a four line poem by Feutry basically ascribing the virtue of divinity to this individual.
CONDITION: 1) Minor scattered soiling and water stain at the upper right; 2) Water stains appear at the right side, mostly in the selvage.
1421 Click for larger picture 3 CLOISONNE VASES: 3 pieces total to include 1) Squat vase, green ground, floral decoration, 6 1/4'' h. x 6 1/4''. 2) Ox blood ground, floral decoration, 7 1/4''. 3) Light blue ground, floral decoration 7 1/4''. 175
1422 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE WIRELESS CLOISONNE JARS: Each with yellow ground and floral motifs, unmarked. The larger measures 9 5/8'' h. x 6 3/4'' dia. 175
1426 Click for larger picture 1758 NEW YORK MERCURY FRONT PAGE RM-9 TAX STAMP: February 6, 1758, front page of newspaper contains a rare stamp red tax 1/2 pence tax stamp, (Scotts Cat. NY EP-9, or RM-9, red).
CONDITION: Fold lines.
1427 Click for larger picture 1784 THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SON OR WORCESTER GAZETTE NEWSPAPER: 4 page paper dated September 9th 1794, articles on front page include reprint from the Connecticut Courant an article about Dr. Benjamin Franklin's observations on electricity and how every building should have a rod of iron (lightning rod) to be places at the end of every building. Nice masthead designed by Paul Revere. Measures 18 1/2'' x 11 1/4''.
CONDITION: Toning, foxing, chips and bends.
1428 Click for larger picture 4 FORMIA MURANO ART GLASS BIRD FIGURES: 4 assorted bird figures, all on clear glass bases, Formia Vetri Di Murano clear stickers with assorted other stickers. Provanance from the consignor: From the prior collection of Sorrell Booke who portrayed ''Boss Hogg'' on ''The Dukes of Hazzard''. Tallest 11 1/2'' x 6 1/2''. 250
1429 Click for larger picture 4 FORMIA MURANO ART GLASS BIRD FIGURES: 4 assorted bird figures, all on clear glass bases, Formia Vetri Di Murano clear stickers with assorted other stickers. Provanance from the consignor: From the prior collection of Sorrell Booke who portrayed ''Boss Hogg'' on ''The Dukes of Hazzard''. Tallest measures 12'' h. x 5''.
CONDITION: Chip to beak of blue bird.
1433 Click for larger picture MAJOR GENERAL GEORGE B McCLELLEN ENGRAVING: Commanding United States Army, by Ormsby, sight size 25'' x 18'', matted, under visqueen, 31'' x 24''.
CONDITION: Scattered foxing, pale toning, not examined out of the mat.
1434 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE ANTIQUE NEWSPAPER / MAGAZINE COLLECTION: 4 pieces total to include 1) April 20, 1843, ''The Brooklyn Eagle'' 2) April 16, 1863, ''The New-York Times'', front page articles on the Siege of Vicksburg, other Civil War content. 3) August 3, 1901, ''Scientific American'', front cover engravings of the Brooklyn and Suspension Bridge No. 3 (Manhattan Bridge). 4) October 12, 1907, ''Scientific American'' front cover with photographs of the Gammeter Orthopter flying machine.
CONDITION: Toning, condition varies.
1436 Click for larger picture LARGE GROUP BELLEEK IRISH PORCELAIN: An assembled collection of 34 assorted styles and marks to include 15 open creamers, 9 open sugar or waste bowls, 3 tea cups, 2 saucers, 2 underplates, 2 heart shaped bowls, vase. 225
1437 Click for larger picture DECORATIVE CARVED SEATED BUDDHA ON STAND: Composite green stone happy Buddha with fish and blossoms on fitted wood stand. Sold with an additional wood stand with shaped legs. Buddha alone measures 21'' h. x 19 1/2'' x 12'', fitted wood stand 3'' x 16'' x 12'', secondary stand 11 1/4'' x 15 1/4'' x 15 1/4''
CONDITION: Chip to back of tail.
