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Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Sale Price
1301 Click for larger picture VINTAGE SMITH MILLER NO. 3 FIRE TRUCK: SMFD hook and ladder fire truck by Smith Miller. Complete and functional. Cab measure 6 1/2'' x 14 1/2'' x 6'', hook and ladder 7 1/2'' x 25'' x 7''.
CONDITION: Loss of paint, signs of play and use.
1302 Click for larger picture WILESCO D305 STEAM ENGINE FIRE TRUCK: Red painted pressed steel, live steam engine, 2 figures. Sold with fuel, funnel and accessories, no box. Overall measures 10 1/2'' h. x 16'' x 7 1/2''.
CONDITION: Pealing to front and side foil stickers.
1303 Click for larger picture 14K GOLD CHARM BRACELET AND CHARMS: Vintage double circle link bracelet with 12 charms including teapot, sail boat, Nassau helmet, lobster, British passport, mad money, ewer, George Town street light and more. Length; 7''. Total weight: 64.7 grams. 1200
1304 Click for larger picture GOLD SAILING YACHT PENDANT NECKLACE: 18K yellow gold 18'' chain with a 14K gold figural pendant, 1'' x 1.25''. 18K weight 9.4 grams. 14K weight: 5.3 grams. 325
1305 Click for larger picture HAND CRAFTED SHIPS MODEL IN GLASS CASE: Hand crafted model of the double masted whaling vessel ''Alert'' in case with 3 glass sides. Case measures 25'' h. x 32 1/4'' x 13 1/2''. 100
1306 Click for larger picture VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON TRUNK: A well-traveled trunk, serial number 816178, Paris and London address on label. Hard sided with faded logos, brass fittings, metal trim, hard leather handle. Cloth interior with original compartment insert, overall measures 9'' x 30'' x 18 1/4''.
CONDITION: Worn condition, will require restoration.
1307 Click for larger picture ROLLEIFLEX SL66 CAMERA W/ 3 LENSES: This camera is a model SL66, serial #2904564, that comes with an additional film holder backing, an original leather Rollei camera case in good condition, as well as a grip/support bracket. Lenses included are: 1) Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8, serial #405033. 2) Carl Zeiss S-Planar 120mm f/5.6, serial #4301201, includes box. 3) Carl Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/4 wide-angle lens, serial #4608797. These lenses are difficult enough to find; having three highly rated lenses together in one collection is a exceptional find.
CONDITION: Rolleiflex shows normal wear from age and use, and could use a cleaning to make it good as new. Shutter sounds slightly hesitant at 1 second shutter speed, timing is off by approximately 0.1 seconds. Everything else appears to function correctly. The 80mm lens exhibits slight hazing, dust, and possible fungal invasion that may or may not affect contrast. The 120mm lens exhibits identical hazing, dust, and possible fungal issues near edge of inner glass. The 50mm lens has very noticeable hazing likely affecting image contrast. A thorough cleaning to preserve these extremely collectible and durable lenses is highly recommended. The box containing the 50mm lens is not the original box.
1308 Click for larger picture LEICAFLEX 35MM SLR W/ 135MM, 50MM, and 35MM LENSES: Lot includes: 1) Leicaflex chrome body SLR, serial #1168450, 1967 date of manufacture. 2) Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8 medium telephoto lens, serial #2155112, 1965 date of manufacture. 3) Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-R 50mm f/2.0 standard lens, serial #2205928, 1966 date of manufacture. 4) Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 35mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens, serial #2254096, 1967 date of manufacture.
CONDITION: CONDITION: All lenses are in excellent exterior condition, and include original acrylic bubble cases. The both the 135mm and 50mm contains dust, a few light polishing marks, and possible beginnings of fungal inclusion. Could use cleaning. The 35mm lens has haze that may affect image quality. Cleaning for all is highly recommended. The Leicaflex body has silver loss to its mirror, viewfinder glass will need replacing. Currently functions, however continuing functionality is not guaranteed.
