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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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1018 Click for larger picture MOZIN, Charles, (French, 1806-1862): Genre Scene Depicting Several Figures Huddled Around a Large Fish Caught at the Beach, Oil/Wood Panel, 15'' x 21'', signed lower left and dated 1848, pierce carved and gilded 19th century frame, 22'' x 28''. Mozin maritime history and coastal geography pieces were recognized to be of excellent artistic quality. Small brochure with old photo of this picture, from Cooling Galleries, London/Toronto. Est. $2000/4000**
CONDITION: Fleck of loss in sky upper right corner, some scattered minor touches of inpaint, ready to hang, sold as is.
1021 Click for larger picture MOREAU, Mathurin, (French, 1822-1912): ''Le Retour de la Maison'', Bronze, signed, 33'' X 14'', signed. Est. $8000/12000**
CONDITION: Overall wear to patina, left foot/base older repair, sold as is.
1024 Click for larger picture DUNCAN MCCLELLAN ART GLASS VASE: Clear glass globe form vase, rim with repeating carved pattern of alternating man with spear and figural lizard design. Signed on base and numbered 1/25. Overall measures 11 1/2'' h. x 11'' dia.
CONDITION: Several trapped bubbles in glass.
1025 Click for larger picture ROUBY, Alfred, (French, 1849-1909): Still Life with Vessels, Fruit and Flowers, Oil/Canvas, 32'' x 26'', signed upper left and encased in elaborate gilded gesso frame, 44'' x 38''.
CONDITION: Fleck in lower margin, varnish has dimple, needs cleaning, scattered craquelure, frame shows minor wear and sole loss of gesso, sold as is.
1030 Click for larger picture MIRO, Joan, (Spanish, 1893-1983): ''Chevauchee Brun'', Lithograph, 33.5'' x 23.87'', signed lower right, numbered lower left 7/75, framed, 45.5'' x 35.5''. Est. $3000/5000**
1035 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY JESUS FALLS THE SECOND TIME PAINTING GREAT GOTHIC FRAME: Oil/Canvas, 27.5'' x 20.25'', elaborate frame, 52'' x 25.5''x 4''.
CONDITION: Relined, several flecks of loss, stretcher bar wear, scattered craquelure, frame needs some glue work and cleaning, good overall, sold as is.
1036 Click for larger picture 19th CENTURY PAINTING OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS: Oil on Canvas, 35'' x 25.25'', no visible signature, framed, 43.5'' x 33.5''. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Scattered paint loss, several abrasions, needs cleaning, several punctures in lower and upper right corners, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1040 Click for larger picture 1895 SOCIETE PARISIENNE BICYCLE POSTER: Lithograph advertising poster for Societe Parisienne featuring a man on a bicycle and address 10, Avenue de la Grand Armee, printed by V. Palyart & Fils - Paris, circa 1895. Sight size 50 1/2'' x 35 1/2'', framed 54 1/4'' x 39 1/4''.
1041 Click for larger picture GOOD IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING OF WOMAN AND DOG: Oil/Canvas, 17'' x 14'', scene depicts a young woman seated in a shady outdoor setting, with her faithful dog near her feet, carved gesso frame, 23'' x 22'', possibly a Hungarian artist, this is illegibly signed lower right, circa 1930. Est. $1000/2000**
1042 Click for larger picture EARLY OIL PAINTING OF ST. MARY MAGDALENE AFTER POMPEO BATONI: Oil/Canvas, 13'' x 16.125'', no visible signature, encased in a gilded and carved elaborate frame with floral relief designs, 19'' x 22.25''.
CONDITION: Abrasions, some damage to canvas in left margin, stretcher bar wear, puncture in upper right corner and lower left margin. Craquelure throughout, needs cleaning, patch visible verso, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1045 Click for larger picture LARGE PORTRAIT PAINTING AFTER LEBRUN BY LEBRUN: Oil/Canvas, Depicts Vigee Lebrun portrait of herself, late 19th early 20th century reproduction, 40'' x 31.5'', acanthus leaf gesso frame, 46.5'' x 37.5''. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, stretcher bar wear, frame shows wear, needs cleaning, sold as is.
1056 Click for larger picture SIGNED PAINTING OCTOBER HAZE BY HALLE: Landscape with Stream, Oil/Canvas, 9'' x 12'', signed lower left, framed, 20'' x 21''.
