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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
401 Click for larger picture GAME ENHANCED BLACK FOREST CUCKOO CLOCK: 20th century, removable crest with bird and oak leaves. Case with 3 applied birds, leaves and nest with 3 chicks. Approx. 26'' h. x 19'' x 9 3/4''.
CONDITION: Currently running however not guaranteed to continue.
402 Click for larger picture GERMAN CARVED WALL CLOCK: Removable architectural crest with 3 finials. Case with applied carved decoration. Dial with embossed floral center, porcelain ring with Roman numerals. Key wind time and strike movement marked with crossed arrows, brass pendulum. Overall 42'' h. x 16 3/4'' x 7 3/4''.
CONDITION: Currently running however not guaranteed to continue.
403 Click for larger picture SWISS MARBLE BALL ON PEDESTAL DESK CLOCK: Deep red variegated marble case ball shape cock with Swiss 8 day movement. Clock winds and changes time by tuning the bezel. Matching pedestal. Overall 3 3/4'' h. x 5 1/2''.
CONDITION: Currently running however not guaranteed to continue.
404 Click for larger picture ENAMELED GLASS VASE: In the manner of Moser or Mont Joye, green graduating to clear at base. Floral decoration, marked on base with an H. 3'' h. x 5''.
CONDITION: Scratches to base, minor sickness.
405 Click for larger picture 15 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR: Collection focuses mostly on the Confederate side of the war to include in no particular order 1-2) 2 volumes, ''Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government'', Jefferson Davis, 1881. 3-6) 4 volumes, ''R. E. Lee'', Douglas Southall Freeman, 1936. 7-9) 3 volumes, ''Lees Lieutenants'', Douglas Southall Freeman, 1942. 10-11) 2 volumes, ''Messages and Papers of the Confederacy'', James Richardson, 1906. 12) ''Narrative Military Operation'', J. E. Johnston, 1874. 13) ''Stonewall Jackson, A Military Biography'', John Cooke, 1876. 14) ''Where Men Only Dare Go or The Story of a Boy Company'', Anonymous, 1885. 15) ''The Lost Cause'', E. M. Pollard, 1867.
CONDITION: Condition issues vary, sold as-is.
406 Click for larger picture SMITH, JOHN, (English, 1580-1631): 2 Volumes ''The Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captain John Smith in Europe, Asia, Africke, and America'' or alternately titled ''Smith's History of Virginia''. Both volumes printed 1819, Richmond, by the Franklin Press. These books chronicle the voyages of Captain John Smith, ''Admiral of New England'' from 1593-1629 and originally published in 1630.
CONDITION: Rubs to covers, toning and staining throughout both. Volume 1 has writing throughout, may have been used by an editor for another reprint at another time.
407 Click for larger picture 15 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR: Collection focuses mostly on the Union side of the war to include in no particular order 1) ''Campaigns of the Civil War, The Peninsula'', Alexander Webb, 1881. 2) ''Campaigns of the Civil War, From Fort Henry to Corinth'', M. F. Force, 1882. 3) ''Life and Death in Rebel Prisons'', Robert Kellogg, 1866. 4-5) 2 volumes ''The Virginians'', W. M. Thackeray, 1869. 6) ''Campaigns of the Civil War, The Antietam and Fredericksburg, F. W. Palfrey, 1882. 7) ''The Report of Major General John Pope'', with original map, no date. 8) ''Vermont in the Civil War'', Volume 1, G. G. Benedict, 1886. 9) ''Our Campaigns'', E. M. Woodward, 1865. 10) ''The Capture, the Prison Pen and Escape'', Willard Glazier, 1870. 11-12) 2 volumes ''Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant'', U. S. Grant, 1885. 13) ''Battle and Leaders of the Civil War'', Volume 4, 1956. 14) ''The Artillerist Manual'', John Gibbon, 1971 Reprint. 15) ''The Life with the 49th Massachusetts Volunteers'', Henry Jones, 1864.