1309 Click for larger picture LOT OF 3 LARGE FORMAT CAMERAS: 1) Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 camera w/ included flash, equipped with a Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7 lens. Also includes a Polaroid 545 land film holder. 2) Busch Pressman 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 camera, equipped with a Graflex Trioptar 103mm f/4.5 lens, includes additional roll film holder. 3) Busch Pressman 4x5 w/ included flash, equipped with a Graflex Optar 135mm f/4.7 lens. 4) Wollensak 90mm f/6.8 Raptar 4x5 lens.
CONDITION: Graflex Speed Graphic camera has shutter lag at 1s shutter speed, lens has haze and at least one spot of fungus that will need to be cleaned. Both Busch Pressman cameras also have optics that will need cleaning, and the smaller of the two has a cracked glass focusing screen. Wollensak lens has lagged shutter. Flash functionality not tested. Please call us for any additional questions or details.
1310 Click for larger picture LOT OF 5 TWIN LENS REFLEX CAMERAS: 1) Ikoflex TLR made by Zeiss Ikon, equipped with Zeiss-Opton Tessar 75mm f3.5 lenses. Includes worn leather case. 2) Yashica-D TLR, equipped with Yashikor 80mm f/3.5 lenses. 3) Yashica LM TLR, equipped with Yashikor 80mm f/3.5 lenses. 4) Yashica-Mat TLR, equipped with Yashinon 80mm f/3.5 lenses. 5) Graflex 22 TLR, equipped with Graftar 85mm f/3.5 lens.
CONDITION: All cameras tested for basic shutter functionality and smoothness of operation. All could use disassembly and cleaning of optics and mirrors. Call us if you have any specific questions regarding condition.
1311 Click for larger picture EARLY 20th CENTURY GRAFLEX LARGE FORMAT CAMERAS: 1) Auto Graflex 4x5 large format camera, focal plane shutter, equipped with C.P. Goerz Dopp-Anastigmat 240mm f/5 lens in heavy brass housing. 2) Graflex Series B 2 1/4 x3 1/4 curtain aperture camera, equipped with a Wollensak Velostigmat 6 inch f/4.5 lens.
CONDITION: These pieces are nearly 100 years old. Lenses exhibit clouding and possible fungus, will need attention. Bellows do not appear to have holes in them. Focus is smooth, but mechanical shutter function has not been tested. Exterior shows appropriate wear to the leather. The series B Camera has a broken leather strap retention. Please call for more detailed description.
1312 Click for larger picture LARGE FORMAT CAMERA LOT INCL. LINHOF: Large lot includes a Linhof Color 4x5 camera w/ two slides, two Graphic Film Pack Adapters, a ''23'' Graphic 2x3 film adapter, and a Kodak Wide Field Ektar 100mm f/6.5 lens on a Linhof plate. Lot also includes a variety of large format lenses mounted on non-linhof plates including: 1) Wollensak Velostigmat 6.25'' f/9.5 lens, 2) Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7, 3) Carl Zeiss Jene Tessar 13.5cm f/4.5, 4) Wollensak Raptar 90mm f/6.8, 5) Hugo Meyer Tele Megor 10'' f/5.5, 6) Hugo Meyer Tele Megor 6'' f/5.5, 7) Hugo Meyer Tele Megor 4'' f/4. Lot also includes a variety of filters and plate holders, as well as a Graflex clip on flash.
CONDITION: Linhof Camera in good condition other than broken wooden knob on slider. Bellows are in great shape. The focusing glass in the rear has some small spotting, but otherwise functional. All lenses are in various conditions, many with mildew or dust inside, and will need to be cleaned. Apertures all work but shutters are sticky in many. Call for specific condition on lenses.
1313 Click for larger picture KARASTAN WOOL MACHINE WOVEN RUG, 8'7'' x 12'2'': Although this is a machine made rug, it was made by one of the best companies and was made with high quality wool. They also pay special attention to design and color to create a beautiful, substantial product. These rugs typically sold for between $2000 and $3000. Condition is good. 200
1315 Click for larger picture LINDER, Harry, (American, 1886-1931): Autumnal Trail, Pastel, 14'' x 36'', signed lower right, painted frame 20 1/2'' x 43''.
