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1351   AFTER HOUDON 3 NUDE WOMEN BRONZE PEDESTAL: After Jean Antoine Houdon cast bronze pedestal featuring 3 nude maidens, on marble base, spurious signature Houdon 1860, title ''Nudes on a Pedestal overall measures 32 1/4'' h. x 10 1/2'' top dia., 13 1/2'' base dia.
1352 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE CHINESE CINNABAR ITEMS: An assembled collection of 4 items to include 1) Black to red foliate and floral motif bowl with blue enamel interior, 2 3/4'' h. x 7'' dia. 2-3) Pair of covered vessels, phoenix and floral motifs, blue enamel interior, 4'' h. x 5 1/4''. 4) Small baluster form vase, floral panels, blue enamel interior, 4'' h.
1353   CHINESE CLOISONNE TABLE LAMP: Large baluster form vase with foliate motif, carved wood base, single socket fixture, no harp or shade, 23 1/4'' h. x 7 1/2'' dia.
1354 Click for larger picture KERALOUVE LA LOUVIERE LARGE STORK VASE: Globe form vase with raised stork decoration, signed on base, in the style of Boch Keramis, overall 11 3/4'' h. x 11''.
1355   18 PIECE RIEDEL CRYSTAL WINE HOCKS: 18 piece total, each marked Riedel, to include 3 wine hock stems (9 3/4'' h.), 14 wine hock stems (9'' h.), one stem of a different pattern by Riedel 9 3/4''.
1356 Click for larger picture STOBART, John, (American, 1929-): ''Nantucket -The Celebrated Whaling Port in 1835'', Color Lithograph, sight size 23.5'' x 35'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 159/650, framed, 34.5'' x 45.75''
CONDITION: Overall toning and light fading, not exained out of the frame, sold as is.
1357   MAITLAND-SMITH STACKED BOOK COFFEE TABLE: Coffee table by Maitland-Smith in the form of 3 stacked books, each book spine a drawer. Overall measures 17 1/2'' h. x 35'' x 28''.
CONDITION: Wear and discoloration to top.
1359   DECORATIVE CHINOISERIE LACQUERED WALL PANEL: 20th century production, gold chinoiserie decorated outdoor genre scene with figures, building, boats, and trees. Sight size 48 1/4'' h. x 23'', framed 52 3/4'' x 28 3/4''.
1361 Click for larger picture LARGE CONTEMPORARY OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION: Depicts portrait of Elizabethan Couple, Oil/Canvas, 40'' x 30'', framed, 57'' x 36''.
1362   APPROX 20-40 YR OLD INDO-KASHAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 9'10'' X 13'5'': This rug has a very detailed Classic Persian design. In the red ground is a blue central medallion with spandrels and blue and white corners. The corners and the medallion are outlined in a strong yellow and red. The yellow color is also present in many of the flowers, leaves, and palmettes that cover the field. There are multiple guard borders and a wide main border.
CONDITION: Wear consistent with age.
1363   ROSENTHAL SHADOW ROSE CHINA SERVICE: Approx. 107 pieces in the Shadow Rose pattern by Rosenthal to include 12 dinner plates (9 3/4''), 16 salad plates (7 1/2''), 9 bread plates (6''), 8 soup bowls (8 3/4''), 4 handled cream soup bowls (6 1/2'') and 4 underplates, 12 teacups and saucers, 8 demitasse cups and saucers, covered vegetable (9 3/4''), gravy boat, 2 open creamers (larger 4 1/2'' h.), open sugar, coffee pot, 3 salt & pepper, 4 egg cups, round serving dish (11 3/4'').
1364   CHINESE CARVED HIGH ALTAR TABLE: Pierced carved skirt with dragon or serpent foliate motifs, pierced carved legs and supports, overall measures 39 3/4'' h. x 61'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Discoloration to top.
