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Sunday, December 09, 2012

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
351 Click for larger picture 10K SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND NECKLACE: 10K white gold necklace dangles a single pear cut sapphire. Weight: .50 Ct. Approx. 19 round single cut diamonds. Weight: .10 Ct. Approx. I1 in clarity and I-J in color. The sapphires and diamonds are prong set. Length: 18'' Weight: 4.7 grams. 250
352 Click for larger picture 14K OPAL TRIPLET NECKLACE: 14K yellow gold necklace contains one round brilliant cut diamond. Weight: .03 Ct. Approx. Rated VS in clarity and H-I in color. Freeform shaped black opal triplet with blue/green play-of-color. The opal and diamond are prong set. 14K 18'' chain. Weight: 4.3 grams. 225
352A Click for larger picture 14K OPAL EARRINGS: 14k yellow gold post earrings each set with three small marquise cut opals, 2.3 grams. 175
353 Click for larger picture TIRSCHENREUTH BAVARIAN GILT PORCELAIN COFFEE SET: 3 piece set with all over gilt floral design. The pot measures 9'' tall.
CONDITION: Never used wedding gift.
354 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN SAROUK HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 4' 10'' x 3' 6 1/2'': This Sarouk has another mostly typical design and colors of rugs woven in the area. The sprays of flowers on the red field are enhanced by the addition of four flower vases, two on each side of the center facing into the center. The main border of the rug has a black ground that is covered with a design of three smaller flowers on a vine and then a larger flower.
CONDITION: There are some obvious areas of wear and some color run, probably from its initial wash.
355 Click for larger picture 4 ART NOUVEAU STERLING LIDDED DRESSER JARS: 4 pieces total to include 1) Unger Brothers woman in water with water lilies. 2) 3 others marked sterling with woman and flowers motifs. One monogrammed. Largest 3 3/4'' h. x 4'' dia.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches, we cannot guarantee all bases original to tops.
356 Click for larger picture 3 FOSTER & BAILEY ART NOUVEAU STERLING HAND MIRRORS: 3 pieces total, all by Foster & Bailey to include 1) Woman lying in hammock with farm scene behind. 10 1/4'' long. 2) Woman with bird on head and roses, deeply recessed, 9'' long. 3) Woman looking at birds, missing mirror, monogrammed, 9 1/2''.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches.
357 Click for larger picture 3 ART NOUVEAU STERLING HAND MIRRORS: 3 pieces total to include 1) Marshall Field woman holding lily and floral motif, 8 3/4''. 2) Sterling woman below flowers, monogrammed, 9 3/4''. 3) Sterling woman above flowers, missing mirror, 8 3/4''.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches.
358 Click for larger picture STRAND OF CULTURED FRESH WATER PEARLS: 9 to 9.5 mm white pearls, double knotted, 14k yellow gold clasp, 24''l. 250
359 Click for larger picture 14K MABE PEARL ENHANCER PENDANT: 14K yellow gold enhancer pendant contains one pear shaped 20.00 x 14.00 mm cultured mabe pearl. Cream in color. One round brilliant cut diamond. Weight: .05 Ct. Approx. Rated VS in clarity and G-H in color. The pearl and diamond are prong set. Hinged bail. Mounting weight: 2.5 grams approx. 175
360 Click for larger picture ORIENTAL CLOISONNE & IVORY FIGURE OF 2 WOMEN: Figures of 2 women dressed in their finest with carved ivory heads and hands, cloisonne dresses, one woman holding a fan. Affixed to wood base. 11'' h. x 4 3/4'' x 3 1/4''.
CONDITION: Shipping outside of the U.S. is not available for this lot. Missing fingers on smaller woman.
361 Click for larger picture SILVER OVERLAY DECANTER: Floral silver overlay, monogrammed and dated '92. Marked on base Solid Silver, no makers mark. Overall measures 8 3/8'' h. x 4 1/4'' dia.
CONDITION: Note damage to glass on base and sides, stopper frozen in neck.
