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Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
451 Click for larger picture VERLYS GLASS DIRECTOIRE BLUE WILD DUCK BOWL: 13 1/2'' dia. 150
452 Click for larger picture 3 VERLYS GLASS VASES IN THE TOPAZ COLOR: 1) Love Birds, 6 3/4''L. 2) Gem vase with frog, 6 1/4''. 3) Pigeon vase, 12 1/2''l. 100
453 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE VERLYS OPALESCENT GLASS: 1) Pigeon vase, 12 1/2''L.. 2) Love Bird vase, 6 3/4''L. 3) Rose ash tray. 125
454 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAMADAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3' 6'' x 7' 2'': This good looking rug has a large central medallion in red, brown, and blue. Spandrels are suspended from either ends of the medallion which rest on a white and camel colored lattice work design field.
CONDITION: There is some color bleed near the center of the field and the sides need some overcasting.
456 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE GROUP VERLYS DUSTY ROSE GLASS: 1) The Gem vase, 6 1/4''. 2) Lance aka Icicle vase, 7 3/4''. 3) Pigeon vase, 12''L. 4) Thistle bowl, 8 1/2'' dia. 200
457 Click for larger picture 8 PIECE GROUP VERLYS GLASS: To include 1) Gem vase, 6 1/4''. 2) Pigeon vase, 12''L., 3) Love Birds vase, 6 3/4''. 4) Thistle bowl, 8 1/2'' dia. 5) Swallow ash tray. 6) Duck tray, 4'' tall x 5 1/2''. 7-8) Two round trivets or paper weights. 400
458 Click for larger picture NICE COLLECTION OF VERLYS GLASS: 1) Amber Thistle bowl, 8'' dia. 2) St. Theresa glass plaque on stand, 5 1/4'' x 3 1/4''. 3) Black glass trade sign on stand. 4-9) 5 Pine Cone bowls, 6'' dia., in amber, clear, topaz and rose. 10) 2 amber Rose ash trays. 200
459 Click for larger picture GERMAN SILVERPLATE FLATWARE SERVICE FOR 12: Unknown maker MKS, approx. 95 pieces to include 12 forks (8 3/8''), 12 salad forks (7 3/8''), 12 fish forks (6''), 12 teaspoons (5 3/4''), 12 knives with William Schmidt Solingen blades (9 1/2''), 12 knives (8 1/4''), 12 tablespoons (8 1/4''), 2 pickle forks (7 3/8''), serving spoon (9 3/4''), soup ladle (13''), gravy ladle (7''), serving spoon (8''), jelly serving spoon (8''), serving spoon with 4 tines (8''), shears (10 1/4''), sugar tongs (4 1/4''), cake server (9 1/2''). Sold with fitted silver chest with 2 removable tiers, 88'' h. x 19 1/2'' x 12 1/2''.
CONDITION: Chest in poor condition, flatware shows signs of use and scratches.
460 Click for larger picture BULLDOG STERLING SILVER MATCH SAFE: Figure of a Bulldog bursting through, marked sterling. Perfect for the UGA fan or US Marine. 2 1/2'' x 1 5/8''. Approx. .96 troy oz.
CONDITION: Note ding on back.
461 Click for larger picture CARTIER STYLE STERLING CIGARETTE CASE: Geometric pattern outside case, marked Sterling 925 and #530. Push button lid. Measures 3'' h. x 2 1/4'' x 1''. Approx. 4.0 troy oz. 250
462 Click for larger picture HAND HAMMERED INTERNATIONAL SILVER STERLING FLASK: 3/4 pint flask, hand hammered body with screw top, monogrammed JKE. 7 1/2'' h. x 4 1/2''. Approx. 8.7 troy oz.
CONDITION: Signs of wear and use, ding near monogram.
464 Click for larger picture TRAY LOT VINTAGE STERLING JEWELRY INCLUDING SIAM: 19 pieces total with earrings and cufflinks pairs counted as one, an assembled collection with Siam, Native American, and more. To include bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, bangle, brooch and tie clip. Approx. 7.7 troy oz. inclusive.
CONDITION: One set of earrings has been poorly re-attached.