CONDITION: Visible mold and water damage in several corners, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1316 Click for larger picture NIKON F3 MD-4 MOTORDRIVE W/ 2 VIEWFINDERS AND 50MM F/1.4 AI LENS: Black body Nikon F3, serial #1597371 with included Motordrive. Camera has default HP viewfinder, with additional DA-2 enlarged viewfinder. Lot also includes a Nikkor 50mm 'K-Series' f/1.4 AI lens with included HS-1 detachable hood, and an additional MD-4 battery holder.
CONDITION: Nikon F3 body and motordrive untested. Manual wind operation and shutter release appears to work as it should. The meter is untested. There is minor wear to exterior of F3. Nikkor lens and hood are in E+ exterior condition, with internal dust. The lens has been tested on a Nikon D600, and image quality is currently unaffected by lens debris.
1317 Click for larger picture KODAK HISTORICAL CAMERA COLLECTION: Lifetime collection of Kodak equipment, 38+ cameras containing all types of Brownie cameras and folders, including several models of the Kodak Retina and Duoflex series, as well as a detachable Schneider-Kreuznach Retina 135mm f/4 lens, spanning several generations of photographic history. Also includes a classic Kodak advertising sign.
CONDITION: Functionality of the cameras has not been tested, and is not guaranteed. Kodak sign has loss of paint and some rust near the bottom that adds to the character of the sign. Please call for any condition requests related to specific cameras in this lot.
1318 Click for larger picture BLAIR CAMERA Co. DETECTIVE CAMERA: This is an early wood-box detective camera manufactured by Blair Camera company in the 1890s. It holds 4x5 plates. Includes two plate holders.
CONDITION: Currently working, however not guaranteed to continue. Optics will need a cleaning. Exterior of case has some chipping and wear due to age. This is a great display piece for collectors.
1319 Click for larger picture RAY MODEL NO. 1 4x5 CAMERA: Slide camera manufactured between 1894 and 1899 by Ray Camera Company out of Rochester, NY, the home of Eastman-Kodak. This is a very small example of a large format 4x5 camera, and comes equipped with a Bausch & Lomb wide-angle lens of unknown focal length, f/8 aperture. Camera comes in original leather box with 4 film pack adapters.
CONDITION: Leather exterior of camera is in good over-all condition, with a few small tears/missing pieces near the edge of the folding door. There are some chips to the lacquered wood. The camera is in great vintage condition. Mechanically functions, however timing and accuracy of shutter not examined. I believe the shutter timer is friction based, and could be repaired with an adjustment of the screw holding the shutter timer together. Optics contain some light dust particles, no fungus/haze. Fantastic looking display piece. One of the slide holders is cracked (pictured). Please call for more details.
1320 Click for larger picture IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION OF 8MM MOVIE CAMERAS W/EDITING KIT INCL. BOLEX: This is an 18 piece collection of 8mm cameras from a long time local collector. Included are cameras from Kodak, Bolex-Paillard, Bell & Howell, Yashica, Revere, Olympus, Canon, and Keystone, covering several eras of filmography. Also included is a full 8mm Cine-Kodak film editing kit in box, and a Kodak Cine-Kodak Titler. Notable camera is a WWII Era Paillard-Bolex turret camera, equipped with a Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 25mm f/1.4 lens, Meyer Gorlitz 15mm f/2.8, and a Meyer Gorlitz 2 inch f/2.8 lens.
CONDITION: Functionality of cameras has not been tested. The condition of the optics has not been examined. These will be sold AS-IS. Call for specific condition questions.
1321 Click for larger picture REED & BARTON WINTHROP SHIELD SILVERPLATE TEA SERVICE: 5 pieces total, 4 piece tea service in the ''Winthrop Shield'' pattern by Reed & Barton to include 1) Coffee pot, 12 1/4'' h. x 11 1/4''. 2) Teapot, 10 3/4'' h. x 9 1/2''. 3) Covered sugar, 8'' h. x 7 3/4''. 4) Open creamer, 7 1/4'' h. x 5 1/2''. Sold with 5) English silverplate tray with pierced gallery, 2'' h. x 22'' x 14''.