1365 Click for larger picture THOMAS, Stephen Seymour (American, 1868-1956): 1) Oil/Board, Sailboats of the Shore, sight size 14.5'' x 19'', signed lower right, framed, 16'' x 21.5''. 2) Rockport Wharf Scene, Oil/Board, 16.5'' x 22'', signed lower right and dated '56, original frame, 22'' x 28''.
1366   CARVED FIGURAL FUKUROKUJU SOAPSTONE LAMP: Carved soapstone figure of Fukurokuju holding a staff in one hand and peach in the other affiex to stone stand. All affixed to embossed metal base, single socket fixture 28'' h. x 7 1/2'' x 5 3/4''. Sold with a cloth shade, 11'' h. x 15 1/4''.
1367   3 CHINESE CARVED RED SOAPSTONE ITEMS: 3 pieces total to include 1) Bird and flowers group, overall 6 1/4'' h. x 4'' x 2 1/4''. 2) Bird and flowers group, 6'' h. 3) Lamp with bird and flowers group applied to pierced metal base, single socket fixture 18 1/2'' h. x 4 1/2'' x 4''. Sold with a cloth shade, 7 1/2'' h. x 9 1/4'' x 5 3/4''.
CONDITION: Tears to inside of shade.
1368 Click for larger picture CHINESE CLOISONNE PLATE: Most likely late Qing, floral motif center medallion, patterned border, 9 1/2'' dia.
CONDITION: Remnant of old paper tag on base.
1369   RED & BLUE FLORAL RUG 6' 1'' x 9' 3''
1370   3 AFRICAN BENIN BRONZE FIGURES: 3 pieces total to include 1) Fetish bust with 2 birds atop head, figural lizards at mouth, 11 1/2'' h. x 5'' x 6 1/2''. 2) Small figure of a bird 3 3/4'' . 3) 2 figures, one holding stick in hand, 2 3/4'' h.
1371 Click for larger picture APPROX 20-40 YR OLD PAK-TURKISH OUSHAK HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUNNER, 3'2'' X 10'2'': This runner has the look of a pastel antique Oushak . The ivory field has pale green, rust, and ivory colored motifs scattered over the ground. The pale green border nicely frames the field.
CONDITION: Some visible wear and slight stains.
1374 Click for larger picture DIMINUTIVE CHINESE BRONZE CLOISONNE CENSER: Lid with floral motif and foo dog finial, double handle body with cloisonne panels, unknown mark on base. 2 1/2'' h. x 4'' dia.
1375 Click for larger picture DIMINUTIVE CHINESE YIXING TEAPOT: Removable lid with stylized finial, body with carved lines, marked on base. Overall 2 3/4'' h. x 5 1/4''.
1376 Click for larger picture 3 CHINESE DECORATED QING MARKED BOWLS: 3 pieces total to include 1) Rice bowl with gilt and red decorated sides, bearing a red Guangxu mark, 2 1/4'' h. x 4 1/2''. 2) Brush washer with red and gilt dragon motif interior, red bats exterior, bearing a red Guangxu mark, 1 1/2'' h. x 4 3/4'' dia. 3) Rice bowl with scalloped rim, floral polychrome decoration exterior, bearing a red Daoguang mark, 2'' h. x 4 1/2''.
1377 Click for larger picture ESTATE ORIENTAL CARPET: BLUE FIELD 2 MEDALLIONS 3' 3'' x 6' 2''
1378   WATERFORD CRYSTAL DOME SHADE LAMP: Flared Waterford signed cut glass body with round brass base, double socket fixture, 24'' h. x 7'' dia. Domed shade 6 1/2'' h. x 14'' dia.
1378A   WATERFORD CRYSTAL INISHMORE HURRICANE LAMP: Cut crystal base and shade, signed Waterford, single socket fixture, overall measures 18 3/4'' h. x 10'' h.