CONDITION: Condition issues vary, sold as-is.
409 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 6 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS: 6 books on assorted historical subjects to include 1) ''The Origin of the North American Indian'', John McIntosh, 1843. 2) ''Red Cloud, The Solitary Sioux'', Lieut. Colonel Butler, 1882. 3) ''Remember the Alamo'', Amelia E. Barr, 1888. 4) ''General View of the World'', no map, S. Augustus Mitchell, 1846. 5) ''Practical Engineering'', Gideon Harris, 1915. 6) ''Reflection for Every Day in the Year on the Works of God, English Translation, 1798.
CONDITION: Condition issues vary, sold as-is.
410 Click for larger picture FULPER GREEN POTTERY VASE: Hues of browns around lip, blues at base, on green ground. Underglaze Fulper stamping on base. 5 1/2'' h. x 7 1/2'' dia. 150
411 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED GIRL PORTRAIT OIL/BOARD: 9 1/2'' x 6 3/8'', signed lower right Flores? Cadir, dated 1902, worn period frame in need of reinforcing, 12 1/4'' x 9''.
CONDITION: Scattered paint loss, needs cleaning.
414 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 4' 5'' x 6': This lovely rug has design elements that are from several different weaving centers, so it is hard to say definitely which one it is from but it is an attractive red ground rug with a central medallion that has a square center on a diamond on another square. There are spandrels hanging down from either end that have three parts. There are many more colors used in the creation of this rug than one usually sees. There is a pretty robin's egg blue found in part of the spandrels, as well as lavender, a deep green, and many more. The flowers are very realistically drawn and they are to be found all over the rug in a flowing overall design. This is an attractive rug. Condition is good. 400
415 Click for larger picture GOOD PASTEL PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG BOY SIGNED COOKE: Sight size 19 1/2'' x 15 1/2'', signed upper left, L.F.? Cooke, period gilded frame with minor wear, 25 1/2'' x 21 1/2''. 300
416 Click for larger picture VINTAGE SLAG GLASS LAMP: Cast metal base with fleur de lis on each side, marked with VR 1666, 12 3/4'' h. x 9 3/4''. 4 sided shade with caramel and green slag glass panels, filigree frame, 7 1/4'' h. x 9 1/4'' square.
CONDITION: Loss of finish on base and shade, please call for condition.
417 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE KILIM FLAT-WEAVE WOOL RUG, 3' 10'' x 5' 9'': This Kilim rug is composed of two strips that were woven one at a time on the same loom and then put together to create a larger width than the weaver's loom would allow. The ground of the rug is blue and the main pattern of the rug has two diamond shaped medallions side by side divided by a narrow band that goes across the field. There are four rows of diamonds. Around them are small flower heads and there are borders on each side but not on the ends.
CONDITION: The hand sewn seam down the middle is slightly puckered and split open at one end.
