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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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1401 Click for larger picture 7 PIECES REPOUSSE STERLING COLLECTION: Comprising 1- large Jacobi & Jenkins floral & foliate designed serving fork having a monogram. 1- Stieff, Forget Me Not pattern serving fork, 3- S. Kirk & Sons dinner forks of the Repousse pattern, & 2- German bone scissors having a grapevine & foliate designed handles. Largest Approx. 9.25'' l x 3'' w.
1402 Click for larger picture 3 PC. FIGURAL PIERCED & EMBOSSED STERLING LOT: Comprising 2- Gorham pierced figural Sterling pieces having an off-white handle. 1- uniquely embossed & pierced Sterling figural & foliate strainer having a scrolling handle. Largest Approx. 8'' l x 3.25'' w. Approx. 3.85 Troy ounces.
1403 Click for larger picture 12 PC. EMBOSSED WILLIAM KENDRICKS & SONS STERLING SPOONS: 12 Sterling Silver spoons by William Kendrick & Sons having an embossed scalloped spoon edge with a beaded & scrolling foliate designed handle. Monogrammed. Approx. 5.5'' l x 1.25'' w. Approx. 7.54 Troy ounces.
1404 Click for larger picture 6 PIECE STERLING SERVING PIECES: Comprising 1- large Gorham serving spoon of the ''Chantilly'' pattern, 1- large serving spoon having scalloped neck & floral handle with etched to underside of handle, William Kendricks & Sons Tomato server, 1- serving fork having a floral & foliate design (monogrammed), 1- Sterling Silver Manu. Co. serving fork, & 1- scalloped & pierced Gorham serving spoon of the ''Lancaster'' pattern Largest Approx. 9.75'' l x 2.75'' w. Approx. 13.57 Troy ounces.
1405 Click for larger picture STERLING TRIVET, SPOONS, & MISC. PIECES: Comprising 1- pierced Whiting Manufacturing Co. trivet having folding feet, 5- Sterling monogrammed honey spoons, 2- Sterling picks, 1- Roger Williams cork screw, & 1- Jester & Maiden with Swan motif needle holder having one spiral needle. Largest Approx. 9.25'' l x 6'' w. Approx. 12.54 Troy ounces
1407 Click for larger picture CHINESE BRONZE ARCHAIC STYLE FOO LION: Qing dynasty archaic style cast bronze Chinese Foo Lion having chase work to face. Approx. 12.5'' h x 9.75'' l x 5.75'' w. Est. $300/500**
1408 Click for larger picture CARVED & PIERCED HIGH-RELIEF TIBETAN YAMANTAKA: Carved & pierced of solid wood is Yamantaka having a scrolling foliate background surrounding. In Tibet he is revered as a destroyer & protector. Approx. 16.5'' h x 29'' l x 7.25'' w. Est. $400/700**
CONDITION: A few age appropriate cracks, some breaks consistent with age and use.
1409 Click for larger picture HEAVILY CARVED SOUTH EAST ASIAN CLAW FOOT BLANKET CHEST Est. $200/400**
1410 Click for larger picture 2 19th CENTURY ORIENTAL ANCESTRAL PORTRAIT PAINTINGS: Husband and Wife Royalty, Watercolors on Paper, sight size 10.25'' x 7'', framed 19.50'' x 15''.
CONDITION: Visible staining throughout.
1412   CARVED CHINESE QING MARBLE TOP STAND: Rectangular Qing dynasty stand having an inset marble top. Floral & foliate carved frame, skirt, and X-stretcher. Raised on Floral & foliate cabriole legs. Approx. 18.5'' h x 19.5'' l x 14'' w. Est. $200/400**
CONDITION: Marble top has an age and use consistent crack.
1413 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE CHINESE DOUBLE GOURD VASES: Comprising 1-Qing dynasty Chinese red flambe glazed double gourd vase. No makers mark, 1-Chinese double gourd red glazed vase, 1-Qing dynasty Taoist blue & white double gourd vase having Taoist & literal characters amongst clouds. Double blue ring to underside. Largest Approx. 15'' h x 7.75'' w.
1414 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE CHINESE RED FLAMBE GLAZED VASES: 1-less common form Chinese vase having a red flambe glazed exterior & a light green glazed interior, & 1-Mid-Century red glazed vase having a white flared rim, 4 character Jingdezhen blue mark resides at underside. Largest Approx. 13.75'' h x 8.25'' w.
CONDITION: Rough bottom but not damaged.
1415 Click for larger picture JANICE ST. CYR FOLK ART OIL/CANVAS
1420 Click for larger picture 5 PC. HAND-TOOLED LEATHER DESK SET: Comprising 1- letter box, 1- lidded 4 compartment nib holder, 1- large double inkwell, 1- writing surface that opens as a document holder, 1- stamp roller. All are hand-tooled in figural and scrolling foliate design, Largest Approx. 12.75'' h x 18'' l.
CONDITION: One glass inkwell insert missing, wear consistent with age and use.