1379 Click for larger picture GOOD STILL LIFE PAINTING OF ROSES SIGNED LAVERON: Oil/Canvas, 17.5'' x 11.5'', believe to be painted by Leonide C. Laveron 1866-1931, framed, 19.5'' x 13.5'', signed lower left.
CONDITION: Needs to be re-stretched and cleaned, small puncture in lower margin, scattered craquelure, sold as is.
1381   CARVED SOAPSTONE LAMP AND FLORAL GROUP: 2 piece total to include 1) Carved soapstone floral group body with center light over carved wood stand over embossed metal base, single top socket fixture, 24'' h. x 6 1/2'' dia. Sold with a cloth shade, 8'' h. x 13''. 2) Carved soapstone floral group affixed to stone stand, 10'' h. x 7 1/2'' x 5''.
1382 Click for larger picture SIGNED JAPANESE CAST IRON KABIN VASE: Cylindrical cast iron vase with flared waist, 2 round mountains decoration, signed under waist, overall 8'' h. x 5 1/4''.
1383 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED ILLUSTRATION OF LITTLE GIRL IN CAPE, SINGING AND WALKING IN THE SNOW: Colored Drawing heightened with white, sight size 11'' x 8.5'', painted frame, 18.5'' x 14.5''. Provenance: Estate of Yves Georges Prade
CONDITION: Frame has wear, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1384 Click for larger picture UTRILLO COLOR LITHOGRAPH VINS CHAMPAGNE: 14.75'' x 17.75'' with margins, Atelier Utrillo stamp, signed by Lucie Valore, printed by G.H. Mumm, framed, 16'' x 19 1/2''.
CONDITION: Some water damage with minor scattered staining, small tear in left margin, frame has wear, sold as is.
1385 Click for larger picture FOUJITA, Tsuguharu, (Japanese, 1886-1968): Mother & Child, Pen/Ink, sight size 9.25'' x 8'', signed lower right, contemporary frame, 15'' x 13.5''. Provenance: Estate of Yves Georges Prade.
CONDITION: Spot in upper left corner, not examined out of the frame, sold as is.
1386 Click for larger picture PAIR OF ORIENTAL NEEDLEPOINT EMBROIDERIES: Both Depict Male Figures Standing Atop Mythical Animals, silk and metal thread on a silk background, sight size 19.5'x 10.5'', faux bamboo frame, 27'' x 18.5''.
CONDITION: Mild scattered staining to fabric, not examined out of frame, sold as is.
1387 Click for larger picture ORNATE CHINESE CARVED GILT WOOD MIRROR: Profuse ornate reticulated pierced carved gilt wood frame, crest with 3 oriental figures, body with architectural, foliate and figure carvings in several levels. Gilt and red laquer accents. Mica glass mirrors, overall measures 26 1/2'' h. x 15 1/2'' x 3 3/4''.
CONDITION: Gilt loss, age cracks on frame, multiple cracks to mica, sold as-is.
1388 Click for larger picture CHINESE OXBLOOD GILT DECORATED BRUSH WASHER: Oxblood glazed brush washer with gilt landscape decoration, spurioous Qing mark on base, 2 1/2'' h. x 6'' dia. Actual age unknown.
1389 Click for larger picture CHINESE POLYCHROME DECORATED BULBOUS VASE: Vase with slightly flared rim, bulbous body, footed base. White glaze with polychrome hand painted birds in trees decoration, verse on reverse, no markings. 4'' h. x 5 1/2''.
1390 Click for larger picture 2 CHINESE CARVED CORAL FIGURES: 2 pieces total to include 1) Figure of an elder, 5'' h. x 2 1/2''. 2) Figure of a mermaid, 3'' x 3 1/4''. Approx. 305.3 grams.
CONDITION: Color appears to have been enhanced.
1391 Click for larger picture VICTORIAN SILVERPLATE EMBOSSED TURKEY DOME: Applied stylized foliate handle, embossed patterned decoration, no visible markings. Overall with underplate 11 1/2'' h. x 19'' x 15 1/2''.