CONDITION: Minor signs of use, spotting.
1322 Click for larger picture 3 IMARI BOWLS: 3 pieces total to include 1) Blue decorated with scalloped rim and sides, unmarked, 4'' h. x 9 3/4''. 2) Polychrome decorated with scalloped rim sides, unmarked, 3 1/2'' h. x 9''. 3) Red and gilt decorated low bowl, signed on base, 2 1/2'' h. x 13''. 100
1323 Click for larger picture CHINESE LACQUERED FOOD STORAGE BOX: Elongated rectangular covered box, black lacquer ground with paint decorated outdoor genre scenes and figures, shaped skirt. Overall measures 6 1/2'' x 34'' x 10 1/4''.
CONDITION: Minor chips to lacquer.
1324 Click for larger picture CHINESE ENGRAVED STACKING METAL FOOD BOX: Silvered metal stack of 3 containers, each with engraved motifs, foo lion finial on lid, footed base. Overall measures 11 1/2'' h. x 9 1/2''.
CONDITION: Base and center stack with dings.
1326 Click for larger picture CHINESE PIERCE CARVED WALL PANEL: With koi fish, birds, foliate and geometric motifs. Measures 26 1/2'' h. x 44'' x 1 1/2''. 175
1327 Click for larger picture RARE 15TH CENTURY INCUNABULA LEAF BY GEORGE WOLF AND JOHANN PHILIPPI, 1492: From the original 1996 Early American Numismatic Auctions catalog: ''A reworked verse from the ''Summa'' of Raymundue De Pennaforti, in Latin, this leaf comes from the very rare edition by Wolf and Philippi, circa 1494, 7 1/2'' x 5''. Light brown in color with crisp black printing. Incunabula refers to anything printed in the 15th Century.''
CONDITION: One small stain near the top line.
1329 Click for larger picture RICHARD BYRD SIGNED LETTER ON BYRD LETTERHEAD: From the original 1995 Early American Numismatics auction catalog: ''Famous Explorer, first to reach the South Pole. Typed letter signed on Byrd Polar Expeditions stationary, Boston MAss, Dec. 18, 1952, a letter sending Yuletide greetings to his friend Dr. Benjamin Golden. Extremely Fine, tri-folded, on fine bond paper, nice and bright, with a bold signature.'' 10 1/2'' x 7 1/4''.
CONDITION: Minor foxing left side.
1330 Click for larger picture LARGE DAVID RADTKE BLACK POWER OIL PAINTING: 60'' x 43 3/4'', signed lower left, dated 1971, framed 62'' x 45 1/2''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, abrasion with minor paint loss above and to the left of his head, several other abrasions with puncture, and a puncture in the upper mid margin, sold as is.
1332 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE 18TH CENTURY ENGLISH BATTLE PLANS: From the original 1997 Early American History Auctions catalog: ''1) c. 1725, Plan of the Battle of Oudenard Fought July 11, 1708, 14 1/4'' x 19'', uncolored, I. Basire, sculptor. ''For Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England''. Troop positions are contained in a cartouche decorated with armour, musical instruments, and weaponry. A detailed depiction of one of the battles of Queen Anne's War; 2) c. 1725, Plan of the Lines of Brabant Forced July 18, 1705 by the Army of Ye Allies, Commanded by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough & Felt-Marshal D'Averquerque, by I. Basire, 14 1/4'' x 18 1/4'', uncolored. ''Designed upon the spot by Monsr. D. Ivoy Colonel and Quarter-master General of the Army of the States General for M. Tindal's Continuation of M. Rapin's History of England.'' Decorative cartouche holds information on troop locations.'' Each measures 16 3/4'' x 20 1/2''.