362 Click for larger picture 8 ART NOUVEAU STERLING MOUNTED VESSELS: 8 pieces total to include 1) Sterling woman with finger at mouth, hinged lid, illegible makers mark, 3 1/4'' h. x 2 1/4''. 2) Foster & Bailey fitted lid, woman reclining in hammock. 3) Foster & Bailey tilted lid woman's head in flowers. 4) Unger Brothers Dawn pattern fitted lid. 5) Unger Brothers He Love Me pattern fitted lid. 6) Unger Brothers woman's face fitted lid. 7) L-V in flag hallmark woman on side with cherub fitted lid. 8) B in diamond woman with mirror fitted lid.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches. Flea bites and chips to glass, we cannot guarantee all bases original to tops.
363 Click for larger picture 9 STERLING ART NOUVEAU MILITARY BRUSHES: 8 pieces total to include 1) Unger Brothers floral motif. 2) Kerr floral motif, missing bristles. 3) Pair sterling with dragonfly motifs. 4) 5 others with unknown makers or no makers mark. 4 1/2'' x 1 3/4''. All pieces monogrammed.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches, note some dings are fairly heavy dings.
364 Click for larger picture 8 ART NOUVEAU STERLING BUCKLES & CLIPS: 8 pieces total to include 1) Large Shiebler hair clip with chrysanthemums at either ends. 7 1/4'' l. 2) Gorham vermeil winged woman buckle. 3) 2 La Pierre floral buckles. 4) Howard? coin shaped buckle with woman, butterfly and flowers. 5) Foster & Bailey coin shaped buckle with woman and birds. 6) Foster & Bailey woman among flowers buckle. 7) Sterling woman among flowers clip. Approx. 4.6 troy oz.
CONDITION: Expected dings and scratches.
365 Click for larger picture WYETH, Andrew, (American, 1917- ): ''The Quaker'', Collotype, Sight size 20'' x 21 3/4'', encased in original Wyeth replica frame 27'' x 29 1/4'', Wyeth Masterpiece Triton Galleries information affixed verso.
CONDITION: Several areas of insect damage in the lower margin, not under glass.
366 Click for larger picture 7 PIECE CARVED IVORY OKIMONO: To include 3 men with rakes and 4 women with brooms, one unsigned. Tallest measures 3 1/8''.
CONDITION: Shipping outside the United States in not allowed on this lot. Note chips to one.
367 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE PIECE GROUP JAPANESE BANKO POTTERY: Also known as Sumida Gawa. A 9 1/2'' vase and 3 mugs , 4 1/2''. 125
368 Click for larger picture TWO PAIRS STERLING & GOLD EARRINGS: 1) Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold button earrings, bears the hallmark of James Avery. 2) 14K earrings contain two emerald cut amethyst, approx. 7.00 Ct. The amethyst are prong set. Gold Weight: 1.8 grams approx. Sterling weight: 6.00 grams approx. High: 250. Low: 225. Start: 200. Scrap: 47. 150
369 Click for larger picture .25 CT. MARQUIS DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING: 14K yellow gold ring contains one marquise cut diamond. Weight: .25 Ct. Approx. Rated SI1 in clarity and I in color. The diamond is prong set. Weight: 4.8 grams. Size: 8 175
370 Click for larger picture GOOD SERENE WINTER WOODLAND SCENE WITH STREAM: Oil/Wood, 12'' x 16'', illegibly signed lower right, carved wood frame, 15'' x 19''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure and several minor abrasions with paint loss.
371 Click for larger picture ASIAN SATSUMA EARTHENWARE LAMP: Polychrome pottery measures 22'', the lamp is 38'' tall overall. 125
372 Click for larger picture C. GONZALEZ ESCUDERO LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, Late 19th Century, 15 3/4'' x 24'', signed lower left, encased in painted and gilded frame with wear, 23 3/4'' x 29 3/4''.
CONDITION: Craquelure throughout, some missing paint along the upper margin edges, visible area of missing paint in lower left corner, heavy impasto, several patches visible verso, and scattered flecks of paint loss throughout.
