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Sunday, January 26, 2014

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
1351 Click for larger picture ENGRAVED PERSIAN SILVER CENTER BOWL: Hand hammered bowl, engraved sides with detailed repeating pattern, illegible mark on base ''?4 SILV''. Measures 2 1/2'' h. x 12 1/4'' x 9 1/4''. Approx. 29.6 troy oz.
CONDITION: Interior scratches.
1352 Click for larger picture EMBOSSED SILVER WALL MIRROR: Embossed frame with floral and foliate motifs, no visible mark or standard. Beveled glass oval mirror. Measures 18'' x 15''. 175
1353 Click for larger picture INTERIOR SCENE WITH YOUNG CHILD ROCKING A CRADLE, SIGNED M. LIEBERMANN: Possibly Max Liebermann, Watercolor and Pencil on paper, laid down on cardboard, 4'' x 6 3/8'', signed lower left, wood frame, 9 1/2'' x 12''.
CONDITION: Laid down on card, several visible repairs to tears, sold as is.
1354 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE GINBARI CLOISONNE VASES: 2 pieces of Japanese Ginbari to include 1) Purple ground top graduating to green over waves at base, 2 birds in flight near shoulder. Unsigned, 4 3/4'' h. x 2 1/8''. 2) White ground top graduating to red over waves, 4 birds in flight at shoulder. Unmarked, 4 3/4'' h. x 3 1/2''.
CONDITION: Note areas of discoloration on #2.
1355 Click for larger picture 6 LARGE ORIENTAL WOOD CARVINGS: 6 assorted Oriental gods or immortal figures. Tallest measures 12 1/4'' h. x 4 1/2'' x 3 3/4''.
CONDITION: Several with age splits, tallest missing part of hand.
1356 Click for larger picture PAIR FLORAL CLOISONNE YELLOW VASES: Mid-20th Century, rose flowers over yellow ground. Unmarked, 7 1/4'' x 4''. 200
1357 Click for larger picture PAIR FLORAL CLOISONNE PINK VASES: Mid-20th Century, rose flowers over pink ground. Unmarked, 6'' h. x 3 1/2''. 275
1358 Click for larger picture 3 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASES: 3 pieces to include 1) House and landscape scene over aqua blue ground. Marked ''Japan Cloisonne'' base rim. 7 1/4'' h. x 4''. 2) Rose flower over ivory ground. Unmarked, 8 1/2'' h. x 4''. 3) Rose flowers over baby blue ground. Marked ''Cloisonne''. 8 1/2'' h. x 4 1/2''.
CONDITION: #1 chip to side, cracks on base.
1359 Click for larger picture 2 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASES: Mid 20th century to include 1) Rose flowers over pigeon blood ground with bird and bamboo motif. Marked ''Cloisonne Japan'' on base rim. 7 1/4'' h. x 3 3/4''. 2) Rose flowers over emerald green ground with bird and bamboo motif. Marked ''Nekka Cloisonne'' on base rim. 7 1/8'' h. x 4''.
CONDITION: Damage inside rim #2.
1360 Click for larger picture LARGE JAPANESE PURPLE CLOISONNE VASE: Flower blossoms on purple ground. Marked in Japanese characters base rim. 8 1/2'' h. 5 1/4'' dia. 225
1361 Click for larger picture LUNESCHLOSS WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE DAGGER: First model dagger with aluminum mounts, leather wrap grip. 12 1/4'' blade marked P. D. Luneschloss, Solingen. Leather wrapped scabbard. Original chain hanger and portepee (tassel) included. Overall 19 5/8''.
CONDITION: Dings and scratches to aluminum, slide marks to blade. Please be aware of local laws.
1362 Click for larger picture WWII GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE NAVAL DAGGER: Hilt with eagle finial, ivory appearance grip with original twist wire, cross guard with anchor and push button clasp. Unmarked 9 3/4'' blade. Engraved brass scabbard with lower lightning bolt design. Overall measures 16 3/4'' long.
