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Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
251 Click for larger picture BURLIN, Patricia, (American, 20th Century): ''Blooming Cactus'', Watercolor, sight size 28'' x 20'', signed lower right, labeled verso with title, framed, 36'' x 28''. 200
251A Click for larger picture BURLIN, Patricia, (American, 20th Century): ''Wandering Vine'', Watercolor, sight size 19 1/2'' x 26 1/2'', signed lower right, labeled verso, framed, 30'' x 36''. 150
252A Click for larger picture BURLIN, Patricia, (American, 20th Century): ''The Resting Place'', Watercolor, sight size 9'' x 20 3/4'', signed lower right, labeled verso, framed, 20'' x 32''. 200
253 Click for larger picture SILBURT, Josh, (Canadian, 1914-1992): ''Rock & Trees'', Oil/Masonite, 12'' x 16'', signed and titled verso, Rousseau, Ontario, Ex #12-191, framed 17'' x 21''. Early work by this artist. 225
254 Click for larger picture MODERN INDO-PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 9' x 11' 10'': This room size rug has a very soft color palette including a pale mauve pink, pale blue, white, and accents of cranberry and black. The entire field is covered with a tracery design of flowers, vines and leaves with no central medallion. The main border of the rug has a white ground and the two guard borders have a pale blue ground. This would be a good bedroom rug. Condition is good. 400
256 Click for larger picture EARLY 19TH CENTURY ANTON GMEINER GERMAN DOUBLE BARREL FLINTLOCK SPORTING GUN: 26 3/4'' double barrel signed Anton Gmeiner on barrel rib and both lockplates. Presentation in German on stock. This example is in unfortunate condition. 42 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note will require conservation, portion of stock missing, trigger guard missing. Sold as-is.
257 Click for larger picture ALBERT STAEHLE GERMAN DOUBLE BARREL SPORTING GUN: 29 1/2'' damascus side by side barrels, marked Albert Staehle in Wien on rib. Mid to late 19th century. Engraved lockplates marked A. Staehle in Wien. Shaped and carved stock with checker design. Action frozen. 45 3/4'' overall.
CONDITION: Note scratches and nicks to wood, dark age and light areas of peppering overall.
258 Click for larger picture L. J. CHURCH DOUBLE BARREL PERCUSSION SPORTING GUN: 33'' side by side shotgun and rifle marked on barrel rib and both lockplates L. J. Church Tecumseh Mich.. Mid to late 19th century, small decorated patch box and brass furniture. Action does not hold on one side. 49 1/2'' overall.
CONDITION: Note large crack on buttstock at lockplates, missing inlay, barrel rib rising at end site, dark age stain and peppering to metal, nicks and scratches to wood.
259 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE DERRINGERS & PEPPERBOX PISTOLS: To include 1) C. Sharps 4 barrel pepperbox. Some original blue left on 3 1/2 barrel. 2) Unmarked double barrel percussion derringer. 3) Unmarked double barrel derringer with nickel finish. 4) Single barrel percussion derringer.
CONDITION: All in poor condition and sold as-is.
260 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE COLT SINGLE ACTION RELIC PISTOLS: One reputedly found in South Dakota, other in Las Crusas New Mexico. No visible markings, non functioning.
CONDITION: In poor as found condition.
261 Click for larger picture DIAMOND BAR STYLE TENNIS BRACELET: 14K yellow gold bracelet contains 47 round brilliant cut diamonds. Weight: 2.50 Ct. approx. Rated SI in clarity and I-J in color. The diamonds are prong set. Weight: 13.9 grams. Length: 7'' 550
262 Click for larger picture 1.5ctw DIAMOND WAVE RING: 14k yellow gold ring set with 23 round brilliant cut diamonds, H-I color and I1 clarity, 5.1 grams, size 7.5. Sold with current Florida Diamond Appraisers GIA appraisal, $2400 retail replacement value. 550
263 Click for larger picture WWII POW RUSSEL MORIARTY MEMORABILIA & MEDALS: Capt Russell Moriarty was a WWII Prisoner of War rescued by French and given new identity. Collection includes 2 Air Medals, POW set medals. Carved and inlaid POW camp box containing sterling wings, patches and emblems. Scrap book containing home life and series of photos with pilot friend in group shot, then one hour later being loaded onto air ambulance after plane stalled, friend later died. Assorted books, and wall hanging dedications. 250
263A Click for larger picture INDIAN WARS ERA US ARMY BELT RIG: Later 19th century leather belt, US buckle, US cartridge box, Model 1873 Springfield bayonet, scabbard and leather frog attached. Sold with WWII era canvas belt.
CONDITION: Note rig shows signs of use and wear.
