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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Sale Price
1401 Click for larger picture HEREND FISHNET CAT AND DUCKS FIGURINES: 2 pieces total to include 1) Blue fishnet cat with orange ball, 5 1/4'' h. x 5''. 2) 2 blue fishnet and polychrome ducks, 2 3/4'' h. x 4 1/2''. 225
1403 Click for larger picture LARGE CHINESE BLUE & WHITE FLOOR VASE: Contemporary vase with flared rim, tapered neck, bulbous body. Blue & white paint decorated with outdoor genre scenes, verses and marking in blue and red characters. No markings on base. Overall measures 30'' h. x 18 1/2'' dia. 100
1405 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE PEACHBLOW SATIN GLASS PITCHER AND BOWL: 2 piece total, unmarked , to include 1) Pitcher with ruffled rim, ribbed handle, 8 3/4'' h. x 5 1/2''. 2) Footed bowl with ruffled rim, 6 1/4'' h. x 7 1/2''. 100
1407 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY OF A YOUNG BEAUTY WAITING BY THE SEASIDE: Oil/Canvas, 35.5'' x 24'', period frame, 48'' x 36''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, minor craquelure, frame shows ear, minor flecks of paint loss, sold as is.
1409 Click for larger picture SEMI-ANTIQUE N.W. PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUNNER, 2'7'' X 9'4'': This pretty runner has a simple design with blue and brick red palmettes running down the center of the runner. Green vines link the Palmettes with each other and with other flowers on the sides of the field. Three equal sized archaic design borders complete the runner.
CONDITION: There is some visible wear but the overall look is still good.
1410 Click for larger picture APPROX 35-50 YR OLD PERSIAN DERGAZINE HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3'4'' X 4'7'': This rug has a small blue medallion with elongated spandrels on either end on a red field. The rest of the field has small motifs mostly flower heads, but also some birds. In the four white corners, there are four little houses! Neato.
CONDITION: There is some color fade in the red field, but otherwise good.
1412 Click for larger picture PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNE VASES: Robins egg blue ground, butterflies and blossom motif, unmarked, 12 1/4'' h. x 6''. 100
1415 Click for larger picture PAIR BOHEMIAN CASED CUT TO CRANBERRY LUSTERS & BOX: Pair of lusters with white cased glass with floral decoration, cut to cranberry, with cleat cut crystal prisms, measures 13 1/2'' h. x 6 1/2'' dia. Sold with a gilt decorated cased cut to cranberry covered box, 4 1/2'' h. x 5''.
CONDITION: The occasional chip to prism may be discovered.
1416 Click for larger picture INCISED PELICAN DECORATED VASE SIGNED AMPHORA: Double handle vase with polychrome decorated figure of large pelican and chick with leaves. Spurious Amphora marking, overall measures 18'' h. x 8'' dia. 125
1417 Click for larger picture APPROX 20-40 YR OLD INDO-PERSIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUNNER, 2'8'' X 7'5'': This runner has a design that includes two small snowflake shaped medallions in blues, white, and red on a tomato red field and white and blue corners. The rest of the field is covered with a small repeating pattern of palmettes, leaves, and flowers linked by vines. A deep blue main border completes the runner.
CONDITION: Condition is good with some soil.
1418 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 300 DANBURY & FRANKLIN MINT MODEL CARS: An assembled collection of approx. 300 model cars by the Franklin Mint and the Danbury Mint. Assorted sizes, styles, models. No boxes or paperwork.
CONDITION: Cars have not been individually detail inspected, however the cars in this lot do appear to be complete. Sold as-is.