CONDITION: Dings and uneven finish to scabbard, minor blemishes to blade. Please be aware of local laws.
1363 Click for larger picture EICKHORN WWII GERMAN ARMY HEER DAGGER: Oak leaf pommel, colored grip, cross guard with eagle and emblem. 10 1/2'' blade marked with the ''Original Eickhorn Solingen'' squirrel logo. Pebbled scabbard, overall 15 1/4''. Sold with original portopee (tassel) and a Eickhorn felt bag.
CONDITION: Loss of silver, blemishes to blade near tip. Please be aware of local laws.
1364 Click for larger picture RZM GERMAN WWII SA DAGGER: Nickeled steel mounts, wood grip with SA and German emblem. 8 3/4'' blade etched ''Ulles fur Deutschland'', RZM mark, M7/85. Metal scabbard with nickeled mounts, leather hanger. Overall 15''.
CONDITION: Loss of silver/nickel. Please be aware of local laws.
1365 Click for larger picture WKC WWII GERMAN ARMY HEER DAGGER: Oak leaf pommel, colored grip, cross guard with eagle and emblem. 10 1/2'' blade marked with the ''WKC Solingen'' knight head logo. Pebbled scabbard, overall 15 3/4''. Sold with original portopee (tassel) and cloth hanger.
CONDITION: Loss of silver. Please be aware of local laws.
1366 Click for larger picture HOLLER WWII GERMAN ARMY HEER DAGGER: Oak leaf pommel, colored grip, cross guard with eagle and emblem. 10'' blade marked with ''F. W. HOLLER SOLINGEN'' logo. Pebbled scabbard, overall 15 3/4''. Sold with original portopee (tassel) and cloth hanger.
CONDITION: Loss of silver. Please be aware of local laws.
1367 Click for larger picture VINTAGE PEUGEOT BICYCLE: Mens bicycle, white with original decals. Bike pump and rear rack accessories. Estate of William A.C. Pettit 175
1368 Click for larger picture VINTAGE RALEIGH BICYCLE: Mens bicycle, white with original decals. After market seat. Estate of William A.C. Pettit 125
1369 Click for larger picture TWO CONCRETE GARDEN STATUES ON STANDS: Four pieces total, two figural sculptures 1) Woman with grapes, 39''h. x 11'' square base; 2) Venus rising on shell, 41 1/2''h., shell approx. 16'' x 13''; and two matching stands 20''h. x 16 1/2'' square.
CONDITION: Venus has generalized crazing and a chip to drape in front. Stands each have corner chips. They have been used outdoors so expect wear and shading.
1370 Click for larger picture BOBHOLZ, George Frank, (American, 1904-1957): Landscape with Flock of Sheep, Shepherd, & His Family, Oil/Canvas, 26 1/4'' x 36 1/4'', signed lower right, encased in a period carved and gilded frame 32 1/4'' x 42 1/4''.
CONDITION: Canvas is thin in some areas, scattered craquelure throughout, needs cleaning, several flecks of paint loss.
1371 Click for larger picture MADRUGA GOMES SCRIMSHAW WHALE TOOTH: Finely detailed scene of 2 clipper ships at battle, signed Madruga F. Gomes. Gomes was known throughout the Azores for detail portraits and other scrimshaw work. Tooth measures 4 1/2'' long. Sold with original ''George the Crook, Cafe Acores (Azores)'' paper bag from when it was purchased.
CONDITION: Original bag in fair condition, chips to base and back of tooth. Shipping outside of the U.S. is not available for this lot.
1374 Click for larger picture MALTZ, Alan, (American, 21st C.): ''Basic Instinct'', Giclee, sight size 19'' x 29'', signed and numbered 31/150, professional framing, 32'' x 42''. Maltz is the official wildlife photographer of the state of Florida. 200
1375 Click for larger picture CONTEMPORARY INDIAN PAINTING GENRE SCENE WITH COWS: Oil/Silk, 33'' x 45'', framed 33 3/4'' x 46''. 200
1376 Click for larger picture PARKMAN, Francis: 13 volumes ''Francis Parkman Works'', New Library Edition, full leather covers, gilt top page ends, interior maps and charts. 1914, Little, Brown & Co., Boston.
CONDITION: Typical signs of age.
1377 Click for larger picture SMOLLETT, T. and HUME, David: 13 total volumes ''History of England'', 5 volumes by Smollett, 8 by Hume. Full calf, marbled page ends. 1822, J. F. Dove, London.
CONDITION: Typical signs of age.
1378 Click for larger picture PAIR GLO-MAR BRASS SCONCES: Pair 2 light wall sconces with foliate motifs, marked Glo-Mar Artworks Inc. Each measures 17 1/2'' h. x 13 1/2'' x 5 5/8''. 175
1380 Click for larger picture KRELL, Dr. P. F., (19th Century): Full book title ''The Classics of Painting. A Collection of the Most Celebrated Works of the Italian Early and High-Renaissance. With Explanatory Text by Dr. P.F. Krell with the co-operation of Dr. O. Eisenmann and Dr. F. Reber.'' Published by Trubner & Co. London, circa late 1800's. Embossed gilt Moroccan cover. 18 1/2'' x 13 1/2'' x 2''.
CONDITION: Wear to cover especially top of spine, foxing and toning.
1381 Click for larger picture 19th C LAUNDRY STOVE IRON HEATER. Flat top cast iron sold with 7 irons, measures 28'' tall, the top is 10'' dia. 450
1382 Click for larger picture CAST IRON LAUNDRY STOVE HEATER: Rectangular shape with trivet top, hold 6 irons. Sold with a Chappee #4 flat iron. Measures approx. 10'' tall x 11'' x 6.5''.
CONDITION: With wear, all but one support post gone.
1383 Click for larger picture LIFETIME COLLECTION OF PRESSING IRONS: Approx. 70 pieces to include goffering irons, flat irons, children irons, travel and fuel irons. Names you will see are Acme Carbon Iron, Le Parisiene, JF Wood, Pluto by Consolidated Electric, Ever Ready, Bugolette, Cinderella, Paris, Golden. Sold with reference books and the consignors' personal photos and notes. This is more than a collection, this was a passion. 1100
1388 Click for larger picture PROST FRENCH MORBIER WAG ON THE WALL CLOCK: Embossed brass dial with cavaliers on horseback and foliate motif, porcelain dial with Roman numerals marked Prost 'a Charolles. Painted lead dual weight time and strike movement. Case overall 17'' h. x 11'' x 7'', pendulum with folding shaft 14 1/2'' long closed. Sold with a walnut wall shelf, 9 3/4'' h. x 21 1/2'' x 7 1/4''.
CONDITION: Crazing to dial, paint loss to weights. Currently running however not guaranteed to continue. Crank in office.
1389 Click for larger picture ANSONIA ORMOLU DECORATED MANTLE CLOCK: French style iron case with green marbleized decoration, applied ormolu decoration. Porcelain dial with Roman numerals, marked Ansonia Clock Company, New-York, United States of America. Time and strike movement marked Ansonia as well. Measures 16 1/2'' h. x 8 3/4'' x 5 1/2''.
CONDITION: Loss of gilt, missing piece of top cap on edge, currently running however not guaranteed to continue. Pendulum in office.
1392 Click for larger picture OYSTER PLATES: Estate collection of 22 pieces to include Haviland, Limoges, Quimper, Weimar, Bareuther, hand painted and transfer designs. Measures 7 1/2'' - 9 1/2''. 600
1393 Click for larger picture DRESDEN QUALITY PORCELAIN PUTTI MIRROR: Easel back mirror with figural putti and floral decoration. Unmarked, 16 3/4'' h. x 14 1/2''.
CONDITION: Missing several petals.
1393A Click for larger picture CAPODIMONTE CANDELABRA AND URN: Cherubic figures and flower decorated. Seven parts to join as a pair of candle holders with five light inserts, urn with lid and stand.
CONDITION: There is restoration to stand, loss to petals and to figure.
1395 Click for larger picture 5 PIECE 3-D PORTRAIT PAINTING LOT BY FANNON: Watercolor/Paper affixed to Wood, Exceptional attention to lifelike detail, appears to be of the Stanzil Family, the largest piece measures 14'' x 9''; all pieces are signed and titled.
CONDITION: Several scattered abrasions, very good throughout.
1396 Click for larger picture 26 VOLUMES GOLDSMITH & DUMAS WORKS: 26 total volumes to include 1) DUMAS, Alexandre, 16 volumes ''The Romances of Dumas'', 3/4 calf, several only have volume 1 of 2 volumes. 1900, Little, Brown & Co., Boston. 2) GOLDSMITH, Oliver, 10 volumes ''Works of Oliver Goldsmith'', The Turks Head Edition, 3/4 Morocco. 1908, Knickerbocker Press, New York.
CONDITION: Typical signs of age, 2 Dumas books with separation of front cover.
1397 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 59 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS: Approx. 59 volumes by various authors. Titles, number of volumes, and dates to include; The Ingoldsby Legends, 1 Vol., 1876; Heroes & Hero Worship, 1 Vol., 1893; Essays by Miller, 1 Vol. 1875; The Bed Book of Travel 1 Vol., 1931; Southworth Works 4 Vol., 1858; The Crown of Wild Olive, 1 Vol., 1880; The Reigh of Law, 1 Vol., 1880; Letters of Charles Dickens, 1903; Abroad Mark Twain, 1899; Peregrine Pickle, 2 Vol., 1831; Humphry Clinker, 1 Vol., 1831; Pickwick Papers, 1 Vol., Hannah More's Works, 2 Vol.,1866; Taines English Literature, 2 Vol.,1891; Bronte Works, 4 Volumes, 1876, 1890, 1887, & 1873; Ingoldsby Legends 1 Vol.,1882; Schillers Works, 5 Vol.,1873; Elizabeth De Valois, 2 Vol.,1857; Waverly Novels, 4 Vol., 1832; Walton's Lives, 1 Vol., 1840; Sir Nigel, 1 Vol., 1918; Crayon Miscellany, 1 Vol.,1868; Boswells Life of Johnson, 8 Vol.,1835 & Series Published by Heinemann, 12 Vol.,1837.
CONDITION: Typical signs of age.
1398 Click for larger picture JADE & STONE FRUIT WITH CARVED MARBLE TRAY: Intricately carved marble bowl in a lotus flower motif filled with assorted ''fruit''. Quartz grapes in purple and pink; cherries, plums and apples of assorted stone, apple might be jade; even a buddha hand fruit. Bowl measures approx. 3''h. x 14'' x 11.5''
CONDITION: General wear and an occasional chip to bowl. Several pieces of fruit are detached from stems.
1399 Click for larger picture MADDOCK'S WORKS PORCELAIN UMBRELLA STAND: Floral transfer decoration with gilt accents. Marked on base Maddock's Works, Lamberton, Royal Porcelain. Measures 22'' h. x 13 1/2''.
CONDITION: Crazing, uneven glaze finish, wear to gilt.
1400 Click for larger picture AN ASSEMBLED COLLECTION OF OBJETS DE VERTU: Approx. 24 pieces to include sterling and silver creamers, match safe, button, salt spoon, boxes and more. Also included 19 tiger eye necklace with 14K gold clasp, cameos, enamel pin,enamel pendant, micro mosaic cross, trinket boxes and more. Sold as a collection and as-is. All in a Priory flow blue plate with crack. Approx. 13.4 troy oz assorted silver.
CONDITION: Sold as is.

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