CONDITION: Minor stretcher bar wear, needs cleaning, frame has been painted gold, sold as is.
1058 Click for larger picture EARLY INDO PERSIAN EROTIC PAINTING: Scene depicts erotic interaction between gods, Gouache, sight size 11.5'' x 8.25'', no visible signature, framed, 18.5'' x 16''.
CONDITION: Flaking, insect damage, paper loss and creasing, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1062 Click for larger picture WIDMAYER, Theodor (German, 1828-1883): Portrait of a Bearded Gentleman, Oil/Canvas, 13'' x 11'', signed in right margin and dated 1868, framed, 17'' x 14.5''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Stretcher bar wear, needs cleaning, several pinpoint flecks in the face, and barely noticeable indentation in upper right corner, frame shows minor wear, sold as is.
1064 Click for larger picture O'CONNOR, Sean, (Irish, 1909-1992): ''North Shore, Lower Lake, Killarney'', Oil/Canvasboard, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, signed, titled, and dated 1970 verso, framed, 21.5'' x 25''.
1077 Click for larger picture RUBIN, Reuven, (Israeli, 1893-1974): Still Life With Pomegranates, Lithograph, sight size 16'' x 23'', pencil signed lower right, numbered lower left 17/200, framed, 26'' x 33''.
1081 Click for larger picture KOLLWITZ, Kathe, (German, 1867-1945): ''Sturm'', Etching, sight size 9.75'' x 12.25'', printer's blind stamp lower right, framed, 17.5'' x 21.5''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Not laid, full margins, minor toning/discoloration scattered, sold as is.
1092 Click for larger picture HEAVY BUFFALO BRONZE SIGNED HAASE: 10'' h., 17'' w., probably 1st half 20th C.
1105 Click for larger picture LARGE ANDY WARHOL ROSENTHAL BLUE HORSE GLASS BOWL: Andy Warhol for Rosenthal Studio Line, figure of a blue horse in center, border with butterflies and chickens, measures 3 1/4'' h. x 21'' dia. Sold with the original box, 21 3/4'' x 21 3/4'' x 3 1/2''.
CONDITION: Box with bends on sides, tears on flaps.
1115 Click for larger picture FINE PAIR OF MEIJI NEEDLEPOINT TAPESTRIES: Probably 19th Century, Depicting Several Figures Worshipping in a Landscape, art work size approx. 46'' x 17'', framed, 54'' x 25''. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Some fabric loss not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1116 Click for larger picture PAIR OF EARLY FRENCH PORTRAIT PAINTINGS: Middle-Aged Gentleman and Lady, Oil/Canvas, 10.5'' x 8.5'', framed, 16'' x 13.5''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, some craquelure, several small flecks of paint loss, sold as is.
1118 Click for larger picture GROSS, Chaim, (American, 1904-1991): 2-piece lot to include: 1) Holiday Greeting Card, Lithograph, hand signed, sight size 7'' x 18'', framed, 15'' x 26.5''; 2) Lithograph of Mother and Child, sight size 13'' x 9.5'', pencil signed lower right, framed, 22.5'' x 17.5''. Est. $600/900**
CONDITION: 1) Scattered staining; 2) tear in lower right corner. Not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1120 Click for larger picture GOYA, Francisco, (Spanish, 1746-1828): ''Grotesque Figure'', Pencil Study, 5.75'' x 6.75'', contemporary frame, 18.5'' x 20''. Francisco Goya is known as the most important Spanish painter of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Glue down in the corners, scattered stains, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1133 Click for larger picture BALLERINA PAINTING SIGNED HEMA: Oil/Canvas, 23.5'' x 19.5, signed lower right, fine frame, 31'' x 26.5''.
CONDITION: Mild scattered craquelure, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1134 Click for larger picture HEMA BALLET PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 30'', signed lower left, depicts a solo ballerina enjoying the applause, gilded gesso frame, 31.5'' x 37.5''.
CONDITION: Frame shows wear, missing gesso, sold as is.
1138 Click for larger picture ETIENNE, Roger, (American, 1923-2011): 2 Mixed Media Oil/Collage of children, 24'' x 18'', both signed and dated 1969, framed, 29'' x 22''.
