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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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1301 Click for larger picture FABERGE LILIES OF THE VALLEY EGG: This coral colored enamel Art Nouveau egg, presented by Emperor Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, is decorated with simulated gems in lilies of the valley sprays. It stands on four cabriolet feet dotted with simulated pearls and crystals. 3 miniature photos of Tsar Nicholas II and their 2 eldest daughters, Olga and Tatiana, appear when the crown is gently pulled up. Sold with inner and outer presentation boxes.
CONDITION: ''Crystal'' blossoms are off on at least 4 of the ''pearl'' flowers. Otherwise the egg appears to be in good condition. Inner box shows some signs of wear on the inside and the top back outside of the inner box appears to be separating.
1302 Click for larger picture CHINOISERIE SECRETARY CABINET: In 2 parts, illuminated top section with glass doors, no shelves. Base with slant front top door, 2 half drawers over 2 full length doors. Approx. 86.5'' h. x 36'' l x 21'' w.
CONDITION: Unique condition issues exist, please call.
1303 Click for larger picture ARTICULATED MEDICAL SCHOOL HUMAN SKULL: Early 19th century medical school human skull with a latched top skull and has a spring to each side of jaw. Approx. 6'' h x 8.5'' l x 5.25'' w. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Cannot be shipped out of the United States.
1304 Click for larger picture 3 EXCELLENT MINIAUTRE PORTRAITS ON VELLUM, 19TH CENTURY: 1) Portrait of Benjamin James Adams Cochran, 12'' x 8.50'', encased in shadow box frame 20.50'' 17.50''. 2) Aris Throckmorton, sight size 7'' x 5.5'', encased in a shadow box frame 16'' x 14''. 3) Susan Rahim Throckmorton, wife of Aris, sight size 7'' x 5.50'', matching shadow box frame 16'' x 14.50''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Vellum has been cracked and repaired with tape, frames show ware.
1305 Click for larger picture FINE PORTRAIT PAINITNG OF A YOUNG GENTLEMAN IN A FABULOUS BRONZE FRAME: Watercolor on Vellum, oval size is 4'' x 3.25'', frame measures 7.50'' x 5.50''.
1306 Click for larger picture RAMSIER, John, (Swiss, 1861-1936): Portrait of Ad Cock Hobson, Watercolor on Vellum, sight size 3.50'' x 2.50'', encased in a 19th century foliate floral motif gilded gesso frame 11'' x 9.50'', signed in the right margin.
CONDITION: Frame shows loss.
1307 Click for larger picture EXCEPTIONAL 19TH CENTURY MINIAUTRE PORTRAIT PAINTING: Portrait of A Young Gentleman, Watercolor on Vellum, sight size 3.25'' x 2.50'', encased in period acanthus leaf motif bronze frame with pierced ribbon pediment 7.25'' x 4.50''.
CONDITION: Several abrasions with loss.
1308 Click for larger picture MINIATURE PORTRAIT PAINTING ON PORCELIAN SIGNED WAGNER: Painting of a Young Beauty, oval sight size 2.25'' x 2'', signed in the right margin, portrait is affixed into a bronze frame mirror with crown crest, which has been made into a two-sided mirror, 6.50'' in height overall.
1310 Click for larger picture 18TH CENTURY POTZDAMMAGAZ GERMAN MUSKET: 18th Century German short musket having ''Potzdammagaz'' incised on right below curved flintlock and Incised ''STD'' below. Wooden conical ramrod resides below barrel. Approx. 17.255.25'' h x 2.25'' w.
CONDITION: A few prior termite holes. Currently not in working condition.
1311 Click for larger picture ANTIQUE OTTOMAN INLAID FLINTLOCK TRADE PISTOL: Early 19th century, possibly late 18th, having an overall trade silver scrolling foliate inlay, with tooled brass handle butt and trigger guard. Approx. 15.5'' l x 6'' h.
CONDITION: Working mechanisms, but should not be fired without proffesional.
1312 Click for larger picture DOUBLE BARREL BLACK POWDER PISTOL: 19th century European double barrel pistol having a walnut handle with tooling to handle. Double trigger. underside of barrel bares impressed #3380, steel ramrod, flint case in butt, with scrolling foliate to sides, top, & trigger guard. Approx. 17'' l x 6'' h x 2'' w.
CONDITION: Mechanisms are working, but should not be fired without professional inspection & assistance.
1313 Click for larger picture SHARPS PEPPER BOX 22 CAL. PISTOL: Model 1A Sharps Pepper Box 22 caliber Pistol having gutta-percha grips with barrel release to underside. Bares serial #21507 to underside of barrels & below grips. Impressed, C. Sharps, Patent 1859 to left rail. Approx. 5.5'' l x 3.75'' h.
CONDITION: Lower left barrel has a slight dent at very end as though it was dropped. Grip has small chips. consistent with age and use.