264 Click for larger picture SEMI ANTIQUE PERSIAN KERMAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3' 10'' x 6' 11'': This pretty rug has a traditional design found on Kermans of a field that is almost completely covered with the medallion, some floating motifs and similar motifs that are from the irregularly edged border. There are Paisley designs in the corners of the border as well as in the field of the rug. The palette of the rug includes rose reds or pinks, shades of blue, beige and lavender on an ivory ground.
CONDITION: There are some stains.
266 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF WWII & VIETNAM ERA BOOKS: 10 books to include 1) A History of the Second United States Armored Division. 2) The Old Breed by George McMillan, 1979. 3) 493rd Engineer Heavy Machine Shop, 1942-1945. 4) USS Enterprise Combat Zone 1965-66. 5) USS Boston Vietnam Cruise 1967. 6) USS Boston Vietnam Cruise 1968. 7) Patrol Squadron 4 Odyssey 1959-60. 8) 15th Air Force Story, 1976. 9)Battery Adjust, Fort Sill Oklahoma, CCC 17. 10)National Timberwolf Roster 104th Infantry 1988.
CONDITION: All books have varying condition issues, but all complete. Sold as-is.
267 Click for larger picture DORNY, Bertrand, (French, 1931-): Abstract Composition, Aquatint & Etching, sight size 29'' x 21 1/2'', pencil signed and numbered 28/50, original gilded frame with wear, 37'' x 29 1/2''. 150
268 Click for larger picture MODERN PERSIAN SENNA KILIM HAND WOVEN RUG,4' 2'' x 5' 11'': This finely woven reversible flat weave rug has a more curvilinear design than most kilims. That can only be achieved when the weave is finer than usual. The soft colors of pale red, aqua blue, white, yellow, beige and blue are used in a design that radiates out from a small central white ground medallion. Next is a red ground, then an aqua ground, then white again finally with red ground corners in the main field. The aqua ground main border has a ball like motif that uses all the colors that are found in the rest of the rug. Condition is very good although one side is not as vibrant as the other. 150
269 Click for larger picture C. JERE METAL WALL ART SCULPTURE TREES: 22'' x 44'', signed and dated 1973. 200
270 Click for larger picture CLINEDINST, May Spear, (American, 1887-1960): Old Man By Sea, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 20'', signed lower left, gilded frame, 29'' x 25''.
CONDITION: Small flecks scattered, some stretcher bar wear, pin holes in all four corners.
271 Click for larger picture MODERN PAKISTANI PERSIAN DESIGN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 7' 8'' x 11' 9'': This pretty room size rug has a small overall pattern of flowers, palmettes and leaves intertwined by connecting vines in colors of red, yellow, pink, beige, green and blue on a white or ivory field. The main border has a red ground covered with sprays of flowers, and the guard borders have blue and red flowers edged by stylized leaves to complete the frame of the rug. Condition is good but would look even better after a good cleaning. 250
272 Click for larger picture ORIENTALIST CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN VASE: Handpainted pillow vase with equally important images on either side, maidens or Moorish landscape with figures. Gilding on the rim and sides. Unmarked as to maker. 9''h. x 13'' c 3 1/2''.
CONDITION: Wear to the gold on the interior.
273 Click for larger picture WATKINS, William Reginald, (American, 1850 - 1985): ''Sunlight and Shade'', Impressionist landscape with farm house, trees, and fence, Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 30'', signed and dated 1932, painted frame with minor wear, 30 1/2'' x 35 1/4'', exhibition label from Corcoran Gallery of Art 13th exhibition of contemporary American oil paintings 1932-1933. 300
274 Click for larger picture DOUBLE MAHOGANY PEDESTAL GLASS TOP DINING TABLE: 20th century production. Pdestals on 4 feet with brass caps 288 1/2'' h. x 36 1/2'' base dia., glass top approx. 44 1/2'' x 88''. 150
276 Click for larger picture MODERN AMERICAN KARASTAN MACHINE WOVEN WOOL RUG, 8'8'' x 12': This pretty, mostly green rug has a traditional Persian garden design done in non traditional colors. The large flower heads and palmettes that are joined by vines and leaves are executed in soft colors that would be easy to decorate with. The border of navy blue with alternating Cypress trees and sprays of flowers completes the picture. Condition is very good. This rug originally cost over $2000! 150
277 Click for larger picture C. JERE METAL WALL ART SCULPTURE WITH FOLIATE MOTIF: 45'' x 20'', signed and dated 1984. 150
278 Click for larger picture PALUMBO, Alphonse, (American, 1892-1947): Landscape with House on a Lake, OIL/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed, gilded frame with wear, 20'' x 24''.
CONDITION: Several flecks of paint loss, needs cleaning.