465 Click for larger picture APPROX. 20 YEAR OLD PERSIAN BIJAR HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 2' x 3' 4'': This modern Bijar has a tomato red field with a white ground central medallion. On either end of the medallion is a sort of lattice work of diamond shaped flowers in two rows. The rest of the field has a variety of flowers and motifs including four black alligators, birds, and animals. Alligators are rarely seen in oriental rugs, needless to say. Condition is good. 250
466 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN KARAJA HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3'1'' x 4'2'': Karaja rugs like this one have design motifs that are similar to Heriz rugs, probably because the two weaving areas are right next to each other. This rug has three medallions, two with a blue ground and one with white, rust, peach, and dark blue coloration. The field color of the rug is a red-rust while the main border is dark blue with a string of flower-heads in various colors running down the center.
CONDITION: One end has some loss and needs to be overcast.
467 Click for larger picture 14K G0LD ROPE CHAIN WITH CRUISE SHIP PENDANT: 14K yellow gold rope chain, 22''l., with a cruise ship pendant. Personal inscription. Weight: 21.7 grams. Length: 22'' 600
469 Click for larger picture PAIR NEPTUNE BRASS SHIPS LANTERNS: Brass and copper with original oil fixtures and glass chimneys. Each measures overall 17 1/2'' h. x 8 3/4'' x 8 1/4''.
CONDITION: Tarnish and spotting to brass.
471 Click for larger picture 12 LATERNIER FRENCH LIMOGES OYSTER PLATES: Circa 1891-1914. Hand painted with gilt accents. Marked with Mark Laternier underglaze mark. 8 1/2'' dia. 700
473 Click for larger picture 1930'S SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN KERMAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 1' 10'' x 4': This Kerman has traditional design and colors. The rug has a central medallion that covers most of the ivory colored field. The rest of the field has sprays of flowers around the border that almost blend into the border of the rug. Condition is good. 100
474 Click for larger picture LARGE DELFT GINGER JAR: Blue and white, 19'' tall. 350
475 Click for larger picture ORNATE CAST METAL FERN STAND: With dragon head finals, cherub and foliate accents. Repainted gold. 29 1/2'' h. x 17 1/2'' square. 100
476 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY WATERCOLOR PAINTING OF FALMOUTH: Scene Depicts a Busy Dockside Scene with Boats and City in the Distance, 13 1/2'' x 10 1/2'', no visible signature, titled verso, unframed but taped to mat.
CONDITION: Some scattered staining and foxing with spots of insect damage, scattered but most visible on the right and left margins.
477 Click for larger picture ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3' 9'' x 5': This antique rug has elements of several different types of Caucasian rugs and some old time dealers used to refer to these rugs as Cabistans , a non-existent group or area. The border designs contain a serrated leaf and wine glass in the main one and a running dog pattern in the guard borders. The pale colored field of the rug is covered with a repeating pattern of shield like designs, some of which have an ''H'' incorporated in the motif. The rows below and above the shields have a wing-like pattern above a ribbon that undulates across the rug from side to side. The rug has very little color to it partly from age related fading and partly due to the choices of the weaver. Still it is an interesting and appealing rug.
CONDITION: Please note the overall even wear.
478 Click for larger picture APPROX 20 YEAR OLD PAKISTANI BOKHARA HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3' 2'' x 5' 11'': This red ground Bokhara runner has a very narrow field with only room for one row of ''Guls'' to run down the center. The rest of the rug is composed of multiple small borders in different designs and colors. At each end there are aprons or extra borders that have an interesting diagonal stripe pattern. Condition is good. 250
480 Click for larger picture 2 MINIATURE PAINTINGS, GRAND TOUR OBJETS DE VERTU: 1) Notebook with engraved gold tone covers, front featuring a small oval painting on celluloid?, behind glass, of the Acropolis, 2 1/4'' x 1 1/2'', dedication to 1st page dated 1890, other pages never used, overall 3 3/4'' x 2 1/2''; 2) Calling card case? with engraved mother of pearls covers, front with octagonal painting of Versailles Palace, 1 1/8'' x 2 1/2'', pencil dated inside 1874, overall 2 3/8 x 3 7/8''.
CONDITION: Both pieces in ''as is'' condition, separtations to fronts, backs, interiors. Visible stains to paintings.
481 Click for larger picture TIERED BRASS & WEDGWOOD LAMP: Brass base with 4 tiers of blue jasperware Wedgwood and brass. 17'' h. to top of socket, 31 1/4'' h. to top of Wedgwood finial x 6'' base dia. Sold with cloth shade 15 1/2'' h. x 16 1/4''.
CONDITION: Spotting to brass.
