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Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
301 Click for larger picture GOLDEN OAK LAWYERS BOOKCASE: Four stacks high by Melton Rhodes Co. 58 1/2'' x 34'' x11''. 700
302 Click for larger picture SIX SILK LONG SLEEVE SPREAD COLLAR CLASSIC STYLE DRESS SHIRTS: Made by Sotomara Co. Ltd. Japan in 1940's occupied Japan. Richly colored with high spirited traditional Japanese patterns and figures in fabric. Birds, tigers, foo lions, feathers and more make up these lively designs. 2 shirts are Men's, 4 Women's all with breast pockets. One shirt has some stains on front. Sold as is. Rare and ready to wear. 2 Men's Large, 4 Women's Medium (sizes are approximate). 275
302A Click for larger picture VINTAGE 1940'S JAPANESE LONG JACKET: Fantastic gold brocade dragons, bats and designs on ivory colored silk with 5 frog closures, heavily brocaded around bottom of jacket and sleeves in scallop and mountain pattern. 200
303 Click for larger picture TWO IVORY CARVINGS: Man napping with his head on his knees, overall cracking and crazing, 2 1/4'', signed on bottom and a netsuke in the shape of a man and chubby animal, signed on bottom, approx. 1 1/4''h. Sold as a lot. 200
304 Click for larger picture PAIR OF DIMINUTIVE CARVED IVORY STATUES: Man holding flute, generalized cracking, 5 1/2''h.; woman holding lotus blossom, better condition, 5 5/8''h.; both marked China on bottom, attach to carved wooden stands by double pegs and setting on small carved wall sconce. All pieces in place 11 1/2''h. overall. 200
304A Click for larger picture ANTIQUE GERMAN BISQUE FLORADORA DOLL: Beautiful complexion on bisque head marked Made in Germany Floradora A 6 11. Painted brows and lashes, brown sleepy eyes, open mouth. Fully jointed composition body with minor wear to the fingers. 20'' tall. 140
305 Click for larger picture GEBRUDER KNOCH GERMAN BISQUE HEAD DOLL CA. 1887-1918: Original head and body. Sleepy brown eyes, open mouth with 5 teeth. Marked with the cross bones mark. Body and limbs are an early wood composition with painted shoes and socks. Made in Germany. Later dress and hat. 13'' tall. 100
305A Click for larger picture VINTAGE IDEAL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL: The back of her neck is marked Shirley Temple Ideal, her back is also marked Shirley Temple. Curly hair with hairpins still holding hair, clear blue eyes, open mouth with teeth. Good even color with minor flecks of color at finger tips and back of leg and at joints. The dress is tiered ruffle with ribbon flowers. ''The Worlds Darling'' genuine Shirley Temple button included. 25'' tall. 325
306 Click for larger picture LATE 19TH CENTURY EDWARDIAN CREDENZA: Two door case with inset panels of carpathian elm burl, relief carved panels of scrolled foliate decor. Rosette carved apron. 30 1/2''h x 52''w x 21 1/2''d. 250
307 Click for larger picture DECO ERA GORHAM SILVER PLATED CHAMPAGNE ICE BUCKET FROM THE RITZ CARLTON: 28 1/4''h, incised markings to the underside, well worn, some loss to plate, unique, unusual and hard to find, embossed faded Ritz Carlton logo. 325
308 Click for larger picture BUSTAMANTE, Sergio, (Amer., 1942-): Colorful macaw on custom round swing, Acrylic on Paper Mache, #6/100, signed on wing, 58'' length, 14''-15'' wide. 650
309 Click for larger picture BUSTAMANTE, Sergio, (Amer., 1942- ): Green parrot acrylic on paper mache. Signed. Approx. 40''h. 350
310 Click for larger picture TRADITIONAL MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD: Bowed front center of drawers, drawers over doors at the sides. 35 1/2''h. x 62'' x 20''. 275
311 Click for larger picture BRIGHT & COLORFUL RUNNER: Geometric design covered with shaped medallions, dark ground, approx. 8'3'' x 4'8''. 200
312 Click for larger picture 3 CARVED PIPES: Two Meerschaum pipes, one carved as a claw, the other as a queen. The briar pipe carved as a Rasta man is hand carved in the USA. All are in used condition. 125