1155 Click for larger picture 2 LIMITED EDITION DISNEY CARTOON CELS: 2 limited edition cels from the Mickey Mouse 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, 1985, to include 1) Scene from The Alpine Climbers with Mickey and Pluto, #495/950. 2) Scene from The Little Whirlwind with Mickey and Minnie, #4/495. Sight size 11 1/4'' x 15 1/4'', framed 21 1/2'' x 25 1/2''.
1164 Click for larger picture KORGA, Gyorgy, (Hungarian, 1935-): Table Top Still Life with Fruit, Flowers, Porcelain and Silver, 24'' x 36'', signed lower right, 31.5'' X 43.5''.
1168 Click for larger picture FLAGG, James, (American, 1877-1960): Half Abe Lincoln & Half Devil, Charcoal Drawing, 22 x'' 14'', signed lower right, dedicated to Hal Phyfe, framed, 28.5'' x 20.5''.
CONDITION: Toned paper, several tears in the margins, not examined out of frame, sold as is
1175 Click for larger picture WILLIAMS, Walter Henry (American, 1920-1998): Still Life of Watermelon, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower left and written on the canvas verso ''W. Williams'', original painted frame, 23.15''x 27.5''. Williams was born in New York where he studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. Although he moved to Denmark, when he returned briefly to the U.S. he produced a bod of work reflecting his experiences of being an African American living in the South. Est. $6000/9000**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, fleck of paint loss in upper margin, fleck of paint loss in lower mid margin, sold as is.
1192 Click for larger picture COLEMAN, Glenn, (American, 1887-1932): ''Under the Bridge'', Lithograph, sight size 18.5'' x 14.25'', signed in lower margin and dedicated to Charles Simon, dated 1964, framed 23.75'' x 19''. Coleman had a talent for drawing and tried his skill in 1905 New York City. He studied briefly with Ash Can artists Sinn and Henri. He died at the age of 45. Est. $4000/6000**
CONDITION: Mild overall toning, not examined out of frame, sold as is.
1195 Click for larger picture HOPKIN, Robert, (American, 1832-1909): ''The Old Basin, New Orleans'', from sketch made in 1883, Watercolor on Paper laid on Canvas, 18'' x 20'', signed lower right, titled signed and dated verso, framed, 22'' x 23.5''. Est. $1500/2500**
CONDITION: Overall toning, several water drips, small abrasion lower right, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1200 Click for larger picture FARNDON, Walter, (American, 1876-1964): ''The Old Building Near Meadow Bank Building, New York City, New York, Oil/Canvas, 42'' x 35'', signed lower right, fine period gilded gesso frame, 51'' x 43'', several gallery labels affixed verso. This picture was purchased from Christie's in 1998 for a record price of $48,300 (includes buyer premium). Est. $15000/25000**
CONDITION: Relined, scattered touches of inpaint, sold as is.
1203 Click for larger picture 2 STEEL ENGRAVINGS OF WASHINGTON & LINCOLN: 2 Framed steel engravings total to include 1) After Rembrandt Peale, engraved by Adam Walter, portrait of George Washington titled ''Patriae Pater'', facsimile of Washington's signature lower right. Sight size 20'' x 14 3/4'', framed 28'' x 22 3/4''. 2) ''Lincoln and his Family'', after Samuel Bell Waugh, engraved by William Sartain, published by Bradley & Co.. Sight size 19 1/2'' x 25 1/2'', framed 27 1/4'' x 33''.
CONDITION: Both with toning, #2 with minor evidence of insect loss, not examined out of frame, sold as-is.