1419 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 13 ASSORTED MODEL CARS & MORE: An assembled collection of approx. 13 cars, to include Danbury Mint 1) 1960 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe with box. 2) 1951 Studebaker, no box. 3) 1948 Buick Roadmaster, no box. 4) Hudson affixed to base. 5) 1957 Chevy Nomad Surf's Up in shadowbox frame, no box. Racing Legends to include 6) Porsche 934RSR in box. 7) Porsche 935 with box. 8-9) 2 Ford GT40 with boxes. 10) Corvette in wrong box. 11) Franklin Mint 2005 Corvette in box. 12) Standox Corvette Grand Sport 13) GMP 1985 Buick Grand National. Sold with 3 plastic display cases and bases in boxes. 900
1420 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF PARTS MODEL CARS & CORVETTE COLLECTION: An assembled collection of approx. 99 Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint and other maker model cars, all with condition issues, missing pieces, scratches, etc. Sold with a nearly complete Danbury Mint 50 year Corvette collection on wall display. Missing 1981, several cars with windshield issues.
CONDITION: Absolutely sold as-is.
1421 Click for larger picture LARGE COLLECTION WATERFORD HANOVER CRYSTAL: Approx. 50 pieces in the Hanover pattern by Waterford crystal to include 8 water goblets (8 1/2''), 8 iced tea (8 1/4''), 8 wines (7 5/8''), 7 balloon wines (8 3/4''), 8 fluted champagne (8 3/4''), 6 brandy glasses (5 1/4''), ice bucket, pitcher, open creamer, fruit bowl (10'' dia.), decanter. Sold with 2 additional decanters of other patterns. 850
1423 Click for larger picture MUSIC MAN 112RP AMPLIFIER: Sold with a guitar/bass tuner, one cable and two distortion petals. COA included
CONDITION: The switch that comes with the amplifier is not functioning. The distortion petals do not have power adapters.)
1424 Click for larger picture COBALT BLUE FENDER STRATOCASTER GUITAR & CASE: Cobalt blue ash wood body and maple neck with Fender ''custom shop'' hard body travel case and original certificate of authenticity. Case filled with all of your guitar needs! To include: wammy bar, picks, two sets of strings, a strap, strap locks, two cords, extra springs, an allen wrench and cleaning cloth. 2000
1425 Click for larger picture METALLIC GOLD GRETSCH GUITAR AND CASE: This guitar has six channels and a built in wammy bar, sold with a locking hard travel case with key. The case contains two spare back plates, strap locks, a wrench and cleaning cloth. 1700
1426 Click for larger picture YAMAHA SA 800 HOLLOW BODY GUITAR AND CASE: Black with ivory colored trim hollow bodied guitar with a three-channel switch. Has its own hard travelling case that contains two sets of strings and a pair of strap buttons.
CONDITION: Has some minor scratches and the pick guard has some wear.
1427 Click for larger picture IBANEZ SILVER SERIES GUITAR AND HARD CASE: Natural wood colored Ibanez ''Silver Series'' guitar with key and hard travel case. The case includes: guitar picks, two sets of strings, spare neck plate, spare bridge saddles and alan wrenches.
CONDITION: Good condition with some chips and gouges, pick guard also has some wear.
1428 Click for larger picture 5 PIECE CHINESE STONE CARVINGS: An assembled collection of 5 pieces total to include 1) Soapstone floral motif table screen and stand, together 8 1/2'' h. x 5 1/2'' x 2''. 2) Soapstone floral spray affixed to stand, 7 1/4'' h. 3) Soapstone floral motif dish, 5 3/4'' x 4''. 4) Unknown jade-like stone seated Buddha on lotus, 7'' h. x 4''. Sold with a wood stand. 5) Unknown jade-like stone Guanyin affixed to stand, 7 1/2'' h. 125
1429 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE CHINESE CARVED SOAPSTONE FIGURES: An assembled collection of 3 pieces to include 1) Figure of a seated scholar holding a pagoda, affixed to stand, 6'' h. x 3 3/4''. 2) Figure of a seated scholar with flowing robes, affixed to stand, 6'' h. 3) Figure of a standing scholar and attendant, 6 3/4'' h.
CONDITION: #3 attendant missing hand.