1333 Click for larger picture 1790 RICHARD VARICK SIGNED TAVERN & LIQUOR LICENSE DOCUMENT: From the original 1997 Early American History Auctions catalog: ''Document signed ''Rich. Varick'' as Mayor of New York, March 4, 1790, New York, 13'' x 8 1/2'', partly printed and accomplished in manuscript. A license issued to Hercules Wendover to maintain an inn or tavern in his home for one year. Not permitted is ''any Cock-fighting, Gaming, or Playing with Cards or Dice...'' The document is framed in a light wooden frame. Varick was Benedict Arnold's and Washington's personal secretary. Washington trusted him so much even after Arnold's treason that Varick transcribed all of Washington's papers.'' Framed 13 1/4'' x 8 3/4''.
CONDITION: Some toning at folds and down left margin, also with separation at folds, all well away from Varick's signature, not examined out of frame.
1336 Click for larger picture FRENCH FOWL MARKET SCENE PAINTING SIGNED M. COUCY: Oil/Masonite, 15'' x 18'', signed lower right, framed 18 1/2'' x 21 1/2''.
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions, screw hole in upper mid margin, sold as is.
1337 Click for larger picture M. COUCY PAINTING OF HEN & A ROOSTER: Gouache, 12 1/2'' x 10 1/4'', signed lower right, framed 20 1/2'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Scattered spots of foxing and water droplets, sold as is.
1338 Click for larger picture WATERFORD CRYSTAL LISMORE STEMWARE SET: Approx. 44 pieces in the Lismore pattern to include 8 water goblets (6 7/8''), 8 tall iced tea (7 3/4''), 8 balloon wine (7 1/4''), 8 champagne (9 1/4''), 4 claret wine (5 7/8''), 4 white wine (5 1/2''), jam jar with lid, salt and pepper shakers, tray with original box, pie/cake server with stainless blade.
CONDITION: One claret wine with rim chip.
1339 Click for larger picture 8 WATERFORD CRYSTAL COLLEEN CORDIAL GLASSES: 8 cordials in the Colleen pattern. 3 1/4'' h. 100
1340 Click for larger picture LARGE BOHEMIAN CUT GLASS FLOOR VASE: Intricately cut, 20th century production, overall measures 42 3/4'' h. x 9 1/2''. 250
1341 Click for larger picture PAIR TIFFANY CRYSTAL SERVING PLATES: 2 serving plates (12 1/2'' dia.) with ''Tiffany & Co., Made in Austria''. Sold with original Tiffany boxes, 4 1/4'' x 13'' square. 150
1345 Click for larger picture ENAMELED RUBY RED GLASS LUSTERS: Enamel floral swag and gilt decoration, crystal drop prisms. 14'' h. x 6 1/2''. 400
1346 Click for larger picture AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS: 6 piece group to include the fruit bowl (4 1/4''h. x 14'' length), decanter (7'' tall), and covered butter dish in the same floral and cane design. The creamer and sugar bowl are cut in a hob star pattern. The table top lighter is later. 125
1348 Click for larger picture TIFFIN CHEROKEE ROSE ETCHED GLASS SUITE: Approx. 28 pieces in the Cherokee Rose pattern by Tiffin to include 10 water goblets (8 1/8), 10 wine (6 3/8''), bud vase (10 5/8''), pair double light candle stands (5 5/8'' h.), handled 3 part relish dish (12 1/4'' x 10 3/4''), metal mounted open cream and sugar, crimped center bowl (4 3/4'' x 12). 200
1348A Click for larger picture SET OF 6 HAWKES ENAMELED STEMS: Signed Hawkes. 5 3/8'' h. x 3''. 100
1349 Click for larger picture 2 WAVECREST VICTORIAN ART GLASS BISCUIT JARS: 2 pieces total to include 1) Egg-crate jar with rose floral transfer decoration, overall 7 3/4'' h. x 5'' square. 2) Round with flared base, green graduating to white ground, floral transfer decoration, overall 6 3/4'' h. x 6 1/2'' dia.
CONDITION: Could use a proper cleaning, loss of silverplate to mounts.
1349A Click for larger picture VICTORIAN TUMBLER ART GLASS COLLECTION: 16 piece group to include cranberry, rubina, amberina, iridescent, enameled, and Bohemian cut to cranberry, and opalescent. Measures 3 1/2'' - 4 1/2''. 175

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