1205 Click for larger picture GILE, Selden, (American, 1877-1947): Nocturnal Village Landscape, Oil/Canvasboard, 5'' x 5'', signed lower left, framed, 12.25'' x 12.25''. Est. $1500/3000**
1206 Click for larger picture GILE, Selden, (American, 1877-1947): Landscape with Mountains in the Distance, Oil/Canvasboard, 5'' x 5'', signed lower left, framed, 12.25'' x 12.25''. Est. $1500/3000**
1217 Click for larger picture HORTON, Mark, (American, 1960-): Sunset on the Marsh, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 9'', signed lower right, framed, 21'' x 18''. Brother of Bernie Horton, Mark paints regional South Carolina landscape scenes and owns a gallery there. Est. $500/800**
1218 Click for larger picture HARLAN, David, (American, 1933-): ''Changing the Team'', Oil/Masonite, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, framed, 26'' x 29.5'', label with tile verso. Est. $400/600**
1219 Click for larger picture KNOCH, Michael, (American, 20/21st C.): ''A Rain Near to Silver'', Gouache, sight size 6.5'' x 10.75'', signed and titled in the lower margin under the mat, framed, 17'' x 20''. Est. $300/500**
1220 Click for larger picture TRAPP, Wayne, (American, 20/21st C.): Nude Figure Outline on Stage, Watercolor, sight size 22.5'' x 17'', signed lower left, framed, 30'' x 24''. Est. $300/500**
1235 Click for larger picture ZIMMERMAN, Paul, (American, 1921-2007): Abstract ''New England Coast'', Oil/Masonite, 21'' x 37'', signed lower right, titled verso, framed, 28.5'' x 44''. Est. $400/600**
1238 Click for larger picture DELONGPRE, Paul, (American, 1855-1911): Still Life with Apple Blossom and Bumble Bees, Watercolor, sight size 9'' x 13'', signed lower right, period frame, 19.5'' x 23''. Est. $5000/8000**
CONDITION: Frame shows some wear, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1240 Click for larger picture BOARDMAN, William, (American, 1815-1895): ''Sunset on the Tioga River'', a Study of Nature 1860, Oil/Canvasboard, 6.5'' x 12'', inscribed verso, framed, 9.75'' x 15''. William Boardman is known for his miniature portrait paintings. Est. $800/1200**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, several minor flecks, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1241 Click for larger picture SCOTT, Doug, (American, 20th Century): Carved Marble Eagle/Horse/Moose sculpture, 36'' h., 26'' w., signed and dated '98.
CONDITION: Several possible flecks around live edge marble, could be artists intent, sold as is.
1242 Click for larger picture SCOTT, Doug, (American, 20th Century): Carved Eagle and Bison Stone Sculpture, 30'' h., 36'' with wooden plinth, signed on the base.
1243 Click for larger picture SCOTT, Doug, (American, 20th Century): Bird Sculpture, Bronze and Quartz, 15'' h.
1244 Click for larger picture SCOTT, Doug, (American, 20th C.): Wild Horses, Giclee, 20'' x 20'', signed lower right, unframed, numbered AP 3.
1248 Click for larger picture COATES, Edmund, (American, 1816-1871): Lush Mountain Vista Scene with Small Stream and Figures with a Mill and Sheep, Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 30'', signed lower left and dated 1860, contemporary frame, 31'' x 36''. Edmund Coates is known for his sea landscape paintings. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, several scattered touch ups of end paint mostly on lower margin edge.
1254 Click for larger picture FISHER, Hugo Melville, (American, 1878-1946): Country Lakeside Scene with Mother and Child Strolling, Oil/Canvas, 26'' x 28'', signed, lower left, unframed. Est. $400/600**
1255 Click for larger picture FISHER, Hugo Melville (American, 1878-1946): Autumnal Riverside Scene, Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 28'', signed lower right, unstretched. Fisher's father taught him to paint at a young age. He traveled a great deal and spent 16 years in Europe studying with Whistler and Laurens among others. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Needs to be re-stretched and cleaned, several minor abrasions, sold as is.
1260 Click for larger picture HALLAM, Kerry, (British, 1937-): Monte Carlo, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 30'', signed lower left, framed, 30'' x 35.5''. Est. $600/800**
1265 Click for larger picture BUTCHER, Clyde, (American, 20th C.): ''Dunes'', Color Photograph, sight size 14'' x 20'', pencil signed on the mat, titled and numbered lower left 142/250 HPA, framed, 22'' x 28.5'', artist's stamp verso, with signature and dated 1983.
1268 Click for larger picture BLACK AMERICANA FOLK ART JEFFERSON MINSTRELS PAINTING: Portrait of a Young African American Man, Oil/Tin, 23.5'' x 17.5, unframed. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Some scattered abrasions with some loss, sold as is.
1269 Click for larger picture BLACK AMERICANA FOLK ART PAINTING: ''There's Many a Slip'', Watercolor, 12'' x 7.5'', monogrammed lower right ''ED'', dated '04, contemporary metal frame, 18'' x 14.5''.
CONDITION: Several scattered abrasions, toned throughout, staining in lower margin with several other spots of staining, sold as is.