CONDITION: Scratches, dings, obvious signs of use.
1392   COLLECTION OF BRONZE & MODERN AGE COMIC BOOKS: An assembled collection of approx. 36 comic books, highlights to include The Amazing Spider-Man #316 (first Venom Cover), #202, #285; Marvel Premier featuring Doctor Strange #3; Doctor Strange #171, #173, #178 Captain America and The Falcon #172-175; Star Trek Gold Key #2 (missing cover); Flaming Carrot Comics #1; The Flash #219; Luke Cage, Power Man #17; Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #2; Iron Fist #15; Power Man and Iron Fist #66; and more. Ungraded, would estimate average condition as fair, sold as-is.
1393   COMPLETE RUN 1967 GOLD KEY STAR TREK COMIC BOOKS: A complete run of #1-#61 of the pinnacle of Star Trek original series collectible comic books released by Desilu and published by Gold Key starting in 1967, all bagged and boarded, ungraded. There are actually two #1 in this collection, the second is missing the cover but signed in pen on first page by James Doohan (Scotty), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and Robin Curtis (Saavik, TNG).
1394   166 STAR TREK ACTION FIGURES IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING: An assembled collection of approx. 166 Star Treck action figures, primarily from The Next Generation, but other series represented as well.
CONDITION: All pack still sealed, condition of packaging varies, some yellowing to windows, cards may have small bends or edge dings. Sold as-is.
1395   INCREDIBLE COLLECTION OF STAR TREK TRADING CARDS: 5 binders filled with vintage star trek trading cards ranging from the original series (TOS) to Next Generation, Voyager and movies. Some highlights to include 1975 Morris National stickers, 1976 Topps 88 cards & 22 stickers, 400 1979 Panini cards, multiple promotional cards sets, 1981 reprints of the original 1967 Desilu cards, and many, many other complete or near completes sets. Also included is associated ephemera and convention memorabilia. A unique opportunity for the Trekker in your life.
1396   COLLECTION OF STAR TREK CAST AUTOGRAPHS: A collection of autographed photos and more, original series to include Gene Roddenberry (signed on card), 2 James Doohan (Scotty), George Takei (Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Majel Barrett (Nurse Christine Chapel). Sold with 8 The Next Generation autographed photos and several unsigned photos taken at conventions. Several dedicated to Jim, largest frame measures 14 3/4'' x 11 1/2''
1397 Click for larger picture TWO EARLY QUAIL LITHOGRAPHS: 1) ''The Cares of a Family'', Lithograph by Currier, sight size 23'' x 27.5'', framed, 30.5'' x 34'', scattered staining and foxing throughout; 2) ''A Bevy of Quails'' by Sarony, Major and Knapp, sight size 23.5'' x 27.5'', framed, 30.5'' x 34.5''.
CONDITION: Scattered foxing throughout with some staining in the lower margin, frame shows wear, sold as is.
1398   APPROX 14-30 YR OLD SINO-PERSIAN HAND-HELD MACHINE TUFTED WOOL WITH SILK HIGHLIGHTS RUG, 7'10'' X 10'9'': This pretty rug has a traditional Persian formal design with its scalloped edged central medallion with spandrels. The beige, black, and white of the medallion stands out on the burgundy field. The rest of the field is covered with a traditional design of palmettes, leaves, and small flowers linked by vines. A black main border has beige and white guard borders to frame the field.
CONDITION: This rug is in good condition.
1399 Click for larger picture PAIR OF BRASS FIGURAL GIRAFFES: Cast brass, 20th century production, no visible makers mark, tallest measures 56'' h. x 22'' x 10 1/4''.
1400 Click for larger picture ROYAL CROWN DERBY IMARI BENGAL TIGER: Polychrome decorated figure of a tiger, well marked on base, 5'' h. x 8 3/4''.

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