418 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAMADAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 2' 7'' x 4': This is a cheerful, meaty rug with pretty colors of yellow, light blue, brown, white, pink, and salmon red. The salmon-red field has four white corners, a blue center and blue main field border. Condition is good. 175
419 Click for larger picture SET OF 14 GOLD RIMMED WATERFORD GLASSES: Marquis by Waterford with god rims to include 7 champagne 8 3/4'', 8 wine 7 3/4''. 150
420 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF ANNE MERRIMAN PECK ARTWORKS: 8 Piece Lot to include; 1) Street Scene with Market, 8 1/2'' x 5 1/2'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, dated '29, #'d 2/30, unframed but taped to paper mat, 10'' x 6 1/2''. 2) ''Chateau in Tourain'', 8 3/8'' x 5 1/2'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, #'d 4/30 lower left, affixed to paper mat with tear in right margin, 11 3/4'' x 10''. 3) View of the Thames, 8 1/2'' x 5 1/2'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, #'d 4/30, taped to paper mat, 11 3/4'' x 10''. 4) ''En Voyage'', Sight size 5 1/4'' x 3 5/8'', pencil signed lower right, dated '28, #'d 9/22, titled verso, taped to mat, 13'' x 9 1/2''. 5) Mexican Street Scene with Old Man and Burrow, 8'' x 6'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, dated '29, #'d 1/28 lower left, affixed to paper mat with tape, overall dimensions 15'' x 12''. 6) Linoleum cut, French Alleyway Scene Looking out onto the Water, Sight size 8 1/2'' x 6'', signed in pencil verso, taped to paper mat with piece missing in upper left corner, overall size 16'' x 13''. 7) Pastel Portrait of a Young Girl, image size 12'' x 10'', signed lower left, taped to board under plastic, overall measurement 14 1/2'' x 11 1/2''. 8) Original Watercolor Depicting a Circus or Carnival Scene with Clown and Girl & Audience Looking On, Sight size 9 1/4'' x 12 1/2'', signed lower left, titled verso Provencal Show, taped to paper mat, mat has cracks in the upper right corner with small tear in paper margin, overall size 15'' x 18'', unframed.
CONDITION: 3) Mild toning, pinhole in upper right corner. 5) Mild toning
421 Click for larger picture 12 WATERFORD LISMORE CLARET WINE STEMS: 5 7/8'' h. 225
422 Click for larger picture UNUSUAL GERMAN MOHAIR TEDDY BEAR: A rare smirking grin bear, excelsior stuffed having glass pupil eyes and a voicebox/ growler indicative of the Steiff bears of the 1910-1920 period. The body is fully jointed with long curving arms and seemingly original ribbed corduroy pads. 13'' h.
CONDITION: Overall good condition with some mohair loss around the nose, back of head and outer thighs to be expected with age. Voice box is non functional.
423 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN KERMAN-SHAH HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 4' 9'' x 7': This finely woven rug has a red field with a large central medallion with a black ground that is bordered with pale yellow and white outlines around a very complex combination of flowers, leaves and stems surrounding a central white ground medallion within the medallion. The field around the medallion has flowers, leaves and palmettes that seem to come out of the medallion. The four corners of the field have a pale beige ground bordered by black and white outlines and motifs that seem to come from the corners of the field's edge. The strong colors of the main border do a good job of framing the rug. Condition is good. 550
424 Click for larger picture REINHARDT, Willy, (German, 1888-1970): Mountain Valley Landscape, Oil/Masonite, 19 3/4'' x 23 1/2'', signed lower left, encased in fine contemporary ebonized and gilded frame, 24'' x 27 3/4''. From the Collection of Professor Robert Bailey. 250
425 Click for larger picture WACKER-ELSEN, Hans, (German, 1868-1958): ''Ausfahrt der Fischer'', Fishing Boats with Village in the Distance, Oil/Panel, 13 1/4'' x 15 3/4'', signed lower left, labeled verso, fine contemporary framing 19 1/4'' x 21 5/8''. 400
426 Click for larger picture STOLTENBERG, Fritz, (German, 1855-1921): Red Potted Flower in an Oriental Vase, Oil/Board, 26 1/2'' x 18'', signed lower right, painted frame 31 1/2'' x 23 1/4''. From the Collection of Professor Robert Bailey. 225
427 Click for larger picture HOSSEL, P. (): River Landscape, Oil/Canvas Mounted on Board, 26 1/2'' x 38 1/2'', signed lower right, dated 1921, gilded frame with minor wear, 32'' x 44 1/2''. 150
428 Click for larger picture 14K BLISTER PEARL RING & EARRING SET: 14K yellow gold ring and earrings contain blister pearls. Post and hinged clip closures. Ring size: 7 Weight: 8.0 grams approx. 250
429 Click for larger picture MODERN CHINESE NEEDLEPOINT WOOL RUG, 5' 7'' x 9' 1'': This handmade flat weave rug has a French Aubusson design and style that consists of an overall pattern of pale colored flowers and leaves on an ivory ground. The lovely soft palette of this rug and its design would complement a ladies boudoir or a formal setting with a French flair. Condition is good. 200
430 Click for larger picture OAK CASE COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA: Table top model with oak case and internal speaker. Original decal inside top. 12'' h. x 16 3/4'' square.
