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Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Sale Price
1202 Click for larger picture 1886 FORT BROOKE TAMPA CABINET CARD PHOTOGRAPH: Nice early image of the Fort Brooke site in Tampa, Florida, dated 1886. Marked on back with ''Isaac Aten, Photographer, Choice Vies, for Sale, Pine Castle Florida''. 8 1/2'' x 5 1/4''.
CONDITION: Corner rubs, toning.
1203 Click for larger picture 2 1838 FORT BROOKE TAMPA ORIGINAL MILITARY INVOICES: 2 invoices dated 1838, signed by J. M. Morgan, 1st Lieut. 2nd Artillery and delivered to E. W. (Edward Wright) Morgan, a 1837 graduate of West Point. One receipt for boots, jackets, blankets and coats, dated January 6th, 5 1/4'' x 8''. The second for a fife and bugle, January 30th, 5 1/2'' x 7 3/4''.
1204 Click for larger picture NICE MODEL 1872 US CAVALRY OFFICERS SWORD: Cast gilt hilt, pommel decorated with US shield and foliate decoration, guard with eagle and 13 stars motif. 34'' mostly bright blade with etched US military motifs, Oehm & Co. Baltimore Md. dealers name on ferrule. Nickeled scabbard with gilt mounts, overall 41 1/4'' long.
CONDITION: Slight spotting to blade and scabbard.
1205 Click for larger picture RARE UNOFFICIAL SILK 39 STAR US FLAG: The 39 star flag became instantly obsolete in 1889 when the United States government instead of only admitting the Dakota Territory as one state, split them into North and South and also admitted Montana and Washington in the same month. The flag makers gambled and lost, many of these flags were burned or discarded. This silk example with the 6-7-7-6-7-6 star arrangement measures approx. 15'' x 24''.
CONDITION: Obvious fold lines, very minor staining.
1205A Click for larger picture PRESENTED ARMY CAPTAINS LARGE FOOT LOCKER: Paneled oak chest with iron straps and hardware, dedication plaque reads ''Presented to Capt. & Mrs. J H Webb, November 28th, 1905, ''For Auld Land Syne'', 1894-1905, From K. H. F. B.''. Traces of unknown markings on front. Overall measures 22 1/2'' x 33 1/2'' x 23 1/4''. 150
1206 Click for larger picture 2 BRASS SHIPS LANTERNS: Contemporary production, 2 lanterns, both in original condition and not converted, to include 1) Anchor lantern, hinged lid, original molded glass, overall measures 14'' h. x 7''. 2) Emory & Douglas Co. Ltd., Scotland, with hinged lid, original molded glass, 10 1/2'' h. x 6''. Sold with a vintage Maidhof Bros. Nautical catalog. 225
1206A Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAMMETRY & GEODETIC INSTRUMENTS: From the estate of Col. Louis H. Knipling Jr., doctor and professor of photogrammetry & geodesy, instruments to include 1) Bowen & Company drafting Protractor P-408-A in Army Corps of Engineers original case, 1 1/2'' x 14 1/4'' x 6''. 2) Unknown maker drafting protractor USCE case, 1'' x 14 1/4'' x 6 3/4''. 3) Haff drafting set, complete in blue plastic felt lined case, 1 1/2'' x 15 1/4'' x 7 3/4'' 4) Mirror stereoscope with presentation plaque to Col. Knipling on base, in original case, 6 1/2'' h. x 19'' x 7 1/2''. 5) Gordon Enterprises Parallax Bar in original case 2 3/4'' x 17'' x 5''. 6) Keuffel & Esser Leroy Lettering Set in original case, 1 3/4'' h. x 15 3/4'' x 4''. 200
1208 Click for larger picture HAMILTON SAFETY MATCHES COUNTER TOP VENDING MACHINE: Early 20th century, oak case with diamond mirror and glass front, cast metal hood with figures of maidens, reads ''Safety Matches, 1 Cent, Made By The Hamilton Mfg. Co. - Hamilton, Ohio''. To operate drop penny in slot and turn handle to receive matches. Cigar cutter and matchbox holder on side. Overall measures 14 3/4'' h. x 13 3/4'' x 8 1/2''.
CONDITION: Currently working however not guaranteed to continue, all original finish with scratches and signs of use, key in office.
1209 Click for larger picture ERIE MODEL 158 SINCLAIR GAS PUMP: Serial number TE55699, Sinclair Gasoline emblems and colors, replacement ''Dino'' glass globe. Overall measures approx. 74 1/2'' h. x 24'' x 19''.
CONDITION: Some enamel loss near base.
1210 Click for larger picture WILLIAM MARVY MODEL 55 WALL BARBER POLE: Electric barber pole, wall mount, Marvy plaque on mount. Revolving pole under glass with lights. Overall measures 28'' h. x 9'' x 11''.
