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Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
350A Click for larger picture TALL ORIENTAL PLANT STAND: Detailed floral and foliate carvings, top inset with marble approx. 8 1/2''dia., 36''h., 18''w. at knees, top 12 1/2''dia. overall. 150
352 Click for larger picture 5 JAPANESE SHUNGA THEME (EROTICA) SAKE CUPS: Group of 4 with the largest having the hand painted scene on the interior, the 4 smallest with the scene painted in the exterior. 1 7/8'' - 3 7/8'' dia. 200
353 Click for larger picture MINIATURE KUTANI SATSUMA SHUNGA EROTICA COVERED BOX: Erotic Scene to interior, mark on base. 2.5'' h. x 2.5''diam. 150
354 Click for larger picture SILVERPLATE ORNATE PICTURE FRAME: Holds a photo, 7 1/2'' x 6 3/4'', the frame is 12 1/4'' x 9 3/4''. 225
355 Click for larger picture DE DIEGO, Julio, (Spanish-American, 1900-1979): Three piece art lot to include (1) W/C, depicts a female nude holding a sign which reads ''Peters Bar Mitzvah'', sight size 16'' x 12 1/2'', pencil signed in the right margin. Condition - Small tear 4 1/2'' long in the upper right corner. (2) W/C, Depicts a different girl for every month of the year, the top portion reads ''He who loves not, lives not'' measures 9'' x 4'', signed lower right. (3) Color marker drawing of a Valentine cat, 4 3/4'' x 3 3/4'', signed lower right Julio. 250
357 Click for larger picture EDWARDS, Samuel Arlent, (British, 1861-1938): Pair of Mezzotints, one is titled ''Madam Victoire'', the second is ''Madam Sophia'', both are after Nattier, both measure 14 1/4'' x 17 1/4'', pencil signed lower right, encased in matching elaborate gilded gesso period moldings with flowing embossed floral brocade with ribbon cartouche, please note that there has been repair and some damage to the ribbon as well as some minor gilt loss, frames measure 15 1/2'' x 21''. 450
359 Click for larger picture GOOD 19TH CENTURY MEZZOTINT DEPICTING A INTERIOR SCENE WITH FAMILY: Oval measuring 15 1/2'' x 18 1/2'', encased in a period elaborate gilded gesso foliate motif oval frame with ribbon crest. Condition - Does have some minor wear and older repair, but in good condition. 150
360 Click for larger picture STICKLEY WINDSOR TYPE COLONIAL CHAIR: Impressed with the joiners compass mark on the underside along with Stickley. Mahogany chair caned panel in the back along with spindles. 365''h. x 25 12/'' x 15 3/4''. 350
361 Click for larger picture BOKARA CARPET: Black and gold, approx. 11'9'' x 9'l. 700
362 Click for larger picture HAND TIED WOOL CARPET: All over border with pattern, approx. 9'3'' X 6'7''. 800
363 Click for larger picture HAND TIED PERSIAN CARPET: Approx. 10'3'' X 5' 350
364 Click for larger picture HAND TIED PERSIAN CARPET: Deep red and blue, approx. 9'10'' X 6'9'' 600
365 Click for larger picture DRESDEN GERMAN PORCELAIN COVERED URN: Courting scene decoration. Helena Wolfsohn mark. 14''h. 275
366 Click for larger picture 12 DRESDEN GERMAN PORCELAIN RAMEKINS WITH UNDERPLATES: Ca. 1888-1916, Richard Klemm, Dresden Germany. Set of 12 individual ramekins, 3 1/2'' dia. with underplates, 5 1/2'' dia. 400
367 Click for larger picture HELENA WOLFSOHN DRESDEN GERMAN PORCELAIN VASE: Courting scenes, bears the ''Meissen'' mark, 11''H. 225
368 Click for larger picture DRESDEN HAND PAINTED CRESCENT BONE PLATES: Hand painted floral design on crescent plates, sometimes called salad plates, most often they are bone plates. Helena Wolfsohn crown D mark. 8 1/2 l. 275
368A Click for larger picture SET OF 8 SCHUMANN DRESDEN GERMAN PORCELAIN RETICULATED PLATES: Floral decorated, 7 1/4'' dia. 225
369 Click for larger picture DRESDEN HAND PAINTED SERVING DISH: Floral paintings on a gilt rimmed serving plate with center sauce receptacle. Bears the blue crown mark of Helena Wolfsohn. There are minute chips on the underside side of the rim that in no way detract from the beauty. 12 1/2'' x 11 1/2''. 160
370 Click for larger picture DRESDEN PORCELAIN HAND PAINTED RETICULATED BASKET: Floral motif painted on the exterior and interior. Branch form handles. 2 1/2''h. x 10''. 120
371 Click for larger picture HAND TIED PERSIAN CARPET: Approx. 11'8'' X 8'5'', red ground, shows wear. 450
373 Click for larger picture ORIENTAL RUG: Pale ground with earth tone pattern, approx. 4'11'' x 3'2'', please note spotting. 100
374 Click for larger picture DUTCH INTERIOR SCENE WITH GENTLEMAN SMOKING A PIPE, O/C: 23'' X 19'', no visible signature, an older over-painted frame circa, 1910, painting date is probably to 1930, some wear to the frame. 200