314 Click for larger picture ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL CARPET: Vibrant and active pattern of three rows of ten medallions each, red ground with black and burgundy pattern, approx. 12'10'' x 10'3''. 350
315 Click for larger picture BILLE, Willy, (Danish, 1889-1944): Clipper ship at sea, O/C, 27 1/2'' x 34'', signed lower right, original gilded frame with wear, 35 1/2'' x 41 3/4''. Condition - Very faint craquelure, some flecks of minor paint loss, patch visible verso. 650
316 Click for larger picture LUND, Hans, (Scandinavian, 20th C): Barnyard scene with chickens, cows by a lake, O/C, 19 1/2'' x 29'', signed lower right, encased in a fine gilded frame with some wear and loss to gilt, 25'' x 34 1/2''. Condition - Needs cleaning, several patches visible verso with in-paint, several minor abrasions still visible. 850
317 Click for larger picture PARISIAN? STREET WITH FIGURES SIGNED SVENSSON: O/C, 26 1/4'' x 38'', encased in a worn gilded frame, 31'' x 43'', signed lower right G?, Svensson. Condition - Several flecks of paint loss, good overall condition. 250
318 Click for larger picture LIND, Axel, (Scandinavian, 1907-): Winter landscape with icy stream, O/C, 33 1/2'' x 47 1/4'', signed lower right, encased in original frame with painted finish, 42'' x 56, frame does have wear. Condition - Craquelure throughout with several areas of minor fleck paint loss, patch visible verso with in-paint in the right margin, needs cleaning. 300
321 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY GENRE PAINTING OF A MAN STRUMMING A MANDOLIN: O/CB, 30 1/2'' x 24'', faint signature lower left, encased in a period leaf and berry motif gilded gesso molding with major gilt loss in upper right corner, measures 36'' x 29 1/2''. Condition - Some craquelure, several abrasions, puncture in upper right corner, some gold overpaint from frame, needs cleaning. 500
321A Click for larger picture YOUNG YOGI BERRA AUTOGRAPH PHOTO GROUP: Official US Navy photos taken 14 photos of the Navy base teams at Cassin Field on the US Navy submarine station. Individual black and white photo including autographed close up shot of Larry (Yogi) Berra. 170
322 Click for larger picture DIAMOND BASEBALL MOTIF 14K PENDANT/CHARM: Glove and ball, encrusted with approx. 42 two point diamonds, 3/4''l., 5.8 grams. 250
328 Click for larger picture DIAMOND BASEBALL MOTIF 14K PENDANT/CHARM: Ball (1/2), encrusted with approx. 33 two point diamonds, 3/4''l., 1.7 grams. 150
330 Click for larger picture HARRIS, Edwin, (British, 1891-): ''Valley Of The Dure'', W/C, sight size 21 1/2'' x 27 1/2'', signed lower left and dated 1953, encased in original gessoed faux wood finish frame, some wear and gesso loss to the frame. Condition - Browning throughout. 225
331 Click for larger picture SWANN, F., (American, 19th C): Three piece lot to include a still life of white roses on the vine, W/C, 21'' x 14'', carved and gilded period frame with wear, measures 29 1/2'' x 34 1/2''. The next piece is a still life of flowers in a crystal vase, 20 3/4'' x 13 1/2'', signed lower right, encased in matching carved and gilded period frame with wear, 29 1/2'' x 24 1/2''. The last piece is a still life of flowers in a blue and white porcelain vase with pears and an apple, sight size 10 1/2'' x 14 1/2'', signed in the left margin, encased in a veneered mahogany molding with gilded liner, some wear to the veneer. 450
332 Click for larger picture PERIOD VICTORIAN CHANDELIER: Red dimpled glass shade, 13'' dia., with crystal prisms. Oil burning converted to electricity. Adjustable height. 500
333 Click for larger picture PERIOD VICTORIAN CHANDELIER: Swirl opalescent cranberry glass shade on vintage adjustable height ceiling light. 500
334   VICTORIAN HANGING CHANDELIER WITH DIMPLED RED GLASS SHADE: Adjustable mechanics working fine. Approx 13''dia. 425
335 Click for larger picture DEVITY, Antonio, (Italian, 1901-): Parisian street scene, O/C, 24'' x 48'', signed lower right, Devity Art Studio stencil on the canvas verso, encased in carved white washed frame, 31'' x 55''. 425