376 Click for larger picture 22 PIECE WEDGWOOD MINIATURES: Mostly jasperware, to include clock, covered jars, pitchers and 10 pats. The Wedgwood Strawberry thimble is the smallest piece at 1''. The tallest jar measures 5.5''. 200
381 Click for larger picture 14 CONTEMPORARY AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS ON POLITICAL SUBJECTS: All signed first editions to include ''The Guts to Try'', Col. James H. Kyle, 1990; ''America By Heart'', Sarah Palin, 2010; ''Dallas Justice, The Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial'', Melvin M. Belli, 1964; ''Silent Coup, The Removal of a President'' Len Colodny and Robert Gettling, 1991, signed by Colodny; ''Ten Minutes From Normal'', Karen Hughes, 2004; ''Center of the Storm'', Katherine Harris, 2002; ''Beyond the Horizons, The Lockheed Story'', Walter J. Boyne, signed by the author and 3 former CEO's of Lockheed; ''The Right and the Power, The Prosecution of Watergate'', Leon Jaworiski, 1976; ''The World is my Home, A Memoir'', James Michener, 1992; ''Standing Firm'', Dan Quayle, 1994; ''The Secret War Against the Jews'', John Loftus and Mark Aarons, 1994; ''Under Fire, An American Story'', Oliver L. North, 1991; ''Caveat, Realism, Reagan, and Foreign Policy'', Alexander M. Haig, 1994; ''Secrets, A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers'', Daniel Ellsberg, 2002. All with original dust jackets.
CONDITION: Dust jackets in varying conditions, sold as-is.
382 Click for larger picture 11 CONTEMPORARY AUTOGRAPHED SPORTS BOOKS: Mostly first editions to include ''Do You Love Football?'', John Gruden and Vic Carucci, 2003, signed by Gruden; ''What Losing Taught Me About Winning'', Fran Tarkenton and Wes Smith, 1997, signed by Tarkenton; ''I Call the Shots'', Johnny Miller and Guy Yocom, 2004, signed by Miller; 2 ''Breaking the Surface'' Greg Louganis and Eric Marcus, 1995, signed by Louganis; ''Winning the NFL Way'', Bob LaMonte and Robert L. Shook, 2004 signed by LaMonte and another; ''Bo Knows Bo'', Bo Jackson and Dick Schaap, 1988, signed by Jackson; ''Bear's Boys'', Eli Gold and M.B. Roberts, 2007, signed by Gold; ''Undue Process, the NCAA's Injustice for All'', Don Yeager, 1991; ''Not at Any Price, Integrity in Professional Sports'', Vincent J. Bartimo and Rosalind P. Miller, 2006, signed by both; ''McKay, A Coach's Story'', John Mckay and Jim Perry, 1975, signed by McKay. All with original dust jackets.
CONDITION: Dust jackets in varying conditions, sold as-is.
385 Click for larger picture THREE PIECE CHARLES HARPER SERIGRAPH LOT: To include; 1) ''Pelican Pantry'', Sight size 15'' x 15'', pencil signed lower right, #'d 1411/1500, metal frame 21 1/4'' x 21 1/4''. 2) ''Lovey Dovey'', Sight size 15'' x 14 3/4'', pencil signed lower right, #'d 2192/2500, worn metal frame 24'' x 23 1/2''. 3) ''Romance on the Richter Scale'', Sight size 17'' x 13 1/4'', pencil signed lower right, #'d 169/1500, metal frame 24 1/4'' x 20 1/2''.
CONDITION: 1) Scattered foxing throughout. 2) Scattered foxing.