1314 Click for larger picture MIDDLE EASTERN RIFLE
1315 Click for larger picture MAPLE LONG RIFLE Est. $400/600**
1316 Click for larger picture LARGE 12 LIGHT CRYSTAL CHANDELIER: 12-light chandelier having scrolling crystal arms with 2 tiers of lights, cut crystal babeche, and faux candles. Adorned by draped crystal strings, spear-shaped prisms, and tree-shaped prisms. Approx. 24'' h x 31'' w. Ceiling mount in office!
CONDITION: Tear-drop crystal missing at one outer bobeche.
1317 Click for larger picture KAISER ''ROMANTICA'' DINNER SERVICE: Approx 77 pieces of Kaiser china in the ''Romantica'' pattern to include 15 dinner plates (10''), 15 salad plates (7.75''), 17 bread plates (6''), 12 teacups and 18 saucers and a salad serving bowl (9'').
CONDITION: Scuffs and chips to the rims of a couple plates, would benefit from a cleaning.
1318 Click for larger picture CALDAS, Waltercio, (1946-): ''A Suite'', 16 Images on arches 640 gram cold press watercolor paper by Iris Inkjet Printing at Thunderbird Editions and bound by Peggy Gottheld. 11'' x 11'', signed on back page XX of XLV (20 of 45). Est. $600/900**
1319 Click for larger picture STACKHOUSE, Robert, (American, 1942-): ''Blue Encounterings'', 1992 4 color spitbite/aquatint/etching, 28.5'' x 35.25'', signed lower right and dated '91, USF Graphicstudio blind stamp, numbered lower left 29/50, unframed. Available from USF for $2,500. Est. $500/800**
1320 Click for larger picture LERNER, Leslie, (America, 1949-2005): ''My Life in France: The Man with the Wooden Arm, A House'', 1998, Ceramic sculpture with hand-painting, 8.25'' x 6'' x 2''. signed and numbered 22/37, dated 1998. Available from USF for $1,200. Est. $300/500**
1321 Click for larger picture PETRI, Mette, (Danish, 1957-): ''Where the Wild Things Grow'', 1992, hard ground/spit bite/handwork/dry point, 27'' x 36'', signed lower right, titled lower left, numbered 14/50, USF Graphicstudio blind stamp, unframed. Available from USF brand new for $900. Est. $200/400**
1322 Click for larger picture CHIA, Sandro, (Italian, 1946-): 1) ''Chapter 6 from Surprising Novel'', Woodblock and heliorelief with hand painting, 18.5'' x 16.25'', signed and numbered 1/10, USF Graphicstudio blind stamp, framed, 26'' x 23.5''. Print available brand new from USF for $2,500; 2) ''The Painters Dance'', 3 color lithograph, paper size 39'' x 28 7/8'', pencil signed lower right and numbered 22/40 lower left, framed, 45.5'' x 33.25''. Est. $300/500**
1324 Click for larger picture BRONCO BUSTER BRONZE AFTER FREDERIC REMINGTON: Approximately 21'' in height, affixed to a beveled marble plinth. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Plinth does have some flecks.
1325 Click for larger picture 'RATTLE SNAKE'' BRONZE AFTER FREDRIC REMINGTON: 21.5'' in height, affixed to a beveled marble plinth. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Several flecks in the base.
1326 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE AMERICAN ETCHING LOT: 1) Yngve Edward Soderberg, ''The Eeler'', sight size is 5.75'' x 11.25'', pencil signed lower right, Edition of 85, framed 15'' x 19.75'', original label affixed verso. 2) Payne, ''Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco'', sight size 7.25'' x 5.5'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, unframed but affixed to matte which measures 14'' x 11''. 3) Payne, ''On 17 Mile Drive, Monterey'', sight size 5.25'' x 7.25'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, framed 12'' x 14.75''. 4) Allen Lewis, ''Design with Tree and Horse'', Line Engraving on Copper, sight size 5.75'' x 7.25'', pencil singed lower left, original label affixed verso indicating this is a membership print from 1947 from the Print Club of Rochester. Framed 12'' x 13.50''.
CONDITION: 1) Yngve Edward Soderberg, ''The Eeler'': Overall toning, darkening along the matte edges. 2) Payne, ''Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco'': Overall toning, glued down to matte. 3) Payne, ''On 17 Mile Drive, Monterey'': Overall toning, not examined out of the frame. 4) Allen Lewis, ''Design with Tree and Horse'': Mild overall toning with evidence of matte burn along the edges.
1327 Click for larger picture TWO PIECE WATERCOLOR PAINTING LOT: 1) William Clussman, European River Scene with Figure Carrying Water back to Village, Watercolor, 10'' x 15'', signed lower left, unframed. 2) D.F. Anderson, ''A Gray Day in November'', Watercolor, sight size is 7.25'' x 13.75'', signed lower left, unframed, titled verso.