336 Click for larger picture DEVITY, Antonio, (Italian, 1901-): Parisian street scene with outdoor market, O/C, 24'' x 48'', faintly signed lower right, encased in carved gold frame, 32 1/2'' x 56 1/2''. 225
337 Click for larger picture ROOM SIZE ISLAMABAD? FLORAL CARPET: Lovely active polychrome pattern on a pale ground, dark blue fringe, approx. 12'3'' x 10'1''. Please note worn condition. 1500
338 Click for larger picture ORIENTAL CARPET RUNNER: Vibrant red and black, some wear to fringe, approx. 8' x 4'1''. 175
339 Click for larger picture DIMINUTIVE BUTTERFLY GATE LEG TABLE: Handy side table with shaped drop leaves. P.K. Pierce & Son label. 24'' x 12''w. 30'' with leaves extended. ` 110
340 Click for larger picture NEW HAVEN ''HARKNESS'' MAHOGANY MANTEL CLOCK: Eight day pendulum Chime Clock. Westminster chimes, arched deco design case. 8''h x 14''w. 150
341 Click for larger picture WAGNER, Blanche Collet, (American, 1873-1957): ''A Girl from Lake Constance, Switzerland'', O/C, 30'' x 24'', signed lower left, part of a series ''Women of the World throughout History''. This lot includes a 7'' x 5'' photo of the painting found with copyright documents and a 4'' x 3 1/4'' 1935 color slide of portrait from the Los Angeles Lantern Slide Co., encased in original impressionist frame. 250
342 Click for larger picture SHKURKIN, Vladimir, (American, 1900-1990): Nocturnal dockside scene, O/C, 27'' x 36'', signed lower left, contemporary blue grain wood frame. 900
343 Click for larger picture SHKURKIN, Vladimir, (American, 1900-1990): Harbor scene, O/C, 24'' x 32'', signed lower right, encased in painted black frame. 1400
344 Click for larger picture FORKER, Edwin, (American, 1876-1958): Coastal view, O/CB, 9 1/2'' x 14 3/4'', signed lower right, encased in an embossed gessoed frame with wear, repair and gilt loss, 15'' x 20 1/4''. Condition - Shows evidence of frame rub in the right margin, needs cleaning. 225
345 Click for larger picture GORHAM STERLING DRESSER SET IN THE STRASBOURG PATTERN: To include, brush, comb, hand mirror and etched glass dresser jar. Astounding condition! No monogram. 150
346 Click for larger picture VICTORIAN DESSERT SET, SERVICE FOR 12: Abalone handles carved in a swirl pattern, lovely etch work to the blades of knives and the base of the fork tines. Some discolored shells from support rods and corrosion to metal. Knives with rounded blades, 8 1/4'', forks 7''. 275
347 Click for larger picture LOT OF ESTATE SILVER ACCESSORIES AND COSTUME JEWELRY: To include, yerba matte straws - 6 small one large marked Alpaca, shell framed and hinged creating a clutch or compact, two small cut glass dresser jars with sterling lids, hammered silver? box with hinged lid, guilloche locket, art nouveau filligree link bracelet - repair needed to clasp, scarab stone bracelet, lady's Benrus watch, lavalier necklace set with triangular purple stones?, bead necklaces and bracelets, etc. Sold as a lot. 250
348 Click for larger picture 5 HAND WROUGHT STERLING SERVING PIECES: To include, two by Lebolt, long handled spoon and a pierced fork?, approx. 9''l. each; spoon marked JOR, 8 3/4''; matching stuffing? spoon 10 3/4'' and meat fork 8 1/4''. Last three with Jensen style design. Overall 12.5oz. 325
348A Click for larger picture SALAD SET BY DAVID ANDERSEN: Spoon 8 3/4'', fork 7 3/4'', overall approx. 7oz. 125
349 Click for larger picture LOT OF ESTATE COLLECTABLES: To include, mother of pearl handled quill in storage box, two small mesh coin purses one by R. Blackinton, faux jet hair combs, Meerschaum pipe in case, pocket knife shaped like an old car, sterling locket, Elgin 14k gold hunt case in as is condition, Masonic fob, Krementz case with mirrored interior lid full of studs and cuff links. Sold as a lot. 250
350 Click for larger picture LOT OF 9 CHINESE MUDMEN FIGURES: Polychrome clay figures ranging in size from 2 1/4'' to 13 1/2'' in height, chip here crack there - largest with reattached head, 2nd largest with the most damage. Most marked China to bottom. 150

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