386 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 5 MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS: 6 pieces total to include 5 Morgan dollars 1878, 2 1880, 1882-O, 1896. Sold with a 1924 Peace dollar. Estate finds, ungraded. 175
387 Click for larger picture ESTATE COLLECTION OF US SILVER COINS: Approx. 25 coins to include 4 Baber half dollars 1902, 1904, 1906, 1911; 3 Walking Liberty half dollars 1941, 1942, 1944; 5 Franklin half dollars 1951, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963; 2 1964 Kennedy halfs and one 1967 clad Kennedy half; 1 illegible date Barber quarter, 3 Washington quarters 1953-D, 1958-D, 1960-D; 5 mercury dimes 1940, 1941-D, 1942, 1943-D, 1944; 1 Roosevelt dime 1964. Estate finds, ungraded. 200
388 Click for larger picture 3 US CAPPED BUST SILVER HALF DOLLARS: To include 1824, 1834, 1835. Estate finds, ungraded. 150
390 Click for larger picture MUNINGER, Ludwig, (German, 1923-1997): Berchtesgaden Alpine Lake Scene, Oil/Canvas, 23 3/4'' x 31 3/4'', signed lower left, titled in the stretcher verso, carved and gilded frame with minor wear, 29 1/4'' x 37''.
CONDITION: Several small flecks of paint loss, very good overall.
390A Click for larger picture SET OF 6 FRENCH LIMOGES PLATES: Jean Pouyat, Ca. 1914-1932. Wild roses with lacy gold border in an Art Nouveau design. 9 3/4'' dia. 175
391 Click for larger picture THEODORE HAVILAND FRENCH LIMOGES ''PARADISE'' CHINA: Bird decorated china luncheon set to include 12 plates (8 1/2''), 6 cream soups with saucers. The six 6 bouillon cups with saucers are by Noritake in the Modesta pattern. 100
392 Click for larger picture A COLLECTION OF 13 WEDGWOOD COVERED BOXES: To include the 4 suite boxes, egg, fan, round and heart boxes. The largest being 2''h. x 4 1/4''. the smallest 1 1/2'' x 4 1/2''. 150
393 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 10 WEDGWOOD MINIATURE COVERED BOXES: To include Peter Rabbit egg, hearts and round boxes. The smallest being the 1.5'' square blue and white box, the largest is 1 1/2'' tall x 4''. 100
394 Click for larger picture 6 PIECE BLACK AND BASALT WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE: 5 covered jars and a crimson decorated syrup commemorating the royal wedding 1981 with images of Charles & Diana. Largest is 5 1/2'', smallest is the 1.5'' jar. 150
395 Click for larger picture MOORE, Benson Bond, (American, 1882-1974): Fishing Bird, Hand Colored Lithograph, Sight size 15 3/4'' x 11 3/4'', signed lower left, #'d 100 lower right, monogrammed within the print BM lower right, encased in gilded frame 23'' x 19''. 100
396 Click for larger picture LARGE GROUP OF WEDGWOOD BLUE JASPERWARE: To include Collector Society pieces, loving cup, 11 covered jars, 2 vases, pen tray. The largest piece being the 6.5'' covered jar, the smallest are the 4'' shakers. 325
397 Click for larger picture 6 PIECE WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE: To include the sought after crimson pitcher, 7 1/2'', Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee syrup, 2 coral covered boxes, a three color pitcher and a 9'' plate. 375
398 Click for larger picture MATANIA, Pablo, (Brazilian, 20th Century): Impressionist Scene with Mother & Children on Beach, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 17 3/4'', signed lower right, framed, 16 1/4'' x 22''. 150
399 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE CHINESE NICHOLS HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 5' 8 1/2'' x 8' 6 1/2'': This rug has a somewhat unusual central design motif and coloring. The grey green ground has a white central medallion with red and beige accents and pale blue columns on either side of the field. Smaller blue columns come out of the medallion and into red, beige, and white stylized sprays of flowers. The main border has a mauve-pink ground that is decorated with flowers in the colors used in the field of the rug. Condition is good. 450
400 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE BRASS AND CRYSTAL GIRONDAL SET: Figural 3 light centerpiece with crystal prisms, affixed to marble base, measures 16 1/2'' x 13 3/4'' x 4''. Matching single light side pieces measure 14'' x 6'' x 4''. 100

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