CONDITION: In need of restoration, unable to ascertain working condition.
1211 Click for larger picture AN ANTIQUE 56'' LONG GOLD WATCH CHAIN: 14K yellow gold quad circle link chain bearing Eastern European hallmarks. Weight 47.5 grams. 1500
1212 Click for larger picture 18K GOLD CIRCLE LINK NECK CHAIN: A 24'' hand crafted chain would be perfect as a charm necklace or worn alone. An 18K Parthenon charm is included. Weight 20 grams. 850
1212A Click for larger picture ART NOUVEAU FIGURAL BENT PANEL LAMP: Patinated cast metal figure of a maiden with arms upstretched, single socket fixture. 21 1/4'' h. x 8''. 6 caramel slag glass bent panel shade with art nouveau floral motif frame. 8 1/2'' h. x 16'' dia.
CONDITION: Uneven finish to shade frame and base.
1213 Click for larger picture NICOLETTI ITALIAN LEATHER SOFA: Two tone leather with metal legs and support across the front. Measures approx. 78'' long x 35'' high x 32'' deep. Nicoletti label.
CONDITION: Good condition overall with a .25'' blemish on the leather, in the back.
1214 Click for larger picture JENKINS, Paul, (American 1923-2012): ''Hellenic-Ode'', Watercolor, 1959, sight size 8 1/2'' x 11 1/2'', signed lower right, The Butler Institute of American Art Exhibition label verso, along with labels from The Cork Street Gallery, as well as Arthur Tooth & Sons Limited, framed 17'' x 19''.
CONDITION: Not examined out of frame, frame does show some minor wear, sold as is.
1215 Click for larger picture SHARPS NEW MODEL 1865 MILITARY RIFLE: Late war or possibly post war production, serial number C,49329. .44 caliber, 30'' round barrel, typical C. Sharps marking on either side of frame, no marking on barrel. Walnut stock, original patchbox. Slight traces of finish remain, balance a nice chocolate patina, overall measures 47 1/2'' long.
1216 Click for larger picture ALLEN & THURBER 6 SHOT PEPPERBOX PISTOL: Engraved frame, overhead hammer, 6 shot .31 caliber rotating barrel. Marked on hammer ''Allen's Patent'', barrel with partial ''Allen & Thurber, Worcester; Patented 1837; Cast Steel''. Original walnut grips, overall 7 3/4'' long. Double action currently working.
1217 Click for larger picture 1816 FRENCH CHARLEVILLE PERCUSSION PISTOL: Walnut stock with brass furniture, ring at butt. Percussion lockplate marked Manuf. R.le de Charleville, engraved 1816 date on tang, approx. .69 caliber smoothbore barrel stamped 1819 with other markings. Overall measures 13 1/2'' long, action currently works.
CONDITION: Surface rust and minor pitting, stock with repair near butt and other assorted dings. Missing rod. BURCHARD GALLERIES DOES NOT ENDORSE THE FIRING OF ANY ANTIQUE FIREARM.
1218 Click for larger picture 3 DOUBLE BARREL EUROPEAN PERCUSSION PISTOLS: 3 guns total circa mid 19th century, similar in shape, one slightly larger than the other two. Largest with approx. .44 caliber 4 3/4'' octagonal barrels, overall 9'' long.
CONDITION: Each gun with action issues, sold as non-firing. surface rust and pitting. BURCHARD GALLERIES DOES NOT ENDORSE THE FIRING OF ANY ANTIQUE FIREARM.
1219 Click for larger picture 18K GOLD ENAMELED CUFF LINKS: A classy set of cobalt enameled 18K yellow gold cuff links bearing European hallmarks. Length of each baton is 20mm. Weight 11.9 grams. Sold with current Atlanta Gemological GIA graduate's appraisal for $1,850. 600
1221 Click for larger picture MID CENTURY GLASS & BRASS 4 TIER DISPLAY SHELF: Brass support rods and 4 glass shelves, measures 35'' h. x 23 3/4'' x 15 3/4''. 150
1222 Click for larger picture ROSEWOOD DANISH SAFARI CHAIR: Rosewood frame with tacked tan leather upholstered seat and back, leather arm rests. Overall 28 3/4'' h. x 25'' x 26''.
CONDITION: Leather in need of restoration, other wear consistent with age and use.
1223 Click for larger picture MID CENTURY STAINLESS STEEL DINING TABLE: Base with lithograph rosewood metal top over polished stainless steel with shaped ends. Measures 28 3/4'' h. x 37'' x 23 1/2'', sold with beveled glass top, 44'' x 73 1/2''. 100
1224 Click for larger picture JAG MID CENTURY WALL TAPESTRY: Abstract blue, green, and grey foliate motif, signed JAG / 71. 4' 5'' x 5' 4 1/2''
CONDITION: Visible seam line at center as made.