1440 Click for larger picture FAIRCHILD, Roy, (English, 1953- ): ''Trevola I'', Serigraph, 28'' x 19 1/2'', pencil signed lower right, #'d 220/435 lower left, contemporary frame 41'' x 32 1/2''. 175
1441 Click for larger picture 1773 LAMBERT CADWALADER SIGNED GRAMMAR BOOK: From the original 1998 Early American History Auctions catalog: '' Lambert Cadwalader, American Revolutionary soldier and member of the Continental Congress. Book signed ''Lambert Cadwalader'', 6'' x 4'', Very Fine. ''A short Introduction to Grammar, For the Use of the College and Academy in Philadelphia: Being A New Edition of Whittenhall's Latin Grammar, With many Alterations, Additions and Amendments, from the late Grammarians''. Second edition, printed in Philadelphia by James Humphreys, Junior in 1773. This book was used by Cadwalader when he studied at the College and Academy of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania). Cadwalader was a native of Trenton. When the conflict with England began, he signed the non-importation agreement in 1765, was a member of the Committee of Correspondence of the Providential Convention of 1775, and of the state constitutional convention of 1776. He was one of the commanders in the disastrous battle of Fort Washington. He was taken prisoner in Nov. 16, 1776 but was released and resigned to the Army in 1779. Delegate to the Continental Congress, 1784-87, and a member of Congress in the lower house, 1789-91 and 1793-95.''
CONDITION: Binding is worn and cracked in places, ageing and discoloration of some pages but book is intact and legible.
1442 Click for larger picture 4 PHILADELPHIA INDEPENDENT GAZETTEER NEWSPAPERS: Full title ''The Independent Gazetteer or The Chronicle of Freedom'', 4 pages, on from 1787 the other 3 from 1788, published by E. Oswald. 11 3/8'' x 9 1/4''.
CONDITION: Toning, chips to left edge.
1443 Click for larger picture SET OF 3 AMOS DOOLITTLE ENGRAVINGS: From the original 1997 Early American History Auction catalog: ''(Amos Doolittle), American Revolutionary War Patriot, Colonial Artist and Engraver from New Haven, Conn. Set of 3 Original matched Copper Plate Portrait Engravings, each 6 1/2'' x 3 1/2'', printed in black ink on laid paper, all having nice wide margins. The three portrait figures include; ''John Winthrop''. ''John Devenport'' and ''Gurdon Saltonstall''. Each print states in text the location where Doolittle found the original John Trumbull painting from which he made his engraved copy.''
1444 Click for larger picture 1775 SALEM DEED FOR MEETING HOUSE PEW: From the original 1997 Early American History Auctions catalog: '' Deed for a Pew in the Meeting House, March 10, 1775, Salem (Massachusetts), 12 1/2'' x 7 1/2'', Very Fine. Partly printed document, accomplished in manuscript, deeding a pew to John Buffington, mariner, for which he paid 14 pounds. Four members of the ''Committee Appointed by the Proprietors of the South Meeting-House in Salem to sell and convey Pews in the same House'', sign the document, each his seal.'' 100
1445 Click for larger picture HIGHWAY ROBBERY PAINTING 18TH/19TH CENTURY SCENE: Titled verso ''Christmas in the Good Old Times'', Oil/Canvas, 13'' x 19'', titled in the stretcher, encased in a gilded frame 18'' x 24''. Stage Coach Robbery in process.
CONDITION: Stretcher bar wear, needs cleaning, several flecks of paint loss, possibly partial signature lower left, several spots/touches of inpaint, sold as is.
1448 Click for larger picture ANDERSON, David, (American, 1926-1996): Portrait Painting of a Surreal Clown Face, Oil/Board, Sight size 5 3/4'' x 6 1/4'', faintly signed lower right, framed 15'' x 15 1/4''. 100

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