1274 Click for larger picture FRIEDLANDER, Jonny, (French/Polish, 1912-1992): Abstract Composition, Etching, sight size 19.5'' x 23.5'', pencil signed lower right, numbered lower left 92/95, framed, 30.5'' x 33.5''.
CONDITION: Several visible handling creases, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1275 Click for larger picture CUGAT, Ruth, (American, 1898-1973): ''A Quiet Street, Spain'', Etching, sight size 9.5'' x 7.5'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 8/50 lower left, titled, framed, 16'' x 13''.
CONDITION: Visible toning, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1285 Click for larger picture PARSHALL, Douglass, (American, 1899-1990): ''Sunday Picnic'', Oil/Masonite, 10'' x 12'', signed lower left, signed and titled verso dated 1968, framed 16.5'' x 17.5''. Parshall traveled extensively and used mixed media to paint very diverse subject matter. His art was in a variety of exhibits, he taught and his works in in the collections of numerous collectors and museums. Est. $400/600**
1286 Click for larger picture PARSHALL, Douglass, (American, 1899-1990): ''Tropical Plants'', Oil/Canvasboard, sight size 7.75'' x 9.75'', signed lower right, signed and dated 1920 verso with an excerpt of the artist by Janice Lovoos for American Artist Magazine 1961, original frame. 13.5'' x 15.5''. Est. $400/600**
1295 Click for larger picture HOPPE, Robert, (American, 1934-2008): ''Shall We Dance'', Artist Proof Lithograph, sight size 22'' x 32'', pencil signed lower right, custom frame and matting, 33.5'' x 42''.
CONDITION: Several pale spots of foxing, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1296 Click for larger picture HOPPE, Robert, (American, 1934-2008): ''Opening Night'', Lithograph, sight size 32'' x 22'', pencil signed lower right, marked SP 18 lower left, custom frame and matting, 41'' x 33''.
1299 Click for larger picture LARGE EUROPEAN NAVAL BATTLE PAINTING: 20TH C., Oil/Canvas, French vs unknown, 43.5'' x 63'', unsigned, framed, 46.5'' x 66''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Could use cleaning, sold as is.
1301 Click for larger picture WYLAND, Robert, (American, 20th century): ''First Breath'' Acrylic sculpture, limited edition number 29/750. Figure of a mother Humpback whale guiding her calf to the surface, cast in amethyst acrylic. Signed and dated 1992, overall measures 34 1/4'' h. x 20 1/2''
1303 Click for larger picture JACKSON, Alfred, (American, 1940-2001): Still Life with Apples and Copper Mug, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, framed, 24'' x 28''.
1307 Click for larger picture DOMBEK, George, (American, 1944-): Abstract Watercolor, 24'' x 38'', signed lower right, framed, 33.75'' x 48''.
CONDITION: Some possible water spotting, not sure if this was intended by the artist, sold as is.
1308 Click for larger picture DOMBEK, George, (American, 1944-): Abstract Watercolor, 24'' x 38'', signed lower right, framed, 33.75'' x 48''.
CONDITION: Some possible water spotting, not sure if this was intended by the artist, sold as is.
1314 Click for larger picture CURRIER AND IVES AMERICAN FIELD SPORTS LITHOGRAPH: ''Flush'd'' from the American Field Sports series featuring 2 dogs flushing quail, sight size 20 1/2'' x 27 1/4'', matted and framed 30 1/2'' x 37 3/4''.
CONDITION: Visible tear in title, laid down, toning, sold as-is.
1315 Click for larger picture EARLY PORTRAIT PAINTING AFTER REMBRANDT: Oil/Canvas, 25.75'' x 22.5'', framed, 31'' x 28''. Rembrandt painted dozens of self-portraits over the length of his career, cast him in a variety of roles. This copy, painted in the same scale as the original, portrays the young artist as a distinguished Dutch court painter and intellectual. The gold chain, granted by nobles to their court painters, was not his own, as he was not affiliated with any court at the time of the work's completion around 1634. His beret, not in fashion at the time, had been adopted as a part of academic regalia and may symbolize the artist's self-identification as a genius. Painted in the midst of a decades-long war with Spain, Rembrandt's portrait also bears nationalistic associations. The armored collar, or gorget, that the artist wears and his direct engagement with the viewer portray two widely-publicized attributes of the Dutch people during Rembrandt's day: their military prowess and straightforwardness. St. John's Athenaeum website
CONDITION: Scattered punctures and abrasions with loss, needs cleaning, patches verso, sold as is.