483 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PAKISTANI BOKHARA HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 4'2'' x 6': This Aqua-green ground Bokhara uses some non-traditional colors with traditional elements including the staggered rows of ''Guls'' that cover the field. The ends have an extra apron or border which is also a traditional element of rugs of this type. The over-all effect of the combination is cool and pleasing.
CONDITION: There are some slight stains in the field of the rug.
486 Click for larger picture MEXICAN STERLING SILVER & MALACHITE COLLAR NECKLACE: A most dramatic display of silver and malachite tablets. Impressed 925 and Mexico, the makers mark is only partially visible. Length: 18'' with a 1.25'' drop. Weight: 4.45 troy oz. 200
487 Click for larger picture APPROX 20 YEAR OLD INDO-PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 4' x 6': This rug has traditional colors and design elements of a Persian ''city'' rug. The central medallion, outlined in blue around red and on a red field is composed of leaves, flowers, and vines in lighter colors that cover it and the whole field of the rug. The lighter corners of the field and the dark ground border are also covered with small design elements. The over-all picture is harmonious as it should be.
CONDITION: This rug needs a very good cleaning, otherwise good condition.
488 Click for larger picture TWO KATZHUTTE ART DECO FIGURES OF DANCERS: 1) With burgundy dress, green underglaze stamp, M41. 11 3/8'' h. x 7'' x 4 3/4''. 2) Multi hued dress, green under glaze stamp, impressed 624 over 12. 8'' h. x 6 1/4'' x 3''.
CONDITION: 1) Underglaze flaw back of dress.
489 Click for larger picture 14K TANZANITE & DIAMOND RING: 14K yellow gold ring centers one oval mixed cut tanzanite Weight: 1.20 Ct. Approx. VVS in clarity (Type I), bV in Hue, 3-4 in Tone and 3-4 in Saturation. Very abraded crown . Framed by 12 round single cut and brilliant cut diamonds. Weight: .25 Ct. Approx. The diamonds average VS in clarity and G-H in color. The tanzanite and diamonds are prong set. Weight: 2.6 grams. Size: 7 125
490 Click for larger picture A SWEET 1.00 CT SAPPHIRE RING: 14K white gold ring centering a solitaire oval mixed cut sapphire Weight: 1.00 Ct. Approx. I1 in clarity (Type II), B in Hue, 7-8 in Tone and 2-3 in Saturation. The sapphire is prong set. Weight: 1.8 grams. Size: 5 175
491 Click for larger picture APPROX. 20 YEAR OLD INDO-PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 2'10'' x 4'11'': This red ground rug has a design like a Heriz with a central star-like medallion that has spandrels suspended from either end. The four corners of the field have a white background with a quarter part of the medallion. The dark blue main border has palmettes that look like water bugs and cross variants. The colors and the design are clear and well-drawn.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning but otherwise good condition.
492 Click for larger picture LARGE ILLEGIBLY SIGNED DUTCH COASTAL PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', illegibly signed lower right, encased in elaborate carved and gilded frame with wear, 31 1/4'' x 44''. 200
494 Click for larger picture TWO VINTAGE BULOVA WRIST WATCH: 1)Movement 10BC (1944-1950), J9=1949, 15 Jewel, unadjusted, 10k rolled gold case, Flex Lets rolled gold spandex band, with original box. 2)Movement 10BC (1944-1950), L0=1950, 15 Jewel, unadjusted, 10k rolled gold case, Champion spandex band. Currently keeping time but watches are not guaranteed. Sold as a lot. 150
495 Click for larger picture VINTAGE ILLINOIS GOLD FILLED POCKET WATCH: 21 jewel movement, adjust 3 position. Serial number 4652289. Uniquely patterned dial with bold numerals, secondary dial. Handsomely engraved case, serial number 7192387. Mechanical movement in running order. 175
496 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE RED SAROUK: 8'10'' x 11'1''. Internet bidding is not available on this item.
CONDITION: Please note condition. Breaks on side, areas of lower pile, replaced fringe.
497 Click for larger picture ROYAL CROWN DERBY PORCELAIN EWER: Gilded iris design on slightly ribbed porcelain body. Measures approx. 11'' tall. 225
498 Click for larger picture WORCESTER & AUSTRIAN VASES: 1) Worcester China Works basket vase, 10'' tall, Ca. 1940's. 2) Hand painted Austrian porcelain vase, 12'' tall. 100

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