1421 Click for larger picture STAR CANDLE HOLDERS: Set of four 19th century french candle wall sconces having a tooled foliate brass cup surmounting, pendant stem of iron with 5 pointed lead & copper sliding stars. Approx. 10.25'' h x 2.5'' w.
1422 Click for larger picture 8 PC. WILLIAM KENDRICKS & SONS REPOUSSE FLORAL SPOONS: 8 William Kendrick & Sons children's soup spoons having a floral & scrolling foliate design. Approx. 5'' l x 1.5'' w. Approx. 6.62 Troy ounces.
1423 Click for larger picture 4 BRITISH STERLING SALTS & 3 SPOONS: 4 British Sterling Silver slave salts and 3 spoons having impressed lion passant & panther, and date to circa 1900. Salts Approx. 1.25'' h x 2.75'' l x 2'' w. Spoons Approx. 2.75'' l x .75'' w. Approx. 6.15 Troy ounces.
1424 Click for larger picture 10 PC. STERLING PICKLE FORK COLLECTION: 2 Whiting Manufacturing Co. forks, both monogrammed, 7- Gorham forks of the ''Chantilly'' pattern, & 1- R. Blackinton & Co., Attlesboro, Mass. fork. Largest Approx. 6'' l x 1.25'' w. Approx. 5.16
1425 Click for larger picture 2 PC. COIN SILVER LADLES: Comprising 1- Large Bailey & Co. scalloped ladle with flaring sides having a heavily twisted handle, monogrammed. 1- Scalloped Bailey & Co. ladle with etched flower & foliate design having a heavily twisted handle. Largest Approx. 20'' l x 4'' w. Approx. 5.18 Troy ounces.
1426 Click for larger picture 13 PC. MISCELLANEOUS STERLING SPOON COLLECTION: Comprising 2- William Mitchell Jr. spoons, 3- Gorham spoons of the ''Chantilly'' pattern, 2 soup spoons having illegible marks, 1- Roger Williams Silver Co. spoons, 1- ladle marked with an impressed lion, & 4- Foster & bailey spoons having attached handles. Some are monogrammed. Largest Approx. 7.75'' l x 1'' w. Approx. 8.47 Troy ounces.
1427 Click for larger picture COIN SILVER & STERLING SPOON COLLECTION: Comprising 3- large serving spoons & 10- teaspoons made of Coin Silver(.900), 1- large serving spoon & 6- teaspoons made of Sterling. Also included is a Large plated Spoon. Most are monogrammed. Coin Silver Approx. 9.89 T.O. Sterling Approx. 4.40 T.O.
CONDITION: One Coin Silver spoon has indents.
1430 Click for larger picture 8 PIECE OPALESCENT CRANBERRY FENTON HOBNAIL: Comprising 1- large vase, 2- candle holders, 2- cruets, & 3- rose bud bowls. All are by Fenton of the opalescent cranberry hobnail pattern. Largest Approx. 10.25'' h x 6.25'' w.
1431 Click for larger picture AUSTRIAN TAPESTRY VASE: Finely hand-painted Austrian porcelain vase having a countryside courting scene. Circa 1890, Stamped 6.5'' h x 4'' w.
1432 Click for larger picture 5 LARGE BLUE AND WHITE PLATTERS
1439 Click for larger picture PAIR OF GERMAN STEINS: 2 large German beer steins having bow & arrow deer hunting scenes, with fox and owl on log handles, German writing border at top & bottom. Both are surmounted by a lid having a hunter and his dog atop their kill. Both have impressed 11201 at underside & near handle. Approx. 15.5'' h x 7.5'' l x 5.5'' w.
1440 Click for larger picture COIN SILVER LADLE WITH SPOONS: Comprising 6- tea spoons my by Bailey & Co. of shell & scrolling design, and a large ladel of the same design, yet made by William Hutton & Sons of Britain. Largest Approx. 12.25'' l x 4.25'' w. Approx. 11.65 Troy ounces.
1441 Click for larger picture 14 MOTHER OF PEARL & STERLING HANDLED KNIVES:Set of 14 Mother of pearl handled knives having Sterling Silver butts & collars. Impressed H.B. & H.S. marks at blades. Approx. 9'' l x .75'' w.
1442 Click for larger picture PAIR ROYAL DANISH STERLING CANDELABRUM: Pair of International Silver Co., Royal Danish Sterling silver weighted 3-candle candelabrum. Approx. 15.5'' h x 12.5'' l x 5'' w. Est. $800/1000**
CONDITION: Slight lean to one at base.
1443 5 PC. STERLING SPOON COLLECTION: Comprising 1- George Jensen Danish spoon, 1- Reed & Barton spoon of the ''Francis I'' pattern, 2- Reed & Barton spoons of the ''''Les Six Fleurs'' pattern, & 1- Gold washed & enameled spoon by Turner & Simpson of Birmingham, England. Largest Approx. 5.25'' l x 1.25'' w. Approx. 3.61 Troy ounces.
1444 Click for larger picture VIENNA REGULATOR WALL CLOCK:
1446 Click for larger picture CALENDAR CLOCK
1447 Click for larger picture LARGE WALNUT RECTANGULAR CLOCK

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