1430 Click for larger picture VINTAGE MARANTZ MODEL 7 STEREO PRE-AMPLIFIER: Estate fresh audiophile collection, s/n 7-20070. 3500
1431 Click for larger picture VINTAGE MARANTZ MODEL 8 TUBE AMPLIFIER: Estate fresh audiophile collection, Serial number 8-7759, a classic with a loyal following, tested and operational, slight hum, will require ''tune-up''. 1900
1432 Click for larger picture VINTAGE MCINTOSH MK-71 STEREO TUNER: Tested and working properly.
CONDITION: Approximately 3'' x 1'' section along the case interior edge is raised, barely noticeable, age appropriate wear, sold as is.
1433 Click for larger picture HIFI VPI HW-19 MKII TURNTABLE 2 GRADO CARTRIDGES PREMIER FT-3 TONEARM: Tested and working properly, from the audiophile collection.
CONDITION: comes with instruction manual
1434 Click for larger picture PAIR OF VANDERSTEEN MODEL 3A SPEAKERS: with original shipping boxes, speaker stands and documentation.
CONDITION: Small dent in upper back corner of wooden case, virtually invisible, sold as is.
1435 Click for larger picture DYNAUDIO CONTOUR 1.3 MK II SPEAKERS WITH SOLIDSTEEL STANDS 42.5'' overall, speakers 15'' x 8'' w x 11.5'' d., with original instruction manual. 500
1436 Click for larger picture REL SUBWOOFER STRATA 111: 20.5'' H, 12'' W, 16'' D., power cord and connecting cables sold with. From local audiophile collection.
CONDITION: comes with instruction manual, does have an abrasion on a side which has been touched up with black marker, tested and working properly, sold as is.
1437 Click for larger picture ROGUE AUDIO STEREO TUBE AMP 90W: ''Rogue Stereo 90'', 6.5'' x 18'' x 16''. Tested and working properly. Sold with power cable and custom speaker cables. https://www.audioconnect.com/demo/products/rogue-stereo-90-amplifier
CONDITION: comes with instruction manual.
1438 Click for larger picture BANG AND OLUFSEN BEOGRAM CD PLAYER: Beogram CD 4500, comes with power cord. Not currently playing, but powers up. 100
1439 Click for larger picture MONSTER POWER PRO 600 & HTS 2600: Estate fresh 2 pc lot to include Monster MP PRO 600 Rack Mountable Power Center and Monster Power Home Theater Reference Power Center, M/N HTS2600 MKII.
CONDITION: comes with instruction manual
1439A Click for larger picture AUDIO RESEARCH PRE-AMPLIFIER SP-8: Tested and working properly, with power cord. S/N 22021019 800
1440 Click for larger picture 1915 VICTOR VICTORLA MAHOGANY MODEL VV-XI: Mahogany floor case Victor Talking Machine Victrola, XI type G, serial number 113815-G, dates to 1915. Comes with original instructions, measures 44'' h. x 20 1/4'' x 23''.
CONDITION: Currently cranks and platter spins fine. Several scratches and rubs to case.
1441 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF VINTAGE VINYL RECORDS: Approx. 43 long play full albums, artist to include The Beatles ''Yesterday And Today''; Elvis Presley; Billy Joel; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Kenny Rogers and more. Sold with sixteen 45 singles.
CONDITION: Condition varies but primarily very good to fine. Sold as-is.
1442 Click for larger picture SONY BRAVIA XBR-49X800D LCD TV LIKE NEW w/Zvoxx 555 Surround Sound System. http://www.sonypremiumhome.com/pdfs/XBR-49_43X800D_SpecSheet.pdf
1443 Click for larger picture STAX SRM MKII DRIVER UNIT WITH 3 SETS OF EARSPEAKERS: STAX SRX MK 3 Electrostatic Earspeakers, STAX SR Lambda Professional Earpeakers, and Sony MDR V-5 Dynamic Stereo Headphones, with Stax driver unit. 550
1448 Click for larger picture LARGE DONKEY RIDE PAINTING AFTER BOUGUEREAU: 48'' X 36'', framed, 62'' x 49''. 375
1450 Click for larger picture 2 WATERFORD CRYSTAL BOWLS: Both signed Waterford to include 1) Monteith fruit bowl 7'' h. x 10 1/4''. 2) Bulbous body bowl with scalloped flared rim, 8'' h. x 8''. 200

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