279 Click for larger picture MODERN PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 9' 8'' x 12' 6'': This rug has a pretty color palette of red, several shades of blue, peach, ivory, and beige. The light colored central medallion sits on a red field that is bordered with a medium blue ground that has corners that use the same colors of the medallion. These same colors make up the colors of the guard borders with the deep blue ground main border completing the picture. The overall effect is very pleasing. Condition is good although there are some cotton knots from the back showing in the field. 350
282 Click for larger picture ORVIS ROCKY MOUNTAIN 9' FLY ROD: Marked Orvis Rocky Mountain 9', 3 3/8 oz., 5 wt. on shaft. Rod has never been used or in water. Sold with original tube, tube measures 30'' x 2 1/2''. 225
283 Click for larger picture ORVIS IMPREGNATED 7 1/2' MADISON FLY ROD: 7 1/2', 2 piece, 4 oz., serial number 55777. Rod has been gently used. Original tube with partial deerskin cover. Tube measures 46 1/4'' x 2'' dia.
CONDITION: Slight rubbing to cork.
284 Click for larger picture WRIGHT AND MCGILL EAGLE CLAW 6' 9'' FLY ROD: Marked Wright & McGill Trailmaster, 6' 9'', No. 6 TMU, Line 7. Gently used 6 piece rod. Sold with original metal tube, measures 15'' x 2 3/4''.
CONDITION: Note discoloration on cork, area under Eagle claw medallion where name tag was removed on cork.
286 Click for larger picture Kuchler, Edith Wyckoff, (American, 20th Century): Negro Family Home in the Swamp, Watercolor, sight size, 14'' x 20 1/2'', signed, framed, 22 1/2'' x 29 1/2''. 500
287 Click for larger picture HAIR, Alfred, (American, 1941-1971): Florida Highwaymen Moonlit River with Palm, Oil/Upson, 24'' x 36'', original painted frame, 27'' x 39'', comes with authentication papers. Documentation included with attribution from Jim Fitch, recognized expert in the field. 950
288 Click for larger picture 1885 $5 GOLD LIBERTY HEAD COIN: Ungraded. Approx 8.3 grams. 325
288A Click for larger picture FRANKLIN MINT 1974 ONE HUNDRED BALBOA GOLD COIN: Struck on December 31, 1974 for the Franklin Mint. Comes with original case, paperwork and mailing box. 8.16 grams of 900/1000 gold. 300
289 Click for larger picture 1883 UNCIRCULATED CARSON CITY MORGAN DOLLAR: Released by the General Services Administration, in large protective plastic case with display box. Comes with United States detail sheet. 170
289A Click for larger picture BURLIN, Patricia, (American, 20th Century): ''Bird Of Paradise'', Watercolor, sight size 9'' x 12'', signed, framed, 15'' x 18''. 150
295 Click for larger picture ILLUSTRATION STYLE OIL/CANVAS OF A GYPSY GUITAR PLAYER: signed Roy H. Davis?, 24'' x 20'', worn wooden frame, 25 1/2'' x 21 1/2''.
CONDITION: Scattered cracklure, several abrasions and paint flecks with missing paint.
296 Click for larger picture CEDRUS SAUNA AIS 3000: Seats 2-3 people, infrared heating, 2 covers, am/fm receiver. The sauna is collapsible, and can be easily taken down and transported. Original retail price $5495.00. 900
297 Click for larger picture MODERN AMERICAN KARASTAN MACHINE WOVEN WOOL RUG, 8' 8'' x 12': This rug has a traditional Peking Chinese design with Chinese symbols and sprays of flowers on a mostly open ivory colored field. The soft colors; blues, rust, yellow and ivory that are found in the field are repeated on the borders of the rug. This is a good bedroom rug. Condition is good. 200
298 Click for larger picture GOOD TURN OF THE CENTURY LANDSCAPE OF THE FORESTS EDGE AND A STREAM: Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 16'', partially legible inscription verso Gramercy Park New York, period gilded and carved frame with wear, 25 1/2'' x 22''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, cracklure, several paint flecks.
299 Click for larger picture VINTAGE CZECHOSLOVAKIAN MALACHITE GLASS DRESSER SET: 5 piece set to include hand mirror, (10 1/2'') l., hair brush, (10 1/2''), clothing brush, bottle with stopper (5 1/2''), and atomizer perfume (6''). There is also a bottle that is not original to the set, without stopper, 4'' tall. 450
300 Click for larger picture AN ACCUMULATED COLLECTION OF CZECH MALACHITE GLASS: To include the hand mirror (15''), hair brush, clothing brush, a 5'' tall basket, a 4'' dia. covered dresser jar, a 5'' vase with nudes, and a 6'' perfume. 450

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