1225 Click for larger picture EAMES FOR HERMAN MILLER WALL HANG-IT-ALL: Decorative coat rack first designed by Ray & Charles Eames for Herman Miller in 1953. Welded wire with white powdercoats, painted wood spheres. Measures 14 1/2'' h. x 20'' x 6 3/4''. 150
1230 Click for larger picture CHINESE ROSE MEDALLION PUNCH BOWL: Interior and exterior decorated with genre scenes in reserves, floral borders, unmarked, 5 3/4'' h. x 14 1/4'' dia. 300
1231 Click for larger picture CHINESE ROSE MEDALLION PUNCH BOWL: Interior and exterior decorated with genre scenes in reserves, floral borders, unmarked, 4 3/4'' h. x 12 1/4'' dia. 300
1232 Click for larger picture LARGE CHINESE MANDARIN ROSE CHARGER: Floral motif rim border with butterflies. Central medallion with outdoor genre scene of royalty with attendants, unmarked, overall measures 2 1/2'' h. x 16''. 700
1233 Click for larger picture 2 CHINESE ROSE MEDALLION COVERED BOWLS: Each with typical genres scenes in reserves to include 1) Rectangular covered vegetable, overall 5 1/2'' h. x 9 1/4'' x 8''. 2) Round with 2 handles, 6'' h. x 9 1/2''. 325
1234 Click for larger picture 2 SCALLOPED EDGE ROSE MEDALLION BOWLS: 2 similar but not identical each with genre scenes in reserves, floral border, unmarked. To include 1) 2'' h. x 10 3/4''. 2) 2'' h. x 10''.
CONDITION: Both with rim chips and minor loss of decoration.
1235 Click for larger picture MARTINEZ, Miguel, (Spain/Mexico?, 1951-): ''El Camino'', Brunette Beauty in Landscape, Pastel, 23'' x 29'', signed lower left, dated '87, custom frame, 34 1/2'' x 40 1/2''. Reportedly purchased at Adagio Galleries in 1990 for $3,600. 1100
1236 Click for larger picture LEATHER CARTRIDGE BAG & POWDER FLASK: 2 pieces total to include 1) Leather shoulder bag with deerskin lift top, 20 tube cartridge insert, woven string bag front, 2 compartment, small knife on side. Canvas strap, overall measures 9 1/2'' h. x 11 1/2'' x 3 1/2''. 2) Leather shoulder double powder flask, brass measures, flask length 20'' excluding strap.
CONDITION: Cracking to leather.
1237 Click for larger picture FRAMED COLLECTION OF PIPES: 16 pipes total, both stemmed and bowls only, carved from a assortment of materials, primarily meerschaum. To include figures, busts, and plain, not examined out of frame. Shadowbox frame measures 19 3/4'' x 16'' x 2 1/4''. 300
1239 Click for larger picture ROYAL DOULTON FINE CHINA 41 PIECE in the OLYMPIA PATTERN: Service for 8, 41 pieces to include 8 dinner plates (10 1/2''), 9 salad plates, 8 bread or dessert plates, and 8 cups with 8 saucers. 250
1241 Click for larger picture PAIR BRASS INLAY CARVED NIGHT STANDS: Boulle brass inlay with floral and vine motif, shaped top with carved panels, 4 central drawers, door either side, 2 side doors with single shelf. Overall 26 1/4'' h. x 27'' x 15''. See matching blanket chest next lot 1242. 400
1242 Click for larger picture BRASS INLAID CARVED BLANKET CHEST: Boulle brass inlay with floral and vine motifs, carved panels on each side and hinged top, brass hardware, purple velvet lined interior. 18'' h. x 43'' x 21''. For matching night stands see previous lot 1241. 225
1246 Click for larger picture KENNARD, Waldo, (American, 20th C): Profile Portrait of a Young Brunette Beauty en Grisaille, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 14'', unsigned, unframed. Provenance: From the Artist's Estate.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, several flecks of loss. Sold as is.
1247 Click for larger picture KENNARD, Waldo, (American, 20th C): Serene Beach Scene, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', unsigned, unframed. Provenance: From the Artist's Estate.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, very minor craquelure, several flecks of loss. Sold as is.
1248 Click for larger picture KENNARD, Waldo, (American, 20th C): Forest Landscape, Oil/Canvas, sight size 14'' x 20'', unsigned, gilded oak frame, 19 1/4'' x 25 1/2''. Provenance: From the Artist's Estate.
CONDITION: Several flecks of loss, needs cleaning. Sold as is.

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