375 Click for larger picture FELIX, Paul Emile, (French, 20th C): ''Cherries'', Color Etching, sight size 19'' x 11'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 65 lower left, encased in contemporary frame, original label affixed verso, 30'' x 21 1/2''. 350
376 Click for larger picture PAIR OF GORHAM PATINATED BRONZE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BOOKENDS: 8 1/4'' height, minor wear to patina, stamped Gorham Co. 0449 to the base. 900
377 Click for larger picture 1940'S MAHOGANY CORNER CHINA CABINET: Single glass front door with curved top, revealing two shaped shelves, over one drawer and solid bottom door, 78''h., 33''w. front, 22''back side. 400
378 Click for larger picture SIGNED LIBBEY AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS BOWL: Cut in hobstar, caning and notches, 8'' dia. Free of chips and cracks. 350
379 Click for larger picture AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS PITCHER: Highest quality. Lobed body with full length cuts and exaggerated notches on the handle. Minute chips on the base. 8 1/2''h. 175
380 Click for larger picture AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS TRAY AND A CRANBERRY CUT TO CLEAR DECANTER: The round tray is 13 1/2'' dia. and very heavy. The decanter is 9 1/2''h. 350
380A Click for larger picture CUT GLASS PUNCH LADLE: Notched handle with a hook top. Heritage Irish Crystal foil label. 16''l. 110
381 Click for larger picture HAND TIED PERSIAN CARPET: Approx. 9'9'' X 6'7 1/2'', Navy blue and pumpkin. 600
382 Click for larger picture EARLIER 20TH C BOHEMIAN GLASS SUITE attrib. to OERTEL: 40 pieces to include 11 plates, 7 3/8'' dia., 8 goblets, 6 3/4'' tall, 10 champagnes, 4''tall, 10 bowls, 4 3/4'' dia. and a 4'' dia. bowl. Green facet cut to clear in the manner Oertel was known for. 350
383 Click for larger picture LATE VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CLAW FOOT PARLOR CHAIR: Shaped crestrail with ornate carved decoration. Splayed legs ending in detailed claw feet. 36 1/2''h. 175
384 Click for larger picture HEAVILY CARVED BALL AND CLAW FOOT CHIPPENDALE STYLE OCTAGONAL TABLE: Faux grain top, 21'' h, surface is 16 1/2'' at widest point, circa 1930. 150
385 Click for larger picture FAUX FIREPLACE REALLY IS A BAR: Party central. The front falls to expose a mirrored back bar, lower section has stereo speakers and ''fire''. Mahogany case. 200
387 Click for larger picture OUTSTANDING CARVED OAK THRONE CHAIR: Elaborate carvings of flowers with full petal flowers at the curved hand holds. Cross stretcher, Spanish feet. Note the caning on the seat is in great condition, there is no caning on the back. 50''h. x 27'' x 20''. 200
388 Click for larger picture LIMOGES FISH PLATTER: Coiffe mark 2 and B&H decorating mark verso, signed NAS lower left, 24'' x 10 1/2'', gold gilt trim. No chips or cracks noted. 225
389 Click for larger picture WOODS, Edmond, (American, 1905-1900): ''Trout Stream'', O/B, 18'' x 24'', signed lower left, encased in a painted brown frame, label affixed verso Art Sales & Rental, the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego. 160
392 Click for larger picture TWO VINTAGE CELLULOID WIND UP TOYS: Both are in good working order. A banjo playing clown sways side to side and strums his banjo, 11''h. There is a very minor split in his hat. The other is a drummer, his head sways and he beats the drum creating a definite beat, 12''h. The drummer is marked ''Made in Japan''. 425
393 Click for larger picture MID 19th C PUNCHED TIN FOOT WARMER: In mortised and pegged wooden frame. The tin punched designs feature hearts circles. Wire handle. 5 1/2''h. x 8 3/4'' x 7. 130
395 Click for larger picture COLONIAL WEIGHT DRIVEN GRANDMOTHERS CLOCK: Clock is a triple chime clock playing Westminster, Whittington or Winchester. Walnut case. Moon phase dial, 3 weights, seems to be in good working order. 77''h, x 16'' x9'' 375
396 Click for larger picture EDISON TABLE TOP OAK CYLINDER PLAYER: In working order, sold with 3 extra cylinders. 13''h. x 12'' x 15''. 375
397 Click for larger picture DOZEMAN, Roelof, (Dutch, 1924-): Parisian street scene, O/C, 24'' x 36'', signed lower right, encased in original carved and white washed antiqued frame, 31 1/2'' x 43 1/4''. 125
399 Click for larger picture VINTAGE STEIFF TEDDY BEAR: Long mohair, glass eyes, floss nose and paws, small hump on his back, felt pads, jointed, looks like the original red ribbon. No ear button. 15'' long. Working squeaker. 160
400 Click for larger picture VINTAGE LARGE STEIFF RECLINING LEOPARD: Glow in the dark green eyes are the first thing one might notice. Golden mohair with spots, twisted floss nose and claws. No button or paper tag. Approx. 19''l. 8 1/2''h. Ca. 1950-60's . 110

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