CONDITION: Currently plays but not guaranteed to continue.
431 Click for larger picture 19th C JAPANESE ARITA WARE BLUE & WHITE DECORATED CHARGER: All over decoration framing the central image of a fish, approx. 12'' dia. 125
432 Click for larger picture 17TH CENTURY CHINESE SILVER RIM BLUE & WHITE BOWL: Floral blue and white decorated earthenware bowl with silver rim. Reputed to 17th century, however actual age unknown. Unsigned. 3 1/4'' h. x 6 1/4''.
CONDITION: Crazing, several hairlines at base and at rim.
435 Click for larger picture OBLACK, James, (American, 20th/21st Century): Nocturnal Winter Country Landscape, Watercolor, Sight size 13'' x 29 1/2'', signed lower left, original wood frame, 21 1/4'' x 37 1/2''. 125
436 Click for larger picture SUNRISE STERLING TURQUOISE CUFF & EARRINGS: To include 1) Sterling cuff with applied floral decoration, turquoise cabochon, marked Sunrise Sterling. Interior measurement 2 1/8''. 2) Pair of Mexican sterling and turquoise clip earrings, marked Mexico TT-12, 925. Approx. 3.2 troy oz., inclusive with stones. 150
437 Click for larger picture NATIVE AMERICAN LARGE CHUNKY RED CORAL NECKLACE: With single silver bead, no clasp. Measures 32'' long overall. 100
438 Click for larger picture EUROPEAN RIVER LANDSCAPE PAINTING SIGNED RIONDET: Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 39 1/2'', signed lower right, framed 23 1/4'' x 43''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, several minor flecks of paint loss.
441 Click for larger picture SOAPSTONE CARVED TABLE SCREEN: Removable white dragon motif medallion sits in a grey base with figural dragon heads. Overall 9 3/4'' h. x 6'' x 2 3/4''. 100
442 Click for larger picture 12 CHINESE CARVED STONE PLAQUES & BUCKLES: 12 assorted plaques and buckles, assorted stone to include possible jade, jadeite or serpentine. Largest plaque measures 3'' x 2 3/8''. 250
445 Click for larger picture 6 PIECE IMARI BOWLS: To include 3 bowls (2 1/2'' x 6 1/4''), 2 low bowls 1 1/2'' x 8 1/2''), signed octagonal bowl (11'').
CONDITION: Some exhibit wear.
447 Click for larger picture A 9 PIECE COLLECTION VERLYS DIRECTOIRE BLUE GLASS: 1) Gems vase with frog, 6 3/4''. 2) Rose Ash tray. 3) Pigeon vase, 12 1/2''L. 4) Thistle bowl. 8 1/2'' dia. 5) Icicle aka Lance Vase, 7 3/4''. 6-7) Swallow cigarette box and ash tray. 8-9) Pair Water Lily candlesticks, 2 1/2'' tall
CONDITION: Vase has chip
448 Click for larger picture TWO VERLYS GLASS ''SEASONS'' ART DECO VASES: Designed by Carl Schmitz. One with figures celebrating summer and winter, the other autumn and spring. 8 1/2'' tall. 350
449 Click for larger picture VERLYS DIRECTOIRE BLUE WATER LILY CONSOLE BOWL: Signed, 13 1/2'' dia. 200
450 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED MODERN EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 30'', illegibly signed lower right, Depicts a Village Scene by a Stream, encased in worn gilded frame, 36'' x 36''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, there is stretcher bar wear, several depressions in the canvas, and there is some minor paint loss as well.

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