1328 Click for larger picture FRAMED SUPERBOWL TICKETS
1329 Click for larger picture CARVED WINGED GRIFFIN SERVER
1330 Click for larger picture MACK, Ronald, (American, 20th Century): Trellis of Roses, Brown County, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, label affixed verso, framed 23.5'' x 27.5''.
1334 Click for larger picture LIMOGES CHINA: Approx. 23 pieces of Limoges China to include 5 dinner plates (9.5''), 6 bread plates (6.5''), 5 saucers and 6 custard cups and 1 serving platter (13'').
CONDITION: Repair to dinner plate and occasional chip may be discovered.
1335   CARVED CANE BACK CHAIR: Cane back chair having carved bead crest rail with cane work to back, seat, and sides. Sides have cane work to interior & exterior of frame and arms. Foliate carved knuckles with off-white upholstered armrest & cushion, raised on fluted legs. Approx. 34.5'' h x 21.75'' l x 20.25'' w.
CONDITION: Seat has cane work in tact, yet has been covered with a board to stop stretching.
1336 Click for larger picture STOCKWELL, Catherine, (American, 1895-1983): Sunset and Cypress, Oil/Canvas, 21.75'' x 30.50'', signed lower left, unframed.
1337 Click for larger picture STOCKWELL, Catherine (American, 1895-1983): Florida Landscape ''Purple Haze'', Oil/Canvas, 23'' x 27.50'', signed lower left, unframed.
CONDITION: Relined with some scattered inpaint, minor craquelure.
1338 Click for larger picture RUTH BESSIRE HOMESTEAD PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 17.25'' x 20.25'', unframed, inscribed on the stretcher verso.
1339 Click for larger picture OLIVE, Fred C., (American, 20th C.): ''Winding Road'', Oil/Canvasboard, 12'' x 16'', signed lower right, old exhbition label from Art Week, 1941, pencil inscription ''Made in Alta Marina Estate, 1933'', unframed.
1340 Click for larger picture LARGE ARMORIAL BOWL: Large Armorial bowl having 2 hand painted Bald Eagles, 1 at interior, and 1 on the observe, holding arrows, wheat, shield, and there are 13 stars surrounding the head of each. Blue & gold band at rim having a grapevine painted design. Approx. 5.5'' h x 12'' w.
1341 Click for larger picture HUTSCHENREUTHER PORCELAIN FREEDOM HORSES: Beautiful pair of running horses, a mare & stallion that are by Hutschenreuther and in excellent condition no chips, cracks or repairs. This measures 16'' high and 16'' long and has the Hutschenreuther Gelb, Germany, Kunstabtellung stamp on the bottom.
1342 Click for larger picture FRENCH CARVED TALL BACK BERGERE CHAIR: The arched crest centering a flower filled urn, the side with pierce carved panels surmounted by carved eagles. Down cushion, button and tufted back. Approx. 45'' h x 37'' w x 28'' w.
1343 Click for larger picture LARGE KAISER PORCELAIN EAGLE: Large Parcelain ''Bald Eagle'' by Kaiser of W.Germany. No. 621 of 800. Approx. 17'' h x 17'' l x 12.25'' w. Also included is the Original fitted base. Est. $200/300**
CONDITION: One tallon has chip to end.
1344 Click for larger picture CARVED ELEPHANT ARM HALL SEAT
1345   107 PC. FRANKLIN LIBRARY COLLECTION Est. $900/1200**
1346 Click for larger picture KRULLAARS, William, (American, 1878-1945): Still Life with Potted Plants, Vase and Books, Oil/Board, 24'' x 22'', signed lower left, original frame is 28.50'' x 27''. Krullaars was born in the Netherlands, studied at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Art, moved to the States and studied at the Chicago Art Institute. He was a restorer of painting for Grant's Art Gallery, as well as the Chicago Art Institute. Est. $300/500**
1347 Click for larger picture KRULLAARS, William, (American, 1878-1945): Country Landscape with Path, Oil/Canvas, 13'' x 18'', signed lower left, contemporary frame is 17.25'' x 22.50''. Krullaars was born in the Netherlands, studied at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Art, moved to the States and studied at the Chicago Art Institute. He was a restorer of painting for Grant's Art Gallery, as well as the Chicago Art Institute. Est. $300/500**
1348 Click for larger picture ROYAL DOULTON ''REAL OLD WILLOW'' CHINA: Approx. 64 pieces of Royal Doulton ''Real Old Willow'' China to include 8 dinner plates (10.5''), 8 salad plates (8.5''), 8 bread plates (7''), 4 soups bowls (5.25''), 4 creamed soup bowls (6''), 7 teacups and 12 underplates, 1 covered vegetable (10''), 1 open vegetable (9''), 1 gravy boat, 1 teapot (9''), 2 serving platter (13.5'') and 4 demitasse cups and 3 saucers.

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