1318 Click for larger picture LARGE PAINTING YOUNG ITALIAN GIRL WITH BASKET: Oil/Canvas, 40'' x 24'', gilded gesso frame, 49'' x 32''.
CONDITION: Frame shows wear and missing gesso, sold as is.
1320 Click for larger picture MINIATURE PAINTING OF LAKE GENEVA BY JOHANN PAUL: Oil/Canvasboard, sight size 5.5'' x 7'', pencil signed verso, period gilded frame, 11.5'' x 13''.
CONDITION: Stress cracking throughout surface of painting with no loss.
1332 Click for larger picture SCHUSTER, Ken, (American, 20th century): Borscht Soup, Photograph, sight size 12'' x 11.75'', signed lower left, numbered 3/25, framed, 21.75'' x 21.75''.
1343 Click for larger picture CABLE, Lee, (American, 1943-): Trout on the Line, Watercolor/Gouache, sight size 6.5'' x 9.5'', matted, 12.5'' x 15.5''. Est. $600/800**
1345 Click for larger picture BLACK, Al, (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwaymen sunrise backwaters landscape with trees, birds and flowers, Oil/Masonite, signed lower right, 14 1/4'' x 18 1/4'', framed 17 1/2'' x 21 1/2''. Est. $500/700**
1346 Click for larger picture NEWTON, Lem, (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwayman Landscape with Poinciana, Oil/Masonite, 23.75'' x 48'', signed lower right, framed, 28.5'' x 52.5'', purchased directly from artist, one of the last painting of this size he painted.
1347 Click for larger picture WHEELER, Charles ''Chico'', (American, 20th Century): Costal Sunset, Oil/Masonite, 22'' x 26'', signed lower right, framed, 25'' x 29.5''.
1349 Click for larger picture COCHRAN, Gifford, (American, b.1906): 4 Paintings to include, 1) Workers in a Southern Field, Watercolor, 11.5'' x 17'', signed lower right, dated '54, framed, 23'' x 29''; 2) ''Down to The Lake'', Florida Scene, Watercolor, 21.5'' x 28.5'', signed lower left and dated 1959, Title verso, unframed; 3) Stair at Rosehall, Watercolor, sight size 14.5'' x 16.75, signed lower right and dated '55, matted, 20.5'' x 22.25'', unframed; 4) Florida Swamp Scene with Cypress and Flamingos, Watercolor, 30'' x 22'', signed lower right and dated '62, unframed.00 Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: 1) Several spots of foxing, not examined out of frame, sold as is; 4) Several minor abrasions, some water staining in left margin, tack holes around margin edges, sold as is.
1354 Click for larger picture 3 STEVEN CHASE TATOM BRONZE FETISH ANIMALS: 3 pieces total from Southwest artist to include 1-2) Figural bears one with stone appearance, #12/300, the other #41/300, measure 3 1/4'' h. x 6''. 3) Bronze and stone buffalo, #137, 5 1/2'' h. x 3 1/4''.
1355 Click for larger picture ARAPAHO WITH TRAVOIS CABINET PHOTO: Late 19th century cabinet photograph of an Arapaho Native American woman on horseback with travois sled and children in carrier by H. D. Webster, Laramie, Wyoming. Sight size in matte 3 1/2'' x 5'', overall cabinet card 4 1/4'' x 7''. Framed and matted 10 3/4'' x 13 1/4''.
CONDITION: Cabinet card has had lower corners trimmed to fit matte, silicone glue residue to front photo in oval pattern, we have not removed the photo all the way from matte. Sold as-is.
1356 Click for larger picture SAPHIER, Louis, (American, 1877-1954): Maritime Scene with Sailboats and Rowboats, Oil/Canvasboard, 17'' x 14'', signed lower left, framed, 22.5'' x 19.5.
1357 Click for larger picture NEWTON, Lemuel ''Lem'', (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwaymen St. Johns River stand of trees landscape, Oil/Upson, signed lower right, 24'' x 18'', framed 26'' x 20''. Est. $400/600**
1358 Click for larger picture LEWIS, Robert L. (American, 20th Century): Florida Highwaymen backwaters landscape with trees and birds, Oil/Canvasboard, signed lower right, 18'' x 14'', framed 23 1/4'' x 19 1/4''. Est. $300/500**
1359 Click for larger picture DANIELS, Willie, (American, 20th Century): Unsigned attribution to Willie Daniels, Florida Highwaymen landscape with trees, docks, and birds, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 18'', framed 27'' x 21''. Est. $300/500**
1362 Click for larger picture DANNER, Vance Weller, (American, 1920-1992): Southwest Desert Landscape, Oil on Canvas, signed lower right, 16'' x 20'', framed, 20.5'' x 24.5''.
1363 Click for larger picture FRAMED VINTAGE FRUIT LABELS: 5 vintage 9'' x 9'' fruit and orange crate labels in a single frame, the 4 Florida to include 1) Shine Brand, Orlando. 2) Maid of Athens, Seville. 3) Sunshine Fruits from Burdines, Miami. 4) Four X brand. The fifth label is Night Rider from Mexico / Texas. Frame measures 29 1/2'' x 41 1/2''. Est. $200/300**
CONDITION: Maid of Athens show fold lines and tear, not examined out of frame.
1366 Click for larger picture HUERTAS, Segundo, (Argentina, 1923-2010): River Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 36'' x 36'', signed lower right, framed, 43.5'' x 43.5''.
1368 Click for larger picture REPRODUCTION PAINTING OF PARIS MAP FROM 1600: Oil/Burlap Canvas laid on board, 37'' x 47'', framed, 41.5'' x 52''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Believed to be contemporary in manufacture, distressed to look older, and as such, is missing areas of paint, sold as is.
1375 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY OF A YOUNG BEAUTY WAITING BY THE SEASIDE: Oil/Canvas, 35.5'' x 24'', period frame, 48'' x 36''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, minor craquelure, frame shows ear, minor flecks of paint loss, sold as is.
1378 Click for larger picture FINE 19th C. MINIATURE PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL: 3.25'' x 2.5'', no visible signature, gilt metal frame, 8'' x 5''.
CONDITION: Small signs of water smudge in lower margin, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1379 Click for larger picture MINIATURE PORTRAIT PAINTING OF A GENTLEMAN: Oval sight size 3.5'' x 2.75'', faux tortoise shell framed, 7'' x 6''.
1380 Click for larger picture MOORE, Benson Bond, (American, 1882-1974): Polo Match, Etching, 11.5'' x 8.5'' with margins, pencil signed lower left, edition of 50, unframed, tipped to mat.
CONDITION: Paper is very thin along impression edges, most notably the left margin, overall even light toning, small abrasion and fleck upper left corner, sold as is.
1392 Click for larger picture LARGE CONTEMPORARY OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION: Depicts portrait of Elizabethan Couple, Oil/Canvas, 40'' x 30'', framed, 57'' x 36''.
1395 Click for larger picture LE KINFF, Linda, (French, 1949-): ''Confort'', Mixed Media, 19.5''x 25.5'', signed lower right, dated 2002, unframed. Linda Le Kinff is known for painting. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions, dirt blemishes, sold as is.
1398 Click for larger picture 2 EROTIC ORIENTAL PORCELAIN PLAQUES: 9.5'' diameter, framed, 18'' x 18''.
1400 Click for larger picture SLUTSKY, Stan, (American, 20th Century): Geometric Acrylic on Wood, 11'' x 16'', signed verso, dated 1990.
1403 Click for larger picture FREEDLANDER, Arthur, (American, 1875-1940): Portrait of a Young Girl, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 16'', signed lower right, framed, 28'' x 24''.
CONDITION: Mild craquelure, needs cleaning, frame has small piece of missing gesso, sold as is.
1408 Click for larger picture NIGERIAN CARVED WOOD WALL PLAQUE: Carved plaque with figural bust of 10 identified African leaders from pharaohs to Nelson Mandela. Marked on back Joe Agho Arts Center, Bendal State, Nigerian. Measures 42 1/4'' h. x 21 1/4'' x 1''.
1410 Click for larger picture YOSHIDA, Toshi, (Japanese, 1911-1995): ''Heirinji Temple Bell'', Woodblock, sight size 15.25'' x 10'', pencil signed lower right, framed, 21'' x 15''.
1432 Click for larger picture LARGE CONTEMPORARY CAVALIER OIL/CANVAS HEAVY ORNATE FRAME: 48'' x 36'', framed